2018 Fantasy Football Washington Redskins Preview

by Joe Bond
2018 Fantasy Football Washington Redskins Preview

The last of the 2018 Team Previews is here and the Washington Redskins are up.

The Redskins are a mess of a franchise. Believe me, I should know, living in the area and being a life-long fan. Many of their peers and other experts rank them among the worst run franchises of the past few years.

On the top of the list of botched moves by management is the mishandling of Kirk Cousins. I don't think for a second that they should have matched a $30 million a year fully guaranteed contract, but they didn't seize the opportunity to sign him early when they had it, causing a lot of drama.

That is just one of many things the Redskins have screwed up over the years. But let's move on to 2018 and see if things can improve.

2018 Fantasy Football Washington Redskins Preview

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Life after Captain Kirk is going to be Alex Smith.

In a surprising move, the Redskins traded one of the top-rated nickel corners in the game, Kendall Fuller and a third-round pick for Smith. They then gave Smith a fairly nice extension.

Smith had himself a gigantic 2017. He set career highs in yards, touchdowns, rating and more. Smith also passed downfield more often than he ever, 4.2 per game. He also ranked first in long-ball passer rating.

Can he repeat the same success in Washington? Doubtful. Not only will he not have the same level of weapons he had in Kansas City, the coaching staff is not nearly at the same level. I fully expect Smith to regress back to his previous 2017 self.

Running Backs

The Redskins running game has been non-existent since Alfred Morris left. Even Morris's last season in 2014 was not very good.

This year might finally be different. Derrius Guice, a first-round talent, fell to the third round with off-field issues and questions.

If he can keep his head on straight, Guice might be the answer to the running game the Redskins have been looking for, for years.

Behind him, they will have Chris Thompson still working the third-down situations. He was special last year, mostly catching the ball out of the backfield, and should do the same this year carrying plenty of PPR value.

Perine is the likely true handcuff to Guice, but will hold very little fantasy value unless there is an injury.

Update: Guice's torn ACL is going to open up the door for Perine and Rob Kelly to get a lot more touches, I wouldn't want to own either of them, but if I had to pick one, its Perine.

Wide Receivers

The receiver position for the Redskins is an intriguing one. There is some talent here but the question is can they reach their potential?

Crowder is easily the most trustworthy of the group. Even with that said there is risk here. 2017 was a bit of a drop-off from 2016 as it seemed he couldn't quite handle being the No. 1 option. His receptions were almost identical, but yards and especially touchdowns dropped.

Some think he has a bit of a bounce-back with the conservative Alex Smith aboard and I tend to agree.

Doctson is super talented but has struggled to stay on the field and be consistent when he is. He has a ton of upside and is worth the risk on draft day at his current ADP.

Paul Richardson really started coming into his own in Seattle last season. In Washington, he is most likely going to be what he was in Seattle, mainly a deep threat guy. That causes me not to be all that interested in him in fantasy, because as I said before I don't see Alex Smith continuing the down-field assault.

Tight Ends

Jordan Reed is one of the best tight ends in the NFL, when healthy. That is a huge problem though, staying healthy. In total, Reed has missed 21 games in the last four seasons, along with missing time in other games.

The change in quarterback will not hurt Reed. Actually, it might be better. Smith loved passing to Travis Kelce, so I see no reason why Smith won't like throwing to Reed. Again, health is the name of the game here.

If you do draft Reed, you sure better draft a backup. Vernon Davis is not a bad one to have since he has played very well in Reed's absence over the last couple of seasons. As proven by the graphic above. Still, when Reed is healthy, Davis is not worth starting or even rostering.

Final Verdict

The Redskins offense has been plenty useful over the last few seasons in Fantasy Football, and I think this year will be no different.

It most likely will not lead to a lot of wins in the NFL though, unless the defense can improve drastically. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening and the Redskins will struggle to win six games this season.

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