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2018-19 Fantasy Basketball Guard Sleepers


It doesn’t seem like that long ago that big men were the dominant forces in the NBA. This same dominance was also true in Fantasy Basketball. Offenses ran through these players more often than not and you needed some of the best if you wanted to win.

Today, most offenses run through guards and behind the three-point line. Over the last few years, I have found that if you want to compete in Fantasy Basketball leagues it is a must to have top-notch guards, especially ones who can shoot. The shooting is most important for three-pointers. With teams launching record numbers of them, you need to have a lot to compete in that category. Yes, you can find threes from the forward and to some extent the center position, but it is not as reliable.

Below is a list of sleepers that have guard eligibility. Not all of them will be three-point specialists, but all are being undervalued in drafts.

2018-19 Fantasy Basketball Guard Sleepers

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Reggie Jackson, PG/SG, Detroit Pistons

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Reggie Jackson carries a lot of risk, there is no denying that. He has been injury prone the last two seasons, missing 67 games. Also when he has been on the court he has not lived up to expectations either. Mainly because he has lost minutes with Ish Smith being a very capable backup.

However, now his draft position makes him a value. Going on average at pick 130 overall it is worth the risk. He can still give you 15 points and over five assists easily when healthy. He will also chip in threes and steals so he is at least a four-category performer. You would be hard pressed to find players at that point in the draft who can produce at that level.

Evan Fournier, SG, Orlando Magic

This might be my favorite sleeper of them all, which is why I list him first. Fournier is a scorer and a damn good one. This guy can knock down plenty of threes and is a nightly threat to score 20 points.

As an 8th/9th round pick in most leagues he is well worth the price tag and can be a huge scoring and three-pointer boost. Like with Reggie Jackson there are not many players around his draft value that you will find with his kind of guaranteed difference-making ability. If you go heavy after some big men and miss out on threes and points early on, Fournier is almost a must draft for you.

Elfrid Payton, PG, New Orleans Pelicans

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Payton was fantastic last season, at least for the Magic. With them, he averaged 13 points, six assists, four rebounds, and over a steal and three-pointer a game. His field-goal percentage was fantastic too at .520.

Then he was traded to Phoenix and his season ended fairly quickly. Not due to injury, but because the Suns decided they were going to “tank” and not play their best players. In the few games he did play with them, he had two triple-doubles. That is great but his field-goal percentage and scoring dropped which is one reason why I think his draft stock is so low.

Remember, he still was still able to produce good assist and rebound numbers with the Suns. I love guards who can rebound. It makes me want them even more since I can have less big men who mostly give me just rebounds, blocks and hopefully a good field goal percentage.

This season Payton is with the Pelicans and right now he is listed as the starting point guard. He should be the third scoring option after Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday, but that is OK, scoring is not where Payton’s primary value is. His value comes from contributing in many categories, assists, rebounds, steals and threes, which he can still do in New Orleans.

Dillon Brooks, SG/SF, Memphis Grizzlies

Brooks is listed as the starting small forward for the Grizzlies, but he has shooting guard eligibility. If you look at Brooks’s overall numbers last season they don’t impress you. However, a closer look and you will see he was a  difference maker in March and April. In those two months, he averaged 16.6 points along with 1.5 three-pointers a game.

Yes, I know this was because Mike Conley and Marc Gasol were out and his usage skyrocketed. And no, I do not expect his points to reach the 20 points per game this season like it did in April. However, I think having his points be between 12 and 15 a game is not out of the question. Especially given the lack of offensive talent on that team after Gasol and Conley. Plus Conley and Gasol are both injury prone so there is a chance one or both of them miss time. When that happens we will see Brooks usage increase again.

Another point to keep in mind is the Grizzlies have already come out saying they are going to manage both Gasol and Conley’s minutes in order to keep them healthy. This will open up more offensive opportunities for Brooks.

Collin Sexton, PG, Cleveland Cavaliers

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Collin Sexton was a monster offensively at Alabama, scoring 19 points per game last season. He also led them to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Drafted by the Lebron-less Cavaliers, Sexton has an immediate opportunity. It is only Kevin Love and a bunch of role players at best surrounding him. Also, ahead of Sexton on the depth chart is George Hill, not exactly a game changer.

Sexton may never take over as the starting point guard due to Hills reliability at running an offense. Even with that, he can get enough minutes to make an impact at the very least as a scoring guard.

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