2018 Fantasy Football Seattle Seahawks Preview

by Richard Savill
2018 Fantasy Football Seattle Seahawks Preview

Continuing our series of 2018 fantasy team previews with the Seattle Seahawks.

After five straight seasons achieving at least a wild-card playoff spot, the Seahawks fell to 9-7 and missed out in 2017.

The Seahawks have an odd character for fantasy relevance coming into 2018. Their statistics in 2017 as a team were mostly lukewarm, except for a notable 34 touchdowns through the air. Only the Eagles had more with 38.

Pete Carroll strives every season to bring the Seahawks into balance between run and pass, but in the past two seasons, his ideals have fallen short. The Seahawks are now at a crossroads where fresh rebuilding after the season is starting to look ominous; especially with their once stellar defense in steep decline.

2018 Fantasy Football Seattle Seahawks Preview

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Wilson currently holds the No. 2 spot among quarterbacks in fantasy. He sits at the fringe of early round reaches and roosts in the group of your typical "set and forget" fantasy starters. He scored the most fantasy points of any quarterback in 2017.

The Seahawks star may need everything his talent can muster to hold on to a high fantasy level. The offensive line ranks 30th at Pro Football Focus coming into 2018, but some argue that PFF ignores the Seahawks new blocking scheme amongst other things.

Whatever you decide is right, Wilson is more than safe enough to draft at his ADP. Draft him to your taste without reaching too deep.

Running Backs

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Here's where things get interesting. I'm sure many are aware of the Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny fantasy debate. Some say Carson and some say Penny. Others say committee. One thing very few are saying is to avoid the backfield of the Seahawks - we just can't do that.

There is good value here and we must have it despite how tough it is to extract. Like crude oil. Carson currently holds strong leverage to start. I think ultimately the chips have to go on Rashaad Penny, but man this competition is really close right now. Camp reports are positive for both. Do not take your eyes off this situation during August.

C.J. Prosise is having a great camp too! As if we needed him to enter the picture. At least we know Prosise will likely handle third down and two-minute stuff, but we can't ignore all the buildup that's going on here. I still count Prosise as only an even bet sleeper for PPR. He has some distance to cover to become a sleeper of an upper class, but the direction right now is up.

Wide Receivers

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Target share among the wide receivers on the Seahawks in 2018 might follow a slightly different pattern seen in recent years.

Baldwin's portion should remain uninterrupted and you can deposit his usual 120 targets or so in a bank with interest. His ADP of 31 is well over his ECR of 24th overall, so he is a candidate for an early round steal. He remains dependable in fantasy without the grandstanding. Paul Richardson's departure to Washington fuels some upside for Baldwin because Brandon Marshall tentatively now fills the spot.

Baldwin came into camp with a sore knee and will miss time during the preseason. Things are currently up in the air for beyond that, but "knee problem" is a scary phrase. They are resting Baldwin and keeping him under wraps. This makes our next guy even more intriguing.

Tyler Lockett (ADP 176) is the other winner of Richardson's departure. We continue to wait for that breakout. This is the best chance for that hopeful satisfaction in 2018 because Lockett has the opportunity now to at least bust into the 800+ receiving yard level.

Unfortunately, that's still an optimistic ceiling and if you draft Lockett your expectations need to stay sober. Patience is a requirement here. Shallow leaguers should prepare to resist the temptation of tossing him out as deadwood in the early season. It might help to think of Lockett in handcuff terms. Remember that if this recent injury news about Baldwin starts to turn for the worse, Lockett might see some extra duty in the slot and soar into the fantasy heights.

Brandon Marshall, age 34, is the key to everything we hope for the above players. Concerns remain about his health and ability to make the 53 man roster. The good thing that holds things in place for Baldwin and Lockett is the depth beyond Marshall. There isn't much on the Seahawks. Jaron Brown is next best if Marshall fails. No worries.

Tight Ends

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It remains uncertain which tight end covers the Jimmy Graham role. Luke Willson also departed for the Lions. Neither Dickson or Vannett have particularly strong upside. They are lottery ticket fantasy draft choices and we might just have to fight on the waiver wire if one of them emerges. I have no favorite to gain the fantasy upper hand at this stage.

Monitor the tight end situation in Seattle from a distance, but don't ignore it.


The Seahawks are heading into difficult times and we should consider a .500 season a success. The defense is a shell of its former self, the offensive line has dubious improvements and the skill players can barely afford one serious injury.

However, if the Seahawks continue to hold well at home with the 12th man, they could pull a surprise. Russell Wilson has that uncanny ability to lift his team when the chips are down. Their division rivals apart from the Rams offer a good chance, but we're talking on the outside.

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