2018 Fantasy Football New York Jets Preview

by Richard Savill
2018 Fantasy Football New York Jets Preview

Next up in our team previews is the New York Jets.

We aren't really getting as much from the Jets as we should in fantasy. It doesn't help when the team comes off a season 28th in yards, 29th in first downs, 24th in passing yards, 26th in passing touchdowns, 6th in lost fumbles, etc. There's more, but there's no need to press the fact that Jets were a bad football team.

Ugh, and maybe still are. For fantasy purposes, most of the team are dart throws and low-end at that.

2018 Fantasy Football New York Jets Preview

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McCown starts this show, but doubtfully finishes it. Sam Darnold will get some opportunity and the Jets will decide when. If the Jets wait until the Week 11 bye to get him going, then that would seem very late.

There remains a camp competition for the starting job, so we're just assuming McCown holds down the starting job. However, we all know McCown is just a bridge whatever comes about. Since Darnold awaits further testing and Bridgewater is just hoping for anything positive for himself, the Jets quarterbacks remain in evaluation mode.

There is no fantasy draft value at this point for any of them - except for the dependent pass catchers.

Running Backs

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We are in a period of high premium for running backs this season. Isaiah Crowell leads this committee style backfield and has some flex value, but not much more than his other teammates. Starting with Crowell, the fantasy outlook has a "hope for the best" atmosphere. He used to have high RB2 expectations in Cleveland, but nothing solid ever emerged in such a poor offense. So here we are - another poor offense and committee not unlike the one he came from.

Powell's work ethic earned him a steady place on the Jets through the hard times and even coaching changes. He found favor in fantasy at various times, but never had an ability to solidify his place in a manner like say a Darren Sproles or Chris Ivory. Powell, despite his honors with the Jets coaches over the years, could find it difficult to hold a spot in the final 53 in 2018.

Elijah McGuire remains as an outside chance for possible PPR flex consideration and as a sleeper of interest; especially if Powell cannot make the team. McGuire suffered from lack of opportunity last season and although his overall performances were very bland, he did have a big game in Week 4 against the Jags in 2017. Injury concerns are there too, but McGuire is a guy we must not completely ignore.

Wide Receivers

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Robby Anderson holds the best fantasy value on the team. His trust on the field is well worth a spot in fantasy leagues. The problem that weighs down his value are the off-field issues plaguing his career.  These issues are likely to end up in suspension in early 2018 for Anderson, so you must prepare for that. Anderson performs well without a quarterback dependency; which is great considering that he's on the Jets. WR2 with upside.

Kearse follows on with less, but enough for later round PPR. Kearse rarely disappoints at his level of expectation and generally maintains his window between floor and ceiling. This would all be fine to project in 2018, but unfortunately, Kearse could sharply decline in targets with Enunwa returning. The Jets may even decide to release Kearse and thus his value slips well into the red area of risk.

Enunwa will return as the big man receiver on the Jets after a serious neck injury kept him off the field in 2017. I guess if I had to choose a good sleeper on the Jets, Enunwa would be the guy. I sort of consider Enunwa as a tight end style receiver because of his size. He looks like one. This gives Enunwa red zone interest, so keep him in consideration for your late bench fills.

Pryor made a great transition to receiver in the NFL, but his weaknesses became apparent in Washington. He cannot compete with the best defensive backs in the league. He's beatable and does not find the openings compared to the better receivers. Injury concerns remain coming into this year too, but one nagging thing I notice about Pryor is that he will never quit in his determination to improve his game. That counts for a lot. However, his trust took such a tremendous hit in 2017 that we just cannot put our chips on him with any confidence this season.

Tight Ends

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  • Jordan Leggett
  • Chris Herndon

This is a situation where no tight end on the Jets has a lock on the top spot. It remains an open competition in training camp. I'll put Leggett first, then Chris Herndon. Overall, I feel the defacto tight end spot belongs to Quincy Enunwa. Neither Leggett nor Herndon should be on your fantasy team.

Final Verdict

The Jets are a terrible mess for fantasy and real football. The rebuilding looks like the job of a scam contractor who installed the kitchen cabinets. The Jets will need to clean house again after 2018 and call this a write-off season.

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