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2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Waiver Wire: The Post Marte Season


So you lost Starling Marte for a majority of the fantasy season? Well, you have come to the right spot as we will take a look at the 2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Wavier Wire for some potential replacements.

I can honestly answer this question as a yes. Part of me was upset and part of me was grateful. Upset because I do not have him as a fantasy player, but grateful because they caught him. Marte might be the best player ever to be suspended for taking PEDs. PEDs do not belong in the game of baseball and it is starting to get a little ridiculous.

Many players in the majors had their opinions about the situation as well. Anthony Rizzo’s says, “It kinda makes you angry as a player, because you know there are still flaws in the system, you know there are still guys getting away with it. For me, I’ve been drug tested zero times this year. Not one since the beginning-of-spring-training standard drug test. Guys are going to get away with it as a long as they can and obviously everybody’s going to say they didn’t know they were doing it.”

One of my personal favorites responses was from a pitcher named Jake Diekman on Twitter. He states, “You get suspended, you make the minimum for the rest of your career. Take something they care about.” Go after their money and they will personally make the choice on whether it is that important to them. You could say that about anyone’s career or job. I like it.

Hopefully, this week’s waiver wire picks give you some more options to fill some voids that may have occurred in the first few weeks of the season thus far. Don’t worry, as I will be full of questions for you this week too.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 3 Waiver Wire


Kevin Pillar, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (11% owned in Yahoo)

Pillar is normally a guy who is known for his defense, but his bat is starting to come alive. I actually saw him at a conference over the winter where he discussed outfield play with his first base coach, Tim Leiper. We are all so used to seeing Pillar make acrobatic-type catches in the outfield, but with a bat to go with it, he is becoming an option if someone has lost Marte for a bulk of the season.

He currently has a seven-game hitting streak. The Toronto Blue Jays are not off to a very impressive start, but Pillar is making up for it. He never really had that wow factor at the plate. He is on pace to have a career low in strikeout percentage (11.3%) and a career high in batting average (.314). As a leadoff batter, these types of numbers make him a very formidable hitter in a fantasy lineup.

The only concern I have for Pillar is his lack of power. The most home runs he has ever hit in a single season is 12. Other than this, I believe he can be above average in all the other major categories.

FAAB Bid: 7-10%

Trey Mancini, DH/OF, Baltimore Orioles (21% owned in Yahoo)

So who leads the Orioles in RBI, average and home runs? No, not Chris Davis….guess again. No, not Manny Machado. I will give you one more. Nope, not even Adam Jones. It’s Trey ‘freakin’ Mancini. This young 25-year-old from Winter Haven, Florida is having the time of his life right now and he owes his early success to a former Oriole, Brady Anderson.

Mancini explains, “I changed my swing in 2015 after working with Brady Anderson. He saw one at bat of mine in spring training and told me I wasn’t using my body as capable as I could. He stood me straight up, and now I just transfer my weight from the back to the front. That helped my trajectory. It’s all about leverage now. My power has definitely increased since I made that change.”

In the beginning of the season, Mancini was not a lock to make the Orioles Opening Day roster. He had a very impressive spring and even the vice president Dan Duquette of the O’s believed he was ready for the majors. Mancini’s true position is at first base (currently blocked by Chris Davis); which proves even more if you can hit in the majors they are going to find a position for you. Mancini currently has nine RBI and four home runs.

FAAB Bid: 3-5%

Steven Souza Jr., OF, Tampa Bay Rays (27% owned in Yahoo)

Even though the season is short, Steven Souza, Jr. is already showing signs that this may be his breakout season. Souza has spent many days in the minors and is more known for his strikeout prowess than actually putting the ball in play. Last season he struck out 34% of the time. This all led to a .247 average.

What a difference a year makes. Souza’s approach this year is trying to be simpler at the plate. His approach is to hit more line drives than having his swing be a little longer resulting in the ball going in the air. Now that he is becoming more of a hitter, than a power hitter (which has always come naturally), the Rays have been placing him at the top of their lineup.

Since joining the Rays in 2015, Souza has shown signs of both power and speed. I think big things are in store for Souza this year. If you have an open spot I would scoop him up if possible.

FAAB Bid: 8-12%


Wily Peralta, SP, Milwaukee Brewers (29% owned in Yahoo)

I am going to go with the theme like I did with Mancini. Who leads the NL with wins? Kershaw, Bumgarner….No. Wily Peralta does! Often it is a guy that comes out of nowhere to have a start like this. Peralta is already about halfway to a number of wins than he did last year at three thus far. The x-factor for Peralta so far is having guys keep the ball in the ballpark. This is something that would normally plague him in the past.

Peralta has not had over 15 wins since the 2015 season. His first three starts were against the Rockies, Blue Jays and Reds. Surprisingly, the Rockies and Reds are playing really good ball to start the season. These wouldn’t be big wins in the past, but the way the season is going, Peralta has made a mark as a starting pitcher in the 2017 season. He is currently posting a 2.65 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP to go along with 13 strikeouts.

My confidence level is not very good with this one, but he is still an option that should be picked up. At this point, most options on the waivers for pitchers are streaming options. I think Peralta can be a serviceable starter going forward but keep your guard up.

FAAB Bid: <1%

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