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2018 Fantasy Football Week 5 Reactions


With each passing week, the NFL gets more and more interesting. This week featured seven one-possession games, and four of those games had a game-winning field goal.

How about the Cleveland Browns? The Browns came to play this year, sitting at 2-2-1 after five games and look like they found their QB of the future in Baker Mayfield.

Likewise, the Kansas City Chiefs definitely found their QB of the future in Pat Mahomes. Mahomes played awesome yesterday, leading the Chiefs to a 30-14 victory over the Jaguars and their elite defense.

OK, let’s get into my Fantasy Football Week 5 Reactions.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 5 Reactions

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1. Can you trust Baker Mayfield in fantasy?

Baker Mayfield played another solid game yesterday, totaling 342 passing yards with one touchdown and one interception. Mayfield is playing good football, but he hasn’t necessarily had a breakout game. That could (and should) change in the upcoming weeks.

Mayfield’s next seven games are against the following teams: the Los Angeles Chargers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Atlanta Falcons, the Cincinnati Bengals, and the Houston Texans. All of those teams rank in the top-10 for most fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks so far this season.

It’s Baker’s time to shine, and his 300+ yard, multiple touchdown game is coming soon. With bye weeks coming up, it’d be a good idea to employ Mayfield.

2. Is James White a PPR RB1?

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James White continued to win weeks this week, dropping 10 receptions for 77 yards and a touchdown. The most intriguing part of that is that he had zero rushing yards. The Patriots have exclusively given Sony Michel the rushing duties while White is a main target for Tom Brady.

Despite this, James White still lines up out of the backfield. That’s what makes him so tough to cover. Usually, a linebacker is up against him because a safety couldn’t come down quick enough. And White is way too quick for even the best linebacker.

Because of this, there’s no reason why White’s dominance wouldn’t continue. Unless defenses specifically gameplan against him, that is. But they won’t, because that opens up way more options than just James White. You can definitely get White for cheap.

3. What is up with Amari Cooper?

The Oakland Raiders are bad. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact. Jon Gruden doesn’t do anything to help the cause, Derek Carr doesn’t do anything to help the cause, and the defense doesn’t do anything to help the cause.

Amari Cooper is talented, but man, this isn’t working. His yardage totals per game have read as follows: 9 yards, 116 yards, 17 yards, 128 yards, and 10 yards. That’s ridiculous! Cooper is the unquestioned best option in the Raiders passing game and they go entire games without even thinking about passing it to him.

If the pattern continues, Cooper will have a 100+ yard day this Sunday against Seattle. But, he can’t be trusted in your starting lineup. While the upside is nice, the downside is awful. Stash Cooper at the end of your bench and leave him there.

4. Is this the standard for Julio Jones?

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Julio’s woes continued on Sunday as the Steelers’ tight defensive scheme limited him to just five receptions for 62 yards. Of all eligible wide receivers, Jones is averaging the 19th most fantasy points per game. That hurts. If you drafted Julio, chances are you’re not doing too hot in your fantasy league. That isn’t the production you need from a first-round draft pick.

After Sunday’s loss, the Falcons said they were committed to getting Jones the ball more often. Yeah, and you guys were “focusing on getting him the ball in the red zone” this off-season, right?

The reality is, Julio is going to have that 200-yard game that skews his numbers and makes it look like he’s right up there with the elite receivers in terms of fantasy production. But weekly? He’s just not there.

5. Is Travis Kelce the league’s best tight end?

Yesterday, Travis Kelce caught five passes for 100 yards against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yep, the same defense Rob Gronkowski caught two balls for 15 yards against. Obviously, the argument can be made that defenses focus more on Gronkowski than Kelce. But, even if there is a difference, it’s minimal and certainly not a big enough difference to account for the statistical difference.

Unfortunately, Gronkowski is starting to show plenty of signs of wear-and-tear after constantly battling injuries all these years. He’s talented, but it feels like the Patriots don’t want to force feed him the ball. They could be saving him for January, which would be smart. But there’s no sign of rest for Kelce.

Kelce has surpassed 100 yards receiving in 60% of his games this year and is on pace to catch 9 touchdowns. Kelce is an awesome weapon for Pat Mahomes and Kansas City and is on his way to surpass Rob Gronkowski for the TE crown – if he hasn’t done it already.

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