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2018 Fantasy Football Week 10 Reactions


Week 10 saw a quarterback catch a pass, a tight end run for a touchdown, and an offensive lineman catch a touchdown. What a week!

There were definitely some surprising outcomes this week, such as the Tennessee Titans beating the New England Patriots 34-10.

The Titans executed a blitz-heavy approach and limited Tom Brady to just 254 scoreless yards.

Additionally, the Matt Barkley-led Buffalo Bills crushed the New York Jets 41-10.

By the time you’re reading this, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Jets already fired HC Todd Bowles.

OK, let’s get into some discussion.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 10 Reactions

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1. Is Tom Brady Slowing Down?

Let me be clear: My real question is, is Tom Brady still an elite weapon for fantasy football? He’s still playing at a very high level and I still think the Patriots are the favorites out of the AFC.

But, to refuse to acknowledge his stats this year is ridiculous. Through 10 games, he’s thrown 2,748 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He has a quarterback rating of 94.2. For any other QB, that’s good. But by TB12’s standards, that’s not par for the course.

That puts him on pace for 4,397 passing yards, 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. That’s a solid number of yards, but it would be his lowest touchdown total since 2013 and tied for his most interceptions since 2011.

In Brady’s defense, he’s not asked to do much most games other than facilitate the offense, which he does very well. But this is an article devoted to fantasy football, and Brady is not putting up the number of points owners are looking for.

2. Why Hasn’t Aaron Jones Been Playing More?

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Mike McCarthy. That’s the answer. Not including the game against Miami, Aaron Jones has been averaging 6.0 yards per carry. Yet, Sunday was his first game where McCarthy really trusted Jones.

Jones is explosive, quick, and strong. Plus, he can catch the ball. It doesn’t make sense why he hasn’t been playing more. Add it to the list of grievances committed by Mike McCarthy.

Looking ahead, we can only assume Jones has finally been given the RB1 position over unimpressive counterpart Jamaal Williams. He’s running into some tough matchups, but he should be fine. Treat Jones as a top-15 option the rest of the way.

3. Was This The Start Of Something For Nick Chubb?

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Nick Chubb played incredible in the win against Atlanta, totaling 176 yards on 20 rushing attempts and scoring one touchdown. He also caught all three of his targets for 33 yards and another score.

Chubb has proven that he is capable of the workhorse role, totaling 18 or more rushing attempts in the past 4 games. New HC Gregg Williams is certainly noticing his talent, something Hue was just starting to do as he was on his way out. He is averaging a whopping 6.2 YPC on the year.

Chubb is certainly ready for the Week 11 bye. It’s important that he still has this left, considering many rookies hit a wall towards the end of the year due to how long the NFL season is compared to college. But, Chubb has this week to preserve his legs and gear up for a strong finish to his rookie campaign.

4. Is David Johnson Finally Giving Back For His Expensive Draft Price?

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David Johnson was the Arizona offense against Kansas City, touching the ball 28 times and turning those touches into 183 yards and 2 scores.

Since Byron Leftwich took over the play-calling, Johnson has amassed 48 touches in those two games. He could’ve played better in the first game, but he still totaled 100 yards of offense that week (Week 8). He benefits QB Josh Rosen greatly, giving him a helpful check-down option and taking off some of the pressure.

DJ was drafted near the likes of Alvin Kamara and Saquon Barkley, who’ve had significantly more successful years than he has. But with Sunday’s 37 point PPR effort, Johnson is on the right track to resurrect his year.

5. How Will The Rams Perform Without Cooper Kupp?

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Cooper Kupp went down on a rough-looking non-contact injury Sunday, and Sean McVay said “it doesn’t look good” for Kupp. Additionally, Ian Rapoport reported that the initial concern is that he tore his ACL.

So, how will the Rams offense function without one of their main receivers, Cooper Kupp? They’re one of the best offenses in the league and Kupp certainly has played a role in that.

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The easy answer is that this offense runs entirely through Sean McVay and that he will gameplan around the lack of Kupp by installing Josh Reynolds. But, I don’t think it’ll be so easy. Kupp was their slot guy, their short yardage guy who was also a deep threat. The Rams offense will still be a dominant group, but Kupp’s injury will certainly affect them.

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