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2018 Fantasy Football Drafting 10th: Being Balanced


I participated in a Mock Draft with a couple Fantasy Football analysts from Fantasy Six Pack along with Fantasy Knuckleheads, Gridiron Experts and So-Called Fantasy Experts.

This was a 12-team, PPR draft with 1QB/2RB/3WR/1Flex/1DST/1K. We also only completed 12 rounds of the draft.

The main purpose of this mock draft is to give you all analysis of what you can expect from each draft position. I had the tenth pick and I’ll get into my analysis. First, you can use the links below to see analysis from the rest of the draft slots.

Draft Picking From: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

2018 Fantasy Football Drafting 10th

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My Picks

Overall Thoughts

As you can probably tell by the title, you can get a very balanced team from the 10th pick.

Early in the draft, you are able to build the core of your team by constantly picking one running back and wide receiver. This specifically works if you are willing to wait on Quarterback and Tight End, which you will see I did.

Round 1 and 2

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Having a late pick in the first round means you are going to get two elite players, which I personally love.

In this draft, I took Hunt and Allen, who are almost sure locks to be No. 1’s at their positions. I thought maybe taking two running backs, knowing the premium there is at the top of the position, but I ultimately decide not to do that. The reason is having an elite player at two different positions gives me the flexibility to take a few more chances later in the draft.

Round 3 – 7

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I alternate running back and wide receiver for these rounds as well. This confirms that my team is balanced.

My favorite pick of these four is T.Y. Hilton. I know that seems easy since it is the first of the four, but Hilton is a top 10 receiver if Andrew Luck is healthy, which appears to be the case now. I expect his ADP to rise as the preseason goes on and you won’t be able to get him in the late third.

As expected, the running backs dried up. I still like my two here with Drake and Jones. Drake finished the season in spectacular fashion in 2017, finishing as the No. 9 running back in PPR format over the last seven weeks.

Jones is far from a sure thing in my book, but there were so few running backs left that I thought had a chance of being the lead back on their team

Hogan and Thompson are fantastic players in PPR formats and in my opinion were the best available when I snagged them.

Rest of the Draft

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Quarterbacks fell in this draft. One thing to keep in mind is this is unlikely to happen in your home league to the extent it happened here.

The run started in round 7 with Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Drew Brees being picked. I honestly thought I was going to get Brady or Brees in that round. Instead, I took Wentz in round 8.

When I took Carson Wentz I thought about waiting longer to get somebody like Matt Stafford or Philip Rivers and load up on more position players. Overall I decided the balanced team I built in the first seven rounds allowed me to pick one of the best quarterbacks in the league last year.

My last few picks were riskier picks than the rest for sure. Again another product of building a balanced team early on. Nick Chubb and Anthony Miller are two rookies that have huge upside and are worth the picks over the other players being drafted at this point who might be “safer”.

Jordan Reed is the riskiest pick of all. Like I said in the TE Preview Podcast Reed is worth a pick at this point in the draft considering how good he is when he is on the field. One thing to note is I would have drafted a back up tight end later if we had done the full thing.

FantasyPros Analysis

I decided to enter my draft into FantasyPros and have it tell me what my draft grade was.

Clearly, FantasyPros did not like my draft as much as I did. With a balanced team, you will get this sometimes because you are not going back-to-back with multiple positions, which loads you up at that position. This leads you to have a middle of the road grade, much like I got.

I also expected a slightly lower grade because I picked players that  I’m slightly higher on some than the FantasyPros ECR. That is something to keep in mind when using this tool.


Hope this was helpful for you and good luck drafting.

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