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2017 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Rankings


In this week’s Fantasy Baseball Six-Pack, I open by discussing the Madison Bumgarner injury and how something needs to be done to prevent these from happening. Obviously, in the 2017 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Rankings, Bumgarner drops quite a bit. Let’s see who else moves this week.

Here are the big movers due to injury this week.

  • Miguel Cabrera landed on the DL this week with a groin strain. He didn’t drop far as right now I don’t expect him to miss much time.
  • Cam Bedrosian drops after hitting the DL due to a groin injury. Right now Bud Norris appears to be the closer, so he jumps up in the rankings a bit.
  • Joc Pederson hit the DL due to a groin as well (OK seriously there are too many of these, stretch people). He drops just slightly as well since he expected back by the end of his 10 days.
  • Aaron Nola drops after hitting the DL with a back strain. He is expected to only miss 1-2 starts as of now.

Here are some players moving in the 2017 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Rankings due to their performance this season.

  • Eric Thames continues to rise. He swatted another three home runs in the last week, giving him 10 on the season.
  • Greg Bird is dropping with a really poor start to the season. I would not be the least bit surprised if he loses playing time to Chris Carter and Matt Holiday.
  • Mark Reynolds moves up the first base rankings with talk that the Rockies are going to put Ian Desmond in the outfield more when he returns. This leaves the door open for Reynolds to play a lot more than we expected.
  • Dan Vogelbach was called up this past weekend of the Mariners and enters the first base rankings. I’m going to use a bit of a wait and see approach with him before moving him too far up.
  • Kevin Gausman drops in the rankings after having another rough outing. I think he is better than this, but I will need to see him prove it before moving him back up.
  • Kenta Maeda falls in my rankings as well due to performance. The strikeout and walk rates are fine, but he is giving up a ton of home runs right now.

Remember, the official update with my notes will be posted every Tuesday, throughout the season. However, come back anytime to check out the rankings. These will be updated frequently when injuries, depth chart changes, prospect callups or other things happen to require an update to the rankings.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Rest of Season Rankings

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  2. Charles Leroy

    April 12, 2017 at 1:08 am

    Um, why would James Paxton fall 13 spots after two shutout starts? I can see if he started there and did not move up but falling?

    • Joe Bond

      April 12, 2017 at 8:25 am

      I am not as high on him, because health is always an issue. However this was an unintentional consequence of moving others up and down. I have tweaked the rankings this morning to adjust for new injuries and readjusted his ranking too. Thanks for pointing it out.

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