2017 Fantasy Basketball Power Forward Preview

by Joe Bond
2017 Fantasy Basketball Power Forward Preview

The power forward position is an interesting one. A lot of these guys are stretch centers at this point, who pop out to hit threes.

You see this affecting rebound numbers big time in my opinion and even blocks. However, you can still find plenty of players who can anchor your team in rebounds and blocks from this position. I’ll look to get the majority of my threes elsewhere.

There was not a lot of movement this summer from the power forward position. If anything we got a lot of movement from the other positions that could affect the power forwards.

The biggest mover we saw was Paul Millsap go to Denver. He and Nikola Jokic will be a great frontcourt to watch all season. Some would think that having both of them there will hurt the value of the other, but I beg to differ. As we have seen in other situations like this, both can easily thrive.

2017 Fantasy Basketball Power Forward Preview

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What will a full season of DeMarco Cousins and Anthony Davis look like?

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This is going to be one amazing frontcourt and frustrating at the same time.

It will be amazing because they can both average more than 25 points a game and go off for 40 any given night. They also can both average a double-double by pulling down 10-plus rebounds a night. You can’t forget about the assists, blocks, steals and even 3-pointers you get from these guys. They truly are across the board contributors.

It will be frustrating because they both likely to miss time during the season. Brow will miss time due to injury at some point, that is just about guaranteed. Cousins has his temper and misses time due to technical fouls.

Either way, both guys are first round picks due to how dominant they are when on the floor. You just must know what you are getting yourself into when you draft them.

Can Porzingis thrive without Carmelo Anthony in New York?

Porzingis’s upside is crazy high this year without Melo in town. Keep in mind there is also no Derrick Rose either. Needless to say, this team is going to go through Porzingis, a lot. I wouldn’t be surprised if his usage nears 40%.

This kind of usage means he could easily average 25-plus points a game. We should also see a nice uptick in his 3-pointers too. Mix that with his already solid contributions in rebounds and blocks and we have ourselves a potential first round return on our hands.

How will Blake Griffin perform without Chris Paul?

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Blake without CP3 is going to be interesting. I think it is safe to say his points per game will increase. The rest of his game is a question mark.

There are rumors that he will be running point-forward, much like Bron does in Cleveland and Ben Simmons is expected to do in Philly. This could mean amazing things for his counting stats, especially assists.

I’m worried about his percentages and turnovers if he is going to be one of if not the primary ball handler. You may not care if he is averaging 25/7/7, but it is something you need to be aware of.

The other thing to consider is if he is going to be carrying more of the load is the higher injury risk. He has missed 68 games over the past two seasons, so injury is definitely a huge risk when you draft Griffin.

Draft Strategy

Unless I am willing to take on the risk that Brow and Cousins give you in the early rounds, I very rarely will find my starting PF in the first few rounds. That is due to there being a lot of solid players who can give you points and rebounds in the middle rounds. Which are the two categories I strive to get from my Power Forward.

Who you draft depends on what other categories you need help in. Besides points and rebounds, you can find Power Forwards who can help you in 3-pointers, blocks and even steals, sometimes all threes.

You can draft these very useful players for your team and not miss out on those players in the first few rounds who can give you the elite to great production across many categories.

I also tend to find players who can play both Power Forward and Center. A lot of this has to do with the better Centers also have Power Forward eligibility, but also because I like to have the flexability on my roster.


Clint Capela, Houston Rockets

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Just 23 years old, Capela has a lot of room to improve his game. This might not be the best year for improvement for him, but at an ADP of around 70 I’m all about drafting him this season.

Think about it, in limited minutes, 23 on average, he scored 12 points and pulled down eight rebounds a game. This all comes with over a block a game and a ridiculous FG% of .640.

With increased minutes this year, we could see his stats increase to 15/10 easily. You are paying for that kind of value two or three rounds earlier.

Marquese Chriss, Phoenix Suns

Chriss is even younger than Capela, as he will be turned 20 this summer.

Chriss is a raw player, with massive upside. We saw a peek into how good he can be in the second half last season as he averaged 12.7 points, six rebounds and 2.3 blocks per game. He is still young, but the Suns are void of talent after Bledsoe and Booker.

There really is nowhere for Chriss to go but up and at an ADP of near 100, I’m gonna buy.


LaMarcus Aldridge, San Antonio Spurs

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Honestly, Aldridge’s ADP is probably right on the money in the mid-50’s. This is more of me not wanting to deal with a Spurs player at all.

It is a shame, Aldridge was once a top 2-3 round pick, averaging 23 a game and double-digit rebounds, the move to San Antonio, as expected killed his fantasy value. He was overall decent last year averaging 17 and 7 and over a block a game, but there is little to no upside with him.

In fact dare I say he can only get worse unless the injury to Kawhi is more serious than the Spurs are leading on. He disappeared too many times last year not even scoring in the teens or double-digits far too often for me. That said I also hate taking on the Spurs top players since they get rested too much. I know that is not supposed to happen as much this season with the new rules, but wake me when Pop cares.

Gorgui Dieng, Minnesota Timberwolves

Dieng has teased us with is potential for years it feels like now. That needs to stop. He really does not provide enough at any category to warrant a mid-70 ADP right now.

I just got done talking about being able to draft Chriss who can give you 15/10 this season three rounds later. Yet, you are going to take Dieng who give you 10/8?

Sure, the blocks 1.2 and steals, 1.1, are nice. But you also have to think about this team. He is easily the fifth option on the floor for scoring. He really has to get all his buckets from rebounding and putbacks. I’m going pass on him.


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