2018 Fantasy Baseball Undervalued Infielders: The Forgotten

by Joe Bond
2018 Fantasy Baseball Undervalued Infielders

Finding value in your drafts is how you win. Everybody knows Trout, Altuve and Arenado are first rounders. It is the players you pick off a round or two early before anybody is even thinking about them that will make the biggest difference. Who are those players to take early? Find out below in the 2018 Fantasy Baseball undervalued infielders.

What kind of players can you expect to find?

You will get some players who have power, some who have speed, some who have good batting average. Who knows, some might have a little of all three.

What you will also notice is all of these players have been forgotten for some reason or another. Some even due to just one down season, even if that reason is an injury. Well I'm here to remind you of these players.

2018 Fantasy Baseball Undervalued Infielders

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Xander Bogaerts, SS, Boston Red Sox

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2016 was such a good season for Bogaerts, this lead to him being a bit over drafted in 2017. Of cour, e he disappointed too.

We watched as he went from 21 home runs to 10. 89 RBI to 62. Also 115 runs to 94. The power numbers dropping a bit were expected, but not that much. It also wasn’t all his fault.

What a lot of people will forget is he was hit on the wrist by a pitch in early July. He was a different hitter after that, clearly being affected by the pain.

Bogaerts is likely to bat sixth in the Sox lineup this season and this is being viewed as a bad thing. Honestly, that lineup is so stacked, there is not a bad spot to bat from. At worst his run potential drops, but batting behind Mookie Betts, J.D. Martinez, Andrew Benintendi and others his RBI potential rises.

Kyle Seager, 3B, Seattle Mariners

Wow how quickly we discount a good hitter based off of one down season. It is crazy to think that he has hit 20-plus home runs in the last six season, and 25-plus in the last four. Yet Seager is still being drafted in the 10th round on average.

One big reason for his lower value is the batting average he carried last season, which was at .249. I believe we see this bounce back a bit due to his BABIP being low at .262.

BABIP is not always about luck, good or bad, but in Seager’s case, I think it was. If you review his batted ball profile, not much changed from 2016 to 2017, yet his batting average still dropped 30 points. You give him even 20 of those back and he is right back to the same player that made him near a top-5 third baseman for years.

Ian Kinsler, 2B, Los Angeles Angels

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Kinsler had a bad 2017 overall. Yes, the power was decent with 22 home runs, even the 90 runs scored weren’t bad, but everything else was down for him.

He had a dismal 52 RBI and low .236 batting average. Both of those are career lows for him in seasons he played more than 103 games.

Kinsler’s 2017 season was partly due to the Tigers struggling all season long. A big part of this was due to Miguel Cabrera not being healthy and them trading J.D. Martinez. Howeve, Kinsler himself was not healthy either, dealing with a hamstring much of the year.

Now Kinsler gets to bat leadoff for the Angels, which by the way means he gets to bat immediately in front of Mike Trout. Yeah, that’s pretty good. I expect Kinsler’s batting average to rebound. Mix that with his power and runs scored staying right on par with his last couple seasons, he is a value at his current ADP.

Justin Bour, 1B, Miami Marlins

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Starting to dig a bit deeper we go to Justin Bour.

Everybody is running away from the left-over Marlins players, and rightfully so. But I think it has gone too far for Bour.

He hit 25 home runs in just 108 games last season while hitting .289 at the same time. Even without Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich and Marcel Ozuna, Bour can contribute to your Fantasy Baseball team.

The only thing I would worry about is his RBI and runs per game average dropping. This is due to the loss of those players since now he will have less around him to help contribute.

Brandon Drury, 2B, New York Yankees

This one is for deep leagues mostly, but nobody should forget about Drury.

His value has risen with the trade from Arizona to New York. He will be the starting third baseman for the Yankees to begin the season. This means he will have second base and third base eligibility in leagues, only helping his value.

Of course, Drury will bat near the end of the Yankees lineup, but much like Bogarts, it is such a stacked lineup, it almost doesn’t matter.

Drury has the potential to hit 20-plus home runs and he thinks so too. He has come out and said he has changed his swing to hit for more power this season and thinks it will happen.

I have a feeling we will be talking about Drury in some early season waiver articles. Beat everybody to the punch and take him with one of your last picks instead.

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