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Best Fantasy Football Resources: For The Win


When you do a Google search on Fantasy Football resources, advice or tools you will get over four million results. You read that right, four million. How are you ever supposed to know what the best Fantasy Football Resources are out there?

Well, you are in luck. Here at Fantasy Six Pack, we have compiled a list of the resources that we use to gain an advantage in our leagues. Best of all of these resources are free or at least have a free version of them.

I can personally say I use each and every one of these during my draft prep and during the season to help me win my Fantasy Football leagues. I hope you enjoy the list.

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Best Fantasy Football Resources

FantasyPros Draft Wizard

You might know this by a different name, the Mock Draft Simulator, but it is so much more. First, let me start by explaining the mock draft simulator feature.

Simply put, this is the best way to mock draft out there. Trust me. If you have not used it, you need to, right now.

Best Fantasy Football Resources

Using it could not be simpler. You click to start a mock draft, choose a league set up based on your league’s settings and away you go.

Who are you drafting against? How do the actual experts that help compile the FantasyPros Expert Consensus Rankings sound?

OK, you’re not exactly drafting against myself or the other experts live, but you do get to go against computers using their rankings.

I’ll give you three big reasons why this is my favorite way to mock draft.

  1. It takes five minutes. (really who doesn’t have five minutes to spare)
  2. You never have those completely random picks like you do in mock drafts with real people.
  3. You never have a person leave after the first three picks, leaving auto-draft to finish.

Because you are going against computerized experts, you know the picks are going to be legit.

Live Draft Tool/Analysis

So you might be wondering why earlier I said this is much more than just a mock draft tool. Well, the reason is that you can use this same tool to synch up with your live drafts. When you do this, you will be given advice for who to draft based on who you have already drafted and who is left on the board. How’s that for personalized drafting help?

Best Fantasy Football Resources

One of my favorite features is at the end of either your real draft or mock draft you will get results that tell you how your team compares to the others. You get projected standings, teams strengths, weaknesses, who were the reaches and steals and much more. Everybody always wonders who won the draft. Now you will know.

FantasyPros My Playbook

My Playbook is another one of the fantastic tools that you can find at FantasyPros. Now I need to start out by saying this one is not free, but it is still worth it.

How it works is you connect your league/team to their tool. You then will receive personalized advice all season long for your team. Just a few of the things you will get are:

  • Waiver Assistant
  • Trade Finder
  • Trade Analysis
  • Start/Sit Advice

You even get DFS advice, from lineup optimizers, cheat sheets and value plays. I have used this tool for the last three years and love it.

We here at Fantasy Six Pack, along with a lot of other sites, give you great advice. However, even I can admit it is hard to beat the personalized advice you get with this tool.

Fantasy Six Pack

OK, I have to take at least a minute to toot our own horn here.

The staff at Fantasy Six Pack do a wonderful job of putting together all the information you need to prepare you for your Fantasy Football drafts. We have Rankings, Position Previews, Mock Draft Reviews and much more.

This doesn’t stop with the preseason prep either. During the season you can expect to find Weekly Rankings, Start-Sit Advice, DFS Lineup Advice and more. We really enjoy doing this and hope you enjoy reading it.

Fantasy Rundown

Best Fantasy Football Resources

Fantasy Rundown is a great site that compiles the best Fantasy articles on the web daily (including our very own), in one place for you to browse through.

It lets you quickly filter through the clutter out there and get exactly what you need from the best Fantasy Football sites.

I make it one of my first stops almost every day when I log onto my computer.


Rotoworld is one of the biggest sites out there. They have their own draft guides full of rankings, cheat sheets and more. However, my primary use for them is their player news and headlines.

The reason for this is that RotoWorld reports the information from the team beat writers Twitter accounts. I like it because I never have to figure out who the new beat writers are each season. They also put all the relevant info together in one list.

I have this site open almost all day long and hit refresh often so I don’t miss anything.

Ourlads Depth Charts

Best Fantasy Football Resources

There are many depth charts across the internet. Most of which are out of date.

Using sites like that can lead to you making poor decisions for your Fantasy Football team.

When you use Ourlads you don’t have to worry about outdated depth charts. They are easily the most up-to-date depth charts on the internet. They are also the most comprehensive depth charts out there, as you can tell from the screen shot going five levels deep where they can.

DVOA by Fantasy Outsiders

DVOA, what is that? I’m going to paste the ultra-short definition from Fantasy Outsiders

“DVOA measures a team’s efficiency by comparing success on every single play to a league average based on situation and opponent.”

A little bit more explanation is they rank teams and players based on league averages and also account for strength of schedule and variance to help make things equal. An example is a team/players who played against the best pass defenses might rank a little higher in DVOA rankings than they would in your normal fantasy points rankings.

I typically use both the team offense and team defense stats to judge how good a team has really done. My favorite part is on the defense DVOA rankings, they break down how well a team has fared against different positions, from RB, TE, No. 1 WR, No. 2 WR and Other WR. This is great for helping you make those tough lineup decisions on Sunday morning when you are deciding on your WR3 or Flex spot.

RotoViz Game Splits App

Have you ever wondered how Aaron Rodgers performs without Jordy Nelson in the lineup compared to when he is in the lineup? You now can have your answer easy thanks to the RotoViz Game Splits App.

Best Fantasy Football Resources

This is super valuable to figure out how an injury or suspension will impact other players on the field. So don’t make assumptions, because we all know what happens when you make assumptions, and get the right answer.

FFToday Fantasy Points Allowed

Fantasy Points Allowed is still useful and when combined with DVOA is a deadly combination. There is no better place to go than FFToday to get this data.

They have a ton of options for letting you filter the data.

  • Year
  • Position
  • Number of weeks
  • Even site scoring defaults (MFL, ESPN, Yahoo, NFL, etc.)

I know each site has this information for their own data, but very few let you have the historical and filters that FFToday gives you.


That is our list. Now, I’m sure I left many other great resources off the list, but this is what we here at Fantasy Six Pack currently use. If you have anything you would like to add, please feel free to hit me up on Twitter, @FantasySixPack.

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