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2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Six-Pack: 10-Day DL Woes


After taking a week off to spend with my family, I am back and ready to roll.

I’ll admit I’ve been a little disconnected from the game of baseball for the last two weeks. Besides watching my teams crumble due to injuries, trying to pay full attention to everything while watching two kids (4 years & 7 months) is near impossible.

Back to the injuries though. Some of them are legit, but I have also never seen so many hamstring and groin injuries lead to DL stints in my life. I put partial blame on the 10-day DL.

It is now easier than ever for teams to say “Oh you’re going to miss six games, ya know what just go on the DL. Take a few extra days to make sure you are good to go”.

Like I said this week just hit me hard. I watched one team who already had three DL players, get three more with Corey Kluber, Jameson Taillon and Stephen Piscotty.

This is crippling us Fantasy Baseball players. I know MLB does not really care about us, it still sucks though.

I’m not even close to alone in this thought. I have read reddit posts and even this one from The Ringer discussing the trend.

I used to be a huge defender for less DL spots in my leagues, but now I may have to change my stance.

Anyway, let’s get to this Week’s Six-Pack of topics.

2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Six-Pack

Hitting Planner

Interleague Play

This week we have a ton of interleague games this week as the four-game series where the teams play two at one park, then two at the other begin.

Usually, we want to take notice for interleague games, because in the case of AL teams like Baltimore who will be traveling to Washington, they lose the DH. In this case, it is different because it only affects them for two games.

I still think it is something you need to pay attention to for your team before you set your lineup. However, I do not think this makes them an automatic bench like it would most weeks.

Atlanta Braves-Philadelphia Phillies

Look out for any Braves or Phillies players in your lineup this week as they both only play five games.

The pitching matchups are pretty good for Atlanta, so clearly you still go with the studs in that offense Freddie Freeman and probably Matt Kemp and Ender Inciarte, but the rest are all questionable starts for me.

For the Phillies, there really isn’t a person on that roster I would start if I could help it. Their starts are not as friendly this week as the Braves. They get Ariel Miranda, who has been good for Seattle and then go to Washington where they face Tanner Roark, Gio Gonzalez and Max Scherzer. Scherzer himself makes this a no-go for me. He basically makes it a four start week for the Phillies players.

Stud/Dud of Week 6

Stud: Cody Bellinger, 1B/OF, Los Angeles Dodgers

I’m kicking myself for not starting this guy in a weekly league last week. To be fair I benched him because I thought he would not start all week once Joc Pederson returned.

Well thanks to an ailing Adrian Gonzalez, Bellinger was still able to find a spot in the lineup. With that opportunity, he hit .429 with three home runs, 12 RBI, eight runs and a steal.

Dud: Steven Souza Jr., OF, Tampa Bay Rays

I wanted to put Brett Anderson here, who helped make my week miserable. In one of my points leagues, he posted negative 19.34 points for me. In two starts he only managed to get through 1.2 innings, allowing 12 earned, 13 hits and struck out just two. Thanks for nothing Anderson.

However, since not a lot of people owned Brett Anderson like I did in a 40 man roster dynasty league, Souza is my dud of the week.

A lot of people started buying into Souza after he got off to a good start this season. It appeared he was able to cut down on the strikeouts, which have plagued him. Well, this week they returned with a vengeance. He struck out 10 times in 28 plate appearances. He also only hit for a 0.091 average with nothing to show for it but two RBI.

Lineup Notes

Colorado Rockies

The Rockies are getting healthy. They got Ian Desmond back recently and Carlos Gonzalez appears to be over his injury.

This is going to affect two players mostly. Mark Reynolds and Gerardo Parra. One of them will be on the bench. Right now it appears Parra is losing out, with Reynolds swinging a hot bat and still playing first base, while Desmond takes the OF in place of Parra.

Still no real timetable on when David Dahl returns, but he will complicate things even more.

Dodgers Switching it Up Again

Cody Bellinger’s presence in the lineup along with them having to play heavy platoons with lefty-righty matchups has caused the Dodgers lineup to be something to watch every day.

The only players you can count on each day seem to be Corey Seager, Justin Turner and Yasiel Puig. Bellinger looks like he might be one of those players too, but only time will tell what if they are going to force him in every day when AGon is healthy.

What to watch for in Week 6

Closer situation in Detroit

K-Rod has been bad this season and has now blown saves in consecutive games. His last blown save he allowed three earned in just 0.1 innings pitched.

His ERA now sits at an awful 8.49 and whip over two. Manager Brad Ausmus is already talking about “discussing the closer situation”.

Justin Wilson is the favorite among fantasy owners to get the job. However, we have seen before where the best guy in the bullpen does not always get the job. I would still stash him if you can though.

Tweet of the Week

This week’s Tweet is from @Holdenradio.

Needless to say, Kershaw is not happy with the umpire here. Maybe equally as funny is the umps reaction.

This hit a nerve with me though after watching the crappy umpiring this past week in the Boston-Baltimore series. I won’t go into the details, but there was a lot of things happening to the Orioles, yet none of the Red Sox players were tossed from the game or penalized by MLB. I don’t know what was going on, but a bit of home cooking and MLB favoritism seemed to be at play here.

Beer of the Week

Coming off vacation I saved one of my craft beers from my trip to Virginia.

The last one is Manta Ray by Ballast Point Brewing.

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This is a double IPA with 8.5% ABV. It is obviously hoppy, since it is a double IPA, but its smooth due to the citrusy and melon flavors in it.

I am a fan of it and gave it a four out of five on Untappd.

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