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2018 Fantasy Football Quarterback Draft Strategy


As in anything, in fantasy football, we must weigh supply and demand. Unlike other positions in most leagues, only one quarterback is started per team.

If there are only 10 to 14 teams in your league than there is plenty of quality depth to be had. So when it comes down to grabbing your starting QB don’t worry, follow these simple steps and you’ll be fine.

2018 Fantasy Football Quarterback Draft Strategy

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Do Research

There are dozens if not hundreds of fantasy football websites available for you to see. Guys like me are obsessed with finding the perfect strategy. So let us do the work for you, and you can be well informed in a matter of minutes. A good place to start is by using the Fantasy Six Pack Draft Rankings.

A few more tips:

  • Go out and read multiple opinions including multiple rankings lists.
  • Read the sleeper and bust articles.
  • Don’t be that guy who takes the next available player off of his draft sheet.
  • Learn why guys are ranked where they are and you’ll find your perfect plan.

Never Panic When Plans Change

No fantasy draft ever goes totally how you plan it. There is always one or two guys who will continually steal your picks right before you pick. So plan for everything.

The best part of quarterbacks is that unlike other positions there is only a need for one per week. So even if you don’t get your top choice there are always more quality choices available.

When You Draft a QB You draft his whole team

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Last year the Saints O-line gave up a league-low 110 pressures. Drew Brees went on to lead the NFL in completion percentage with an astonishing 72%. His receivers rarely dropped passes and helped him reach a career high in his overall efficiency. But because his running backs were so dominant Brees fell out of the top 5 in fantasy points.
One has to take into account more than just the O-line. You need to consider everything about the team.

If his wide receivers can’t force separation, then there will be more high-risk throws and more mistake. If his running back can’t catch than you lose an aspect in the passing game. And having a bad defense makes real life difficult, but it often leads to a lot of fantasy points.

Use a Committee

Running back committees have become increasingly popular in the NFL for a reason. They work. You can do the same thing with QBs in fantasy football. If you’re taking a quarterback late in the draft it makes sense to draft two or even three.

Preparing for this can be tedious, but if you compare schedule strength you can find an ideal combination that you’re happy to start. Even if you only draft one keep an eye on the waiver wire. Streaming QBs is very popular now and many websites have specific articles for it.

Don’t Draft Rookies in a redraft Format

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There are very few rookie QB success stories. Often times players aren’t prepared for the talent increase and wind up failing miserably. Still some of you are thinking “but what about Baker Mayfield”.

If you can protect a player for several years in your league it may make sense to target a rookie. But the fact is that it will take up a roster spot. You’re better off taking one of the starters as it is unlikely that any of the rookie QBs will see the field this year.

My Strategy

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I always draft one QB with no backup. I then painstakingly comb over every little stat during the regular season to ensure that in any given week I’ll have the best possible starter.

If you don’t want to do all that work then take my advice and draft Matthew Stafford and Marcus Mariota. If both of them remain healthy you’ll only have to start your quarterback against one of last year’s top five defense once.

Above All Else, Relax

There is almost no pressure when drafting a QB. Even if you pick a bad one, there will always be better options. Year after year there are always top 10 QBs who were very unexpected and go undrafted.

Just remember that on draft day and don’t give yourself a headache over a deep position like QB.

Visit the F6P Fantasy Football Draft Kit Page for more advice to prepare for the 2018 season.

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