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2016 Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Oldies but Goodies


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Billy Joel once said, “Say goodbye to the oldies, but goodies, because the good old days weren’t always good and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.” As we will see in a second we do not have to say goodbye to the oldies anymore, especially in this week’s Waiver Wire Pickups. Sometimes the oldies are still goodies.

The names that appear this week seem to have been past their prime. I have given them a second look and realize there is more life in their older bodies, especially the way they are playing now. With this in mind, tomorrow won’t be as bad as it seems for fantasy owners.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Targets

Chase Utley, 2B, Los Angeles Dodgers (ESPN: 25.4% ownership)

Seems like everyone is taking shots at Chase Utley these days, even Noah Syndergaard. Utley actually has been in controversy ever since his slide in last year’s playoffs. I honestly thought it was unnecessary to throw Syndergaard out of the game for throwing at Utley and a lot of games are already being sketchy with slides at second base this year.

There is definitely no controversy at the way Utley is hitting at the plate these days. I actually took the time to watch a little of that Mets/Dodgers series this past week. After hitting two homeruns on Saturday, I truly thought (because of his age) Utley would have rested on Sunday. Nope he was back out there Sunday Night to showcase his impressive talents.

Utley has always had a short compact swing that works so well for a lefty batter. For a majority of the season, his average has hovered around .280 and .290. I would not be surprised if he keeps this up, especially holding onto that leadoff position in the Dodgers batting order.

Matt Adams, 1B, St. Louis Cardinals (ESPN: 20.2% ownership)

Although not too old to consider a real oldie, Adams has made his mark in the majors, but has faltered somewhat. It looks like he is back now. Although the Cardinals aren’t playing Cardinal-type baseball these days, it is safe to say Adams has indeed found his groove.

There was a span of time (May 6-18) that Adams only played in five games. During this time, the Cardinals elected to go with Matt Holliday and Brandon Moss as their main first basemen. Oh, how times have changed.

I have not really run down slash lines on most of the players I have talked about in my column, but I have to exemplify the stats Adams has put up in the last week. In the last seven days, Adams is hitting .471 with eight hits, one homer, six RBIs and two runs. In a very stacked first base position filler, Adams would fit nice as a utility spot for now.

Mike Napoli, 1B, Cleveland Indians (ESPN: 30.0% ownership)

Here is a gentleman who just made my cut off of 30% ownership this week. I call him a gentleman because I certainly have a soft spot for Napoli, as I like to refer to him as Nap. He used to be on my Red Sox with the bearded crew.

Now I would not suggest picking him up in an average league, but certainly in an OBP league. He has been very productive at the plate in the last week or so. Nap has four homeruns over this span and 10 RBIs. As long as he remains consistent at the dish, he can be a valuable asset to your fantasy team.

C.C. Sabathia, SP, New York Yankees (ESPN: 21.6% ownership)

This may be a little bit of a stretch, but I would certainly stay on Sabathia as long as he stays hot. Surprisingly, in his last three starts he has only given up one earned run and has gone at least six innings in all the starts.

His last four starts have all been quality starts. While I do not consider him a quality starter, the 35-year-old lefty is proving his age is not a factor of performance. Sabathia is not a flame-thrower of his yester years, but he should be good for about five or six strikeouts per outing.

I would undoubtedly make sure this pickup is done with extreme caution. Sabathia reminds me of that good-looking girl that has a horrible personality. Yes, he is good to look at now, but could snap at any minute and look atrocious in the process as well.

May your waiver wire pickups lead you to fantasy glory!


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