2018 Fantasy Football Week 10 IDP Waivers: South of Eden?

by Samir Qurashi
2018 Fantasy Football Week 10 IDP Waivers

Today is the first Tuesday of the great month of November. And that means it’s #VotingSZN.

F6Pers, don’t scroll or leave the page yet. This isn’t a political diatribe, but rather, a reminder of who we are.

A person leaned over to me recently at a bar and told me that America had sunk South of Eden.

South of Eden? Let’s review:

Eden is freedom.

Eden is opportunity. Because there remains nothing more fleeting in life than actual opportunity.

Eden is randomly stumbling on a website called Puppies Make Me Happy and buying a dad hat that says "Puppies Make Me Happy" on it. Because puppies make me happy and people should #know that.

Eden is hearing Scott Hanson remind me that I am about to watch commercial-free hours of redzone every Sunday at 10 AM for 17 weeks each year. Yeah, that's right I'm west coast.

Eden is Nick Mullens proving that a diet consisting only of Hooter’s wings and Corona Lite has left Jon Gruden braindead.

Eden is watching the GOATs do battle on Sunday Night Football while eating the aforementioned Hooter’s wings (Daytona baby!) despite what Nick Mullen’s proved a mere days before. Freedom baby!

Eden is watching this during the same game:

We are far from perfect. Sometimes we draft Le’Veon over Todd Gurley first overall because, well, quite frankly, we have the freedom and opportunity to do so. Yikes…

Eden is America. And America is Eden. Perfect? No. But we still the GOAT nation and still undefeated in World Wars. 2-0 baby.

And within this Eden, we are provided with the opportunity and freedom to change what we perceive as imperfect about us by voting. Voting for what we believe in.

Voting against sneaky collusion-riddled fantasy football trades (#tradegate) or voting to determine how the last place is punished/ridiculed for his or her fantasy football ineptitude (#toiletbowlgate).

Democracy is a gift. And it’s far from dead.

So whether you ride with blue donkeys, red elephants, or your one of those college gosh darn independents (GDIs) that show up uninvited to fraternity parties and drink up all the booze, be rude to the girls, then leave, vote you today, my fellow Americans.

Vote you.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 10 IDP Waivers

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Week 9 Infirmary

Before we survey the present, some reminders from past weeks:

  • Cincinnati Bengals rookie DE Sum Hubbard is coming of the bye and is replacing Carl Lawson (IR).
  • Kansas City Chiefs LB Anthony Hitchens was injured again this week. Take a long hard look at rookie DE Breeland Speaks. This may be your last opportunity to roster him.
  • The Denver Broncos activated SS Su’a Cravens from IR, and in his first game in over a year and half, he was on the field for 44% of plays in a tight game. He is a high ceiling talent with an unfortunately murky floor. If you have the bench space, go get him.

All Cleveland Browns

To be fair its not all the Browns, but here is the list.

Per Pro Football Focus, the Mahomes Machine and Travis Kelce were brutalizing Christian Kirksey to the tune of four catches on four targets, 105 yards, and two TDs before he left, hamstrung.

While Joe Schobert has been sidelined, Kirksey has had his moments this year and was this week’s LB ECR#15 despite the tough matchup at KC.

Enter the Tanner Vallejo Dragon. A sixth-round pick of the Bills last year, Vallejo had his moments flashing athleticism at Boise State.

He is a work in progress as both an inside linebacker and a tackler, but thrust into opportunity this weekend, he recorded six tackles (five solo) in a little over a half of play.

Star rookie Denzel Ward and his DB colleague E.J. Gaines both went down this week.

Krusty old Gregg Williams was krusty once again, offering no clear timetable or update on Ward’s injury besides some kryptic krust.

T.J. Carrie and Denzel Rice would be slung into increased action if neither are able to return. They will be thrown at and they will record relevant stats.

Carrie has had a decent IDP season (41 tackles, 1 PD, 1 sack, 1 FF) and has seen his usage rise over the past three weeks. Rice picked off a Mahomes prayer/nightmare throw at the end of the half this week.

Before you ask, I still can’t find a solid explanation as to why krusty old Gregg Williams had Demarious Randall inactive.

After not being on the field for more than 70% of defensive snaps, Jabril Peppers was on the field Sunday for 92% of snaps.

What we are hoping for is that this is largely due to new interim HC Gregg Williams’ takeover; although the pilling up of injuries and gameflow itself muddles the outlook a bit.

Peppers offers returns stats/potential if that’s a plus for your league.

Please Bump: Jabril Peppers, S & Derrick Kindred, S & Jamie Collins, LB

Next Men Up: Tanner Vallejo, LB & Denzel Rice, CB & T.J. Carrie, CB

Bradley McDougald, S, Seattle Seahawks

First, we lost the GOAT safety in Earl Thomas. Then the football gods took mercy on us and gave us Bradley McDouglad.

Then like all the nice things in my life, he was taken before I really got a chance to enjoy it. Why can’t I just enjoy things in the moment?

Delano Hill took over for McDouglad. He had three tackles (two Solo) and a stuff in about a half of play.

Free Safety Tedric Thompson has been playing well for IDP purposes over the last couple weeks to so bump him up your ranks and consider him an add if he is still out on your waiver wire.

Please Bump: Tedric Thompson, S

Next Man Up: Delano Hill, S

Sean Lee, LB, Dallas Cowboys

As a short human being, sometimes I wonder whether I even have hamstrings. The same can be said about Sean Lee.

Sean Lee is one of those generational talents that will never be able to fully stay on the field.

As an IDPer reading this, UAK (You already know) that Lee will be gone for awhile and that his replacement(s) will be fantasy ready.

2018 first rounder Leighton Vander Esche and emerging 2016 second rounder Jaylon Smith are back on the every week strong start radar.

Pour some out for Sean Lee and our IDPers who roster him. Tis a shame he can’t buy health on the Dark Web using the bitcoins or monopoly money.

Please Bump: Jeff Heath, S

Next Men Up: Leighton Vander Esche, LB & Jaylon Smith, LB

Quinton Dunbar, CB, Washington Redskins (Shin/Nerve, Day to Day)

Two #realtalk facts:

  1. Anytime a player is listed with “nerve,” you should be nerv-ous.
  2. Day-to-Day is coachspeak for Brittany Murphy uttering, “I’ll never telllllllll.”

Dunbar is having a good if not unspectacular season as a top 100 IDP play, but we are discussing him here because he’s been injury riddled all season long.

His fantasy championship schedule is: Mouth Breathin’ Eli Manning and the New York Giants, Blake “Free” Bortles Service and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Marcus “Confusing” Mariota and the Tennessee Titans.

Fabian Moreau is once again the next man up. If you’re desperate, you know what to do.

Please Bump: Greg Stroman, CB & Danny Johnson, CB

Next Man Up: Fabian Moreau, CB

Week 10 Waiver Wire Pickups

T.J. McDonald, S, Miami Dolphins, (Y! 2%, ESPN 0%)

You know that “In Memoriam” video roll that the Oscars [selectively] play for people who pass on the preceding year. It pains me to say this but perhaps it’s time Reshad Jones’ IDP value is added to our own “In Memoriam” for the 2018 fantasy season.

Jones “pulled” himself from the game this Sunday, and if we know Adam Gase, and we don’t but we do, this makes Jones persona non grata. Just ask Jay Ajayi how Gase operates.

Enter McDonald, who had eight solos, a TFL, two PDs and a pick in his place on Sunday. That is a wrecking ball safety/DB line for IDPers.

After the Packers this weekend, the Dolphins will be at the Colts (#1 fantasy points against for safeties) and at home against the Bills (#8 fantasy points against for safeties).

Opportunity, thy name is Mcdonald. He’s the IDP equivalent of having $3.27 in your bank account and your car breaking down in front of a McDonald’s: that’s at least two cheeseburgers and a value fry.

Bah Bah Bah Bah Bahhhhhh…you’re desperate…but hungry…and lovin’ it.

Jack Crawford, DE/DT, Atlanta Falcons (Y! 0%, ESPN 0%)

Opportunity…you’re sensing the theme here right…present thyself once again.

Decimated by injuries and perplexing struggles from former IDP stud Vic Beasley Jr., Jack Crawford has stepped up over the past three week and provided solid DE/DT numbers.

He’s garnered the start in three consecutive games and responded to Dan Quinn’s faith, tallying four sacks, seven tackles, and four TFLs. What’s more interesting is he also has five QB hits in that span.

He’s a source of pressure the resurgent Falcons defense has banked on in three straight victories. We can not imagine the Falcon’s coaching staff going back now.

Ride the wave, F6P mafia. Ride it hard.

Bashaud Breeland, CB, Green Bay Packers (Y! 1%, ESPN 0%)

Opportunity- I’m being annoying, so I’ll stop but I hope it’s ingrained in you by now.

Breeland made his Packers and season debut after what was a long strange trip offseason it had been.

Breeland was on the field for 96% of the Packer’s defensive snaps and added kick return duties with Ty Montgomery exiled for standing up to McCarthyism (Mike McCarthy Needs to GO! Free Aaron Rodgers!).

He co-led the team in tackles and with his usage and role secure (Tramon Williams shifted to safety and played 100% of the snaps) opposite of emerging rookie Jaire Alexander (100% of snaps the past two weeks), Breeland should emerge as a highly targeted and strong CB/DB IDP play.

Adrian Clayborn, DE, New England Patriots (Y! 1%, ESPN 1%)

We always hammer usage into our IDP suggestion because it’s an obvious maximization of opportunity. The more you are on the field, the more potential for stats you’ll have.

Rotational pass rushers are always in vogue, but outside of the elite, it’s hard to predict consistency from the mid to low tier edge IDPs.

Clayborn hasn’t been on the field for more than 53% (Week 5) of the Patriot’s defensive snaps, but he’s been an improving and consequential DE all season.

In addition to his 10 QB hits across the Patriots’ first nine games, the former Falcon has 2.5 sacks and 3.5 TFLs over his past three games.

He even flashed his insane motor, despite being 30, hitting 19.5 mph on Devin Mccourty’s interception return on Sunday night. He’s a low floor, mid to high ceiling play, especially if you have the roster space to play him by matchups. His rest of season schedule for your convincing pleasure:

  • Tennessee Titans – Week 10 – 7th best for DE
  • BYE – Week 11
  • New York Jets – Week 12 – 5th best for DE
  • Minnesota Vikings – Week 13 – 15th best for DE
  • Miami Dolphins – Week 14 – 13th best for DE (Brock Lobster)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers – Week 15 – 10th best for DE
  • Buffalo Bills – Week 16 – 6th best for DE

Stream City Special: Red, White, and Ew

Embed from Getty Images
After rambling on about the country I love and the importance of voting, I am doing a complete 180 and urging you to take your bye week and injury anger out on our nation’s capital. More accurately, their Washington Redskins.

Brutal. What was a position of strength, one that we have outlined here at Fantasy Six Pack repeatedly, is now a verified dearth of disgusting.

Alex Smith is seriously the most unlucky guy you don’t know personally.

And if you’re not big on Alex Smith’s repertoire, he is the ultimate “set my pass catchers up to be annihilated” quarterback.

He has been holding the ball in the pocket; "tentative" doesn't even begin to do justice to his unease.

Adrian Peterson is going to run into a swarm of pirates.

Jamison Crowder can no longer get separation, let alone stay on the field healthy.

Their prized offseason acquisition and field stretcher, Paul Richardson, is also done for the year.

Vernon Davis and Smith have tried resurrecting 2009 as much as possible, but if Jay Gruden doesn’t have both his tight ends on the line blocking, then perhaps he doesn’t know how to read his own medical staff’s reports.

Those swashbuckling Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at home and will be sure to provide you with some pirate IDP booty in week 10. Please bump and consider:

Whether you are voting for what you believe in, setting your fantasy football waiver priority, or playing beer pong with Milwaukee’s Best (I just verped), everyday, despite our imperfections, we still live smack dab in the middle of Eden.

It may not be perfect. But what is perfect?

Closest thing to perfection? Celebrating a championship, via one of the great American inventions of our time: Fantasy Football, baby.

Happy Voting F6pers.

Don't forget to vote you.

Check out the rest of our 2018 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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