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The Fantasy Edge: 2018 Fantasy Football Stacks


This week on The Fantasy Edge we examine the 2018 Fantasy Football Stacks around the league and which ones are better, feasible, lacking value, etc.

Jonathan Chan and Richard Savill ranked the stacks of every team in the league. Both had the Aaron RodgersDavante Adams stack pairing as the best. Below is a chart provided by Keith Lott showing this and the lesser stack possibilities on the Packers:

The chart displays the feasibility of pairing Aaron Rodgers with other fantasy pass catchers on the team. As we can see, Rodgers drafts very high; showing the difficulty of coupling Davante Adams because of proximity.

The Fantasy Edge: 2018 Fantasy Football Stacks

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The Fantasy Edge

2018 Fantasy Football Stacks

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In this podcast we discuss:

The 2018 Fantasy Football Stacks

Stacks are powerful weapons to have on a fantasy football team. They provide a premium because you are pairing a quarterback with his prime receiving target. For touchdowns especially, the stack expands the fantasy points into a custom package, where the quarterback and pass-catcher feed off each other.

Below is how Jonathan and Richard ranked these stacks in order of their preference. In the podcast, they examine the reasons behind their preferences of certain stacks over others. You can follow along using this table as a guide.

Richard Jonathan
Green Bay - Rodgers & Adams1Green Bay - Rodgers & Adams
Houston - Watson & Hopkins2New England - Brady & Gronk
Atlanta - Ryan & Julio3New Orleans - Brees & Michael Thomas
New Orleans - Brees & Michael Thomas4Seattle - Wilson & Baldwin
Pittsburgh - Roethlisberger & Antonio Brown5Pittsburgh - Roethlisberger & Antonio Brown
New England - Brady & Gronk6Atlanta - Ryan & Julio
LA Chargers - Rivers & Keenan Allen7LA Chargers - Rivers & Keenan Allen
Carolina - Newton & Olsen8Indianapolis - Luck & Hilton
Seattle - Wilson & Baldwin9Houston - Watson & Hopkins
Indianapolis - Luck & Hilton10Detroit - Stafford & Tate
Minnesota - Cousins & Diggs/Thielen?11Carolina - Newton & Olsen
Philadelphia - Wentz & Jeffrey/Ertz ?12Philadelphia - Wentz & Jeffrey/Ertz ?
Kansas City - Mahomes & Kelce/Watkins?13Minnesota - Cousins & Diggs/Thielen?
Detroit - Stafford & Tate14LA Rams - Goff & Cooks/Woods/Kupp?
Cincinnati - Dalton & AJ Green15NY Giants - Manning & OBJ
Denver - Keenum & Demaryius Thomas16Oakland - Carr & Cooper
LA Rams - Goff & Cooks/Woods/Kupp?17Tampa Bay - Winston* & Mike Evans
Chicago - Trubisky & Allen Robinson18Tennessee - Mariota & Walker/Corey Davis ?
Tennessee - Mariota & Walker/Corey Davis ?19Cincinnati - Dalton & AJ Green
Washington - Alex Smith & Jamison Crowder (?)20Cleveland - Taylor & Josh Gordon
NY Giants - Manning & OBJ21Denver - Keenum & Demaryius Thomas
Miami - Tannehill & Parker/Stills ?22Kansas City - Mahomes & Kelce/Watkins?
Cleveland - Taylor & Josh Gordon23San Francisco - Garoppolo & Garcon
Oakland - Carr & Cooper24Arizona - Bradford & Fitz
Dallas - Prescott & Hurns/Gallup ?25Miami - Tannehill & Parker/Stills ?
Tampa Bay - Winton* & Mike Evans26Chicago - Trubisky & Allen Robinson
San Francisco - Garoppolo & Garcon27Jacksonville - Bortles & Lee/Westbrook ?
Jacksonville - Bortles & Lee/Westbrook ?28Washington - Alex Smith & Jamison Crowder (?)
Arizona - Bradford & Fitz29Baltimore - Flacco & Crabtree
Baltimore - Flacco & Crabtree30NY Jets - McCown? & Robbie Anderson
Buffalo - McCarron & Zay Jones31Dallas - Prescott & Hurns/Gallup ?
NY Jets - McCown? & Robbie Anderson32Buffalo - McCarron & Zay Jones

Quarterback Market Panics

If a quarterback panic ensues, how would this affect your drafting of a stack and the strategy of securing one? Should we reach for stacks or simply let the draft decide whether or not you should proceed with your plans?

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