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2018-19 Fantasy Basketball Rest of Season Rankings


I’m a bit late this week with the 2018-19 Fantasy Basketball Rest of Season Rankings weekly update but alas its here.

We finally had the Jimmy Butler trade. He was shipped to the Philadelphia 76ers for Dario Saric and Robert Covington. There were others involved, but these are the relevant players.

My early thoughts on the trade is that Saric and Covington’s value will drop just a bit, but not too much. It is likely that Andrew Wiggins moves over to the SG position, while Covington takes over for SF. It is also likely that Saric takes over at PF, which moves Taj Gibson to the bench.

In Philly, Butler will take over the starting SF spot in the rotation. Simmons is the listed SF most nights, but will still play PG or at least primary ball-handler. This really ruins Markelle Fultz‘s value as his only job was to be the secondary ball-handler, which can now safely go to Butler. I don’t think this does much to any of the big three’s values since Saric and Covington collectively were enough of a part of that offense that there is enough to go around.

As always here are a few of the movers in the rankings:

  • Quinn Cook. Huge short-term value boost here with Curry injured, but his long-term value goes up as well since Curry is hurt fairly often.
  • Trae Young is putting up some nice numbers. Shooting percentage will keep his overall value down, but overall he is on the rise.
  • Carmelo Anthony just a week after getting a boost is now looking like he is on his way out from Houston. At this point, you can cut him.
  • Gordon Hayward is going the opposite way. On a minutes limit and it is clear it is going to take more time for him to find his groove. He may never be the player he was in Utah, especially with as much depth as there is in Boston.
  • Joe Harris is knocking down some shots right now for Brooklyn. I don’t see the shooting percentage staying above .500 for a long-range shooter, but he is gaining some value for sure. I had Harris moving up before the bad news of Caris LeVert‘s season-ending injury, that only helps Harris’s value.
    *Scratch that LeVert is actually not out for the whole season as originally reported. He will miss 2-3 months.
  • JaVale McGee, that’s right Mr. Not So Top 10, is playing some great basketball for the Lakers (seriously if you have never seen his bad plays watch that clip. My favorite is at the 5:50 mark). He is efficient with his shots since they are almost all dunks or short putbacks, he rebounds and blocks a ton of shots. The only thing you have to worry about with him is he is splitting time at center with newly signed Tyson Chandler. However, we all know what Chandler is now, just a rebounder.

Check back every Monday during the season for the latest update

2018-19 Fantasy Basketball Rest of Season Rankings

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