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2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 4 Six-Pack: I’m Mad, Very Mad


Why do teams not make players more accountable for their actions? We see it in every sport. A player goes out and does something that is dangerous and risky, then wind up hurting themselves.

This past week it was Madison Bumgarner. He was riding his dirt bike and got into an accident suffering a grade 1-2 strain of his left shoulder AC joint and bruised ribs.

The initial diagnosis was he will be out 6-8 weeks, but now there is concern he will miss even more time.

I say again, why don’t these players get penalized by the team they play for if they get hurt doing this kind of stuff? I don’t know what this penalty should be but at the very least they should get penalized financially.

Hear me out. If I get hurt or sick and it forces me out of work long-term, I get FMLA to protect my job. That is great. But, in order to get paid my full salary I am forced to use my accrued sick and vacation time. After that, I am at best able to get half-pay for my time away. We should do the same for these athletes.

If the injury the player sustained was not on the job, they should be forced to use some sort of accrued time off. Then if they go past that, they only get a portion of their salary. I’m not one to care much for owners saving money, but this is one case where you will hear me be on their side. This is especially true in baseball where the players have guaranteed contracts.

Anyway, let’s get to this Week’s Six-Pack of topics.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 4 Six-Pack

Hitting Planner

Interleague Play

The Chicago Cubs will get a nice boost offensively this week as they get to travel to Boston. Because of this, they will get the luxury of using a DH, which I’m assuming will be Kyle Schwarber in every game. The rest of the lineup with be interesting though since they have many pieces to be able to move around. I do expect both Javier Baez and Ben Zobrist to play more, instead of splitting time, which is nice for their owners.

The Toronto Blue Jays, on the other hand, will be losing a prized bat in their lineup. Something they can ill afford to do as they are struggling right now. Kendrys Morales owners should not worry though. There is little chance they bench their best offensive player at the moment. Instead, they will play him at first base, which would mean fewer at-bats for Justin Smoak.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Not only do the Diamondbacks get seven games this week, they get all seven at home. They also get some fantastic pitching matchups being able to face the Padres and Rockies.

You were never sitting their studs, but fringe guys like Brandon Drury, Yasmany Tomas and others should have a very good week too and should be inserted into lineups.

Washington Nationals

The Nats are looking like another team that is going to contend to be the best offense in Week 4.

They open by playing four games in Colorado. With how well this team is hitting right now this could mean we see some very high scores from these games.

Then they move on to New York to face the Mets. They might face Noah Syndergaard, but it is also very likely they will get lucky and draw Zack Wheeler and Robert Gsellman.

New York Mets

The Mets have not been good offensively lately and it does not look like this week is going to get any better for them

They start out with the Braves. They do get R.A Dickey but also get Julio Teheran and big sexy himself, Bartolo Colon, who aside from one blow up performance has been solid this season.

What makes this week potentially disastrous for them is ending the week against the Nats. They are lined up to face Max Scherzer, Joe Ross and Stephen Strasburg.

This has the looks of another very poor week for the Mets bats.

Stud/Dud of Week 4

Stud: Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals

I was trying to make it a thing not to choose players who we expect to perform at a high level here, but I could not ignore how good of a week Harper had.

He crushed the ball going 11-20 with 10 runs, three home runs and seven RBI. If you go back just one more day and include those stats he has 12 runs, five home runs and 12 RBI.

As I mentioned earlier, this week is going to be very nice for the Nats. Harper owners maybe not be able to expect this kind of week again, but you could get close.

Dud: Jose Abreu, 1B, Chicago White Sox

I feel like I have picked on first baseman in this spot. First, it was Miggy Cabrera, then Edwin Encarnacion.

Abreu has been bad to start the entire season hitting just six RBI on the season and not a home run to show for it.

This week was no better as he hit scored two runs and hit a single RBI. Oh and of course not a home run.

I still think he’ll turn things on, but I wouldn’t blame you for benching him for just about anybody at this point.

Lineup Notes

Houston Astros Shifting

The Astros are starting to change things up a bit.

The biggest move is seeing Carlos Beltran bat in the second instead of fifth. Some of this has been injury related, but not all of it.

Perhaps the Astros are trying to get him going since he has scuffled to start the season.

Batting second is going to give him more at-bats but is likely to reduce his RBI opportunities with fewer baserunners in front of him. Something owners will need to adjust for if this is a long-term move.

Dodgers Being Different

I’m not 100-percent what to think of it yet, but the Dodgers have been playing with their lineup the past week.

We have seen Puig bat in four different places in the lineup. Keep in mind this was in just five games.

Joc Pederson has gone from leadoff to sixth or eighth. Other usual starters simply got the day off multiple times.

Perhaps this is their way to jump start the offense against left-handed pitchers, who they have struggled against. Either way, it is something to keep an eye on moving forward.

What to watch for in Week 4

Time for things to start averaging out

The fourth week of the season is when I really start to pay attention to the players who have gotten off to slow starts to the season.

This is when these players need to start to show signs of life. At this point we not only enter in the second month of the season, we also start to have a large enough sample size.

The realization is sometimes players just bust and we have to admit when we were wrong. Moving on before it is too late is the key here. Hold on too long and you will get burned big time. Move on too soon and the same will happen.

I know it’s a tough decision, I’m dealing with them myself. It is not as simple as this player isn’t performing so you should drop him. It really does come down to, who are you dropping and who are you able to pick up in return. Perhaps you just bench the player instead of outright dropping him. I suggest you ask any of the writers here on Twitter before making these kinds of decisions. You can start by asking me @FantasySixPack.

Tweet of the Week

This week’s Tweet is from @heytherejeffro.

I saw this Tweet early in the week and laughed my ass off. As sad as it is, I do believe this is a real picture and not photoshopped.

There are some other great ones in the replies too, some which are photoshopped but are still funny.

Beer of the Week

I’m on vacation with the family as I write this. We decided to take a mini-vacation for a few days to Massanutten Resort in Virginia, my hometown state.

For this reason, I decided to pay homage to Virinia. To do so I’m drinking one of many Eight Point I.P.A.’s by Devil Backbone Brewing Company, who is based out of Roseland, Virginia.

This is a fantastic beer. Very hoppy and it tastes that way too. There is a bit of a piney taste and smell to it, which I don’t normally like, but it is OK in this beer. 60 IBU means it is not too bitter, but enough if you like that sort of thing.

I give it a 4.75 out of five on Untappd.

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