2018 Fantasy Baseball Week 18 Prospect Report: Up and Adames

by Kyle Megrath
2018 fantasy baseball week 18 prospect report

Hello, Prospect Report faithful, newbies and everything in between. Welcome to the Week 18 Prospect Report. What voyage we have for you today. We are going to wander through one prospect’s third call-up, another, who apparently overnight, fixed his control problems, and, lastly, venture into the very charted territory of my Madrigal love.

Before that, though: Best Whiskey for the Money. I wanted to put this video up because I think Whiskey has gotten to a place where people have lost their way a bit. In the exploration of brown booze you can, in fact, get side-tracked into pretentiousness and everything bad associated with hipsters. So! Watch this video, ground yourself, and then go on an expedition of Whiskey with the Whiskey Vault, they know their stuff. I’ve had most of these, though I’m done with Bulleit cause eff them. Four Roses single barrel has never let me down, BTW.

Let’s dig in!

2018 Fantasy Baseball Week 18 Prospect Report

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News & Notes

For all your rookie and prospect news.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B, Toronto Blue Jays (AA)

He came back on July 13th and has a hit in every game since. He has multiple hits in four of those 11 games including seven hits for extra bases. Three of those were for HRs. I’m pretty much out of superlatives. No, wait, I’m not…. He’s Vladacious! The Vladest Man in the Whole Dang Town. He’s headed to AAA on Tuesday.

Eloy Jimenez, OF, Chicago White Sox (AAA)

Eloy is really in a groove. In his last 20 games, he has multiple hits in half of them. He’s reached base safely in all but one of them. His wOBA in AAA is .483 and his AVG is .383. Since getting to AAA he has also brought his K% down from 12% in AA to 9.8%. That’s not normal. Then again, neither is he:

Michael Kopech, RHP, Chicago White Sox (AAA)

Kopech has been a frequent guest of the “Sinkers” section of this article throughout the season. His lack of control is frightening, 5.26 BB/9 is really really bad. It shows in his 4.26 ERA, too. That said, in his last three starts/17 IPs he has walked just two batters. This includes two one-walk games and one zero walk game. All year he has only walked one batter once. He walked eight in one game in June. He may not be cured but he may be making some good adjustments.

Nick Madrigal, 2B, Chicago White Sox (A)

2.4% BB rate? C’mon Nick!!! Oh wait, he still has struck out ONCE! 36 ABs and not one strikeout, a .389 average, and .373 wOBA. What tells me this is beyond legit is his 3.6 SwStr%. Just for reference sake (small sample size, I know) but Joey Votto has a 5.6% SwStr%. This dude just doesn’t swing and miss. From July 26th, down 0-2, and:

Quick Notes

Ohtani is throwing 110 feet from flat-ground and could be ready to do some mound stuff soon.

Willie Calhoun has one extra-base hit and that hit was a HR. He’s pressing a bit. Hopefully, he can stay up and put on a few shows. He’s super exciting.

Tyler O’Neil continues to absolutely own AAA, tempting another call-up to the bigs where he has struggled at every turn this year.

Kyle Tucker is struggling. A .188 BABIP but a 53% groundball rate is just not great. He’s got to get some lift on the ball. He’s a really great hitter. He’ll find it. He hit .347 with a 38% GB% in the minors this year.

The Next Big Thing

Guys you really need to know about.

Casey Mize, RHP, Detroit Tigers  (ROK)

Casey Mize, the top pick from the 2018 draft, made his debut this past week. He went two scoreless with four Ks. After being drafted he is already ranked number 20 overall as a prospect. He features an utterly nasty split-finger fastball. His slider and fastball also are plus pitches, all of which generate misses. He also has good command, which is a little less surprising for a guy coming out of college.

He’s fun to put on here because I think he has a high floor. Most of the guys I feature on here have to do with a high ceiling. I think Mize has a ceiling of a solid two and a good one if everything breaks right. I also think he will play well as a big leaguer because he has improved year in and year out in college.

Waiver Pick Ups

Players worth your team's consideration.

Willy Adames, SS, Tampa Bay Rays

I’m like… kinda done writing about him. He’s up again, okay. In 112 ABs as a pro this year he’s hitting .196 with a 35% K rate. He strikes out a lot. He’s ranked 22 overall on mlb.com and profiles as an all-around good player who can barrel the ball, crank line drives, steal some bases, drawing some walks, etc. etc. I’m excited about this, don’t get me wrong. Just want him to come up and stay up to get more looks. You gotta pick him up hoping for this, too.

Circle Change

Mid-Season circling back to some of my favorite minor league players who have not gotten enough love and attention from me (or the industry).

Franchy Cordero, OF, San Diego Padres

I wrote about him a lot all year citing Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs article. Well, Cordero landed on the DL, was diagnosed with a bone spur, and now likely out for the season. Sad times. But don’t worry, Franchy’s hard-hitting ways will be back and I won’t ever stop writing about him. Ever. His hard hit percentage, if compared to eligible hitters, is right after J.D. Martinez and Khris Davis and well within the top 10 in the league. I’m not just name dropping for name dropping sake at 48.2% hard-hit rate for Franchy. I know he struck out 35% of the time. But he’s just 23 and managed to strike out 10% less in the minors. So, the Franchy future could be bright.


Okay…. I’m done.

Joey Lucchesi, LHP, San Diego Padres

For every day that I wrote about Franchy with praise, I really killed all the buzz on Lucchesi. I don’t like deception over-reliance in pitchers. He has found mixed results at every level this year. He’s struck out 78 in 77 big league innings and has a sub-four SIERA at 3.95. He’s walking too many at 3.27 per nine, though and is not consistent at all. He’d be a great spot starter but he is just not finding anything we can rely on against bad teams or at home. You can see him struggling here:

Oh no, wait… that appears to be another Franchy Cordero BOMB!

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