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2018 Fantasy Football Week 3 Rankings Review


Another crazy week down, another set of nail-biting games. The Browns were almost able to unlock Bud Light’s infamous fridges around Cleveland, but alas, they lost again in typical Browns’ fashion.

Fitzmagic continued as Tampa Bay marched all over the reigning Super Bowl champions, though few think the hype will last as long as another derailed hypetrain, Linsanity.

Kirk Cousins managed to tie the Green Bay Packers in his first big matchup, finding Stefon Diggs twice in the end zone. Anything else? Oh yeah, Patrick Mahomes threw six touchdowns.

I think it’s safe to say we’re in for one of the best seasons yet. This week’s rankings certainly reflect that, and a few names may surprise you on the list.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 3 Rankings Review

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Too High

David Johnson (RB12)

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David Johnson may be the biggest heartbreaker since Kate Winslet. He didn’t let go of young Leo’s hand on the Titanic, but he’s certainly beginning to sink fantasy owners’ seasons.

Having yet to come close to his 2016 form, Johnson is due to have a monster game soon. Whether it comes this week or not remains to be seen. Sam Bradford’s abysmal performance against the Los Angeles Rams last week showed the many weaknesses the Cardinals have on offense, which has impacted Johnson’s big playmaking ability.

The Cardinals face off against a strong defensive unit led by Khalil Mack this week. Mack’s presence has certainly bolstered the Bear’s defense, which cemented a win with Prince Amukamara’s 49 yard pick six in the fourth quarter. The Bears are hungry for wins this year and the Cardinals are the easiest matchup they have so far this year. Expect Johnson to be fighting for breathing room this week against the Bears.

Rank Below: Kenyon Drake, Lamar Miller

Larry Fitzgerald (WR25)

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Another easy pick, Fitzgerald could make this list for the same reasons as David Johnson, but Fitzgerald’s woes stem mostly from his college-level quarterback, not just an overall poor offense.

Sam Bradford was excellent in college. He could air it out big time, lead his team to the BCS championship game, win a Heisman and much more, but he is one of many on a long list of quarterbacks whose skills simply don’t translate to the NFL. He’s had every opportunity for success too, having been on a number of teams before most recently landing in the wasteland of the Cardinals.

Fitzgerald only saw 5 targets last week, injuring his hamstring early in the game. Facing a defense that just made Russel Wilson run for his life, this isn’t the week to bet on Fitzgerald.

Rank Below: Cooper Kupp, Will Fuller

Too Low

Blake Bortles (QB19)

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Blake Bortles, despite shredding the New England Patriots for four touchdowns last week, still can’t get any respect from fantasy experts. Without Leonard Fournette to run through the Patriots’ defensive line, Bortles took to the air, connecting with second-year wide receiver Keelan Cole seven times for 116 yards and a touchdown.

Bortles finished with 377 passing yards and 35 of his own on the ground, exacting revenge for last year’s playoff loss to New England. At a ranking of 19 this week, Bortles sits below Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith, two mediocre options that aren’t going to win you much of anything.

In last week’s rankings, Smith was a Too High candidate, ranked at QB7 and finishing at QB26 in standard. Taylor, facing a weak Saints defense, was limited to 246 passing yard and finished at QB24 in standard.

As long as Bortles continues to have one of the best offensive lines in football, expect him to make big plays, even against strong defenses.

Rank Above: Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith, Jared Goff

Chris Hogan (WR23)

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The Josh Gordon news brought chaos to fantasy football players’ lives this week. Having been released by the Browns, made available for trade and ultimately ending in a sweet deal for the Patriots, Gordon caused fantasy owners both tears of sadness and joy, all within a matter of hours.

With Gordon’s introduction to the Patriots, Tom Brady will have more mouths to feed than Mama McNabb on Thanksgiving. There are only so many targets to go around, and it’s possible that Hogan’s drop significantly.

Thankfully for fantasy owners this week, Gordon will not be active, giving Hogan another chance to post a couple of touchdowns. Currently Hogan ranks low, beneath Allen Robinson and Kenny Golladay.

Overall, most owners are forgetting that Hogan consistently posts WR3 numbers with a WR1 sprinkled in every now and then. In other words, he’s exactly the player you want at flex. Moving forward, Brady’s connection to Hogan likely won’t disappear, even as more receivers come into play.

Rank Above: Allen Robinson, Kenny Golladay

Will Fuller V (WR32)

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Finishing at WR7 last week is no joke for Fuller. After missing Week 1, Fuller continued right where left off with quarterback Deshuan Watson last season, totaling 113 yard and a touchdown on a day where Watson looked nothing like his 2017 self.

Fuller is often overlooked for his ridiculously high, probably unsustainable touchdown rate with Deshaun Watson. However, his PPR numbers in his five total games with Watson are 19.9, 20.2, 14.2, 29.5, 25.3. Not bad, eh?

At WR52, Fuller is criminally underrated. There are at least ten receivers in front of Fuller currently that should easily rank behind him, including Jamison Crowder and Sammy Watkins.

Rank Above: Kenny Stills, Devin Funchess

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