2018 Fantasy Football Week 6 IDP Waivers: Railroad Barron

by Samir Qurashi
2018 Fantasy Football Week 6 IDP Waivers

Did Halloween come early this year or what? Week 5 has me feeling more tricked than treated and I always opt for treat. Unless it involves raisins. Raisins are not nature’s candy. That’s a lie my teacher told me.

While staring into the snow globe that is the 2018 NFL Season all I see is Matt Patricia trying to use a pencil on a laminated play sheet. Or is that young Andy Reid?

If you saw “Kool-Aid Man Apprentice” on someone’s LinkedIn, you would be pretty intrigued; admit it.

Never fret IDP players around the [snow] globe; we won’t let the cold of week 5 get to ya. We have more returns from suspension and injury, along with some rookie millennials (grouping people by broad age ranges is fun!) that are carpe-diem-ing their opportunities.

But before we offer up some players to choo- choo- choooose off waivers, let us share those who were down like Frazier in week 5.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 6 IDP Waivers

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Week 5 Infirmary

Darius Leonard, LB, Indianapolis Colts

Is Chuck Pagano back or something? What is this “active but nah really” Chuckfoolery? Oh, the Colts are so injured, they can’t designate any more players as inactive? Is every Colt playing quarterback in front of their O-line?

If you have starters who are questionable on Thursday Night Football, it never hurts to consult your local Twitter and/or Rotoworld. Nobody gets zero fantasy points for effort. They get zero fantasy points when they dress but never enter the game.

STILL the top tackler in the league, get the okay from the internet that he’s healthy, then roll him out with confidence and enjoy every moment of it.

Justin Houston, DE, Kansas City Chiefs

Good [sack] help is so hard to find these days. Bon Voyage Justin Houston. I’m sure Tom Brady is sleeping well tonight knowing you won’t be coming to knock him out of those sleepwear UGGs he wuvs so much.

Speaking of bon _____ phrases, in-between watching Chris Jones and Linval Joseph pick-sixes, I bon appetit-ed on six pizza pies because that’s amore clearly, I have been doing it wrong for the first thirty years of life. Damn paleontology diet! Or whatever.

Thanks to those six pizza pies, I was not able to move, and thus sat on the couch, eyes affixed upon the Sunday Ticket. I felt not only terrible but also terribly ashamed.

These week 6 IDP pickups WILL BE MY REDEMPTION…

Week 6 Pickups

Mark Barron, LB/S, Los Angeles Rams

Want a steal? Then hop aboard the Mark Barron hybrid safety/linebacker train. Finally back from two surgeries (torn right labrum/bone spurs left heel), Barron picked up right where he left off when healthy during the 2017 campaign, leading the Rams in tackles at Seattle in week 5.

If Brandin Cooks and Cooooopppaaah Kaaaaahpppp are truly dealing with brain injuries, then perhaps the Rams continue to be in more competitive games like this weekend.

More competitive games allow for more run plays from opponents; the Broncos are up next week, and Barron should continue to eat up tackles in the box and in the mid-range pass game.


Thomas Davis, LB, Carolina Panthers

Embed from Getty Images
Guess who’s back? Back again? Thomas Davis back. From suspension!

Did it feel so empty without him? Probably not. But fully rested and locked in (he may retire, he’s in a contract year, carpe diem, etc.), Luke Kuechly’s BFF makes for yet another mid-floor, tackle-gobbling, buy week fill-in sorta guy.

Jerome Baker, LB, Miami Dolphins

I have no REAL quarrel with Andy Dalton, but I do enjoy watching the Red Rifle get jammed. Rookie Jerome Baker baked up some trouble for the Red Rifle this weekend and caught a lot of eyes in the process. Recording a two-sack game on the road will do that.
Lineups.com has his snap count as increasing week-by-week as he’s evolved from part-time player to starter.

The Dolphin’s defensive line is still banged up and Kiko Alonso can't do it all alone at the linebacker position. Baker has the skill and potential opportunity to emerge has a high floor IDP.

Denzel Ward, DB, Cleveland Browns

How ya like me know, buddy boys? – John Dorsey in 1920 robber baron accent, possibly.

Passing up on a Myles Garrett/Bradley Chubb led front will always be an intriguing what if: you can read more about that here. Drafting Denzel Ward? Mannnnnn, John Dorsey must have a full pack of Grizzly long cut Bubbalicious in right now.

Ward has shown through little over a quarter of an NFL season that he is a playmaker with that cliché “nose for the ball.”

This past week’s red zone INT and blocked kick are welcomed additions to his short resume. He would be a welcomed addition to your team. GO GET HIM.

Stream City Special

Embed from Getty Images

New York Jets, LB/DB

Andrew Luck and the Colt’s medical staff have single-handedly made the middle of defenses great again for IDPers. Railroad barons be licking their lips right meow….

Especially with T.Y. Hilton hurting, the conglomerate of Ryan Grant, Chester Rogers and Nyhiem Hines have dink and dunked their way(s) right into opposing safeties and linebackers arms.

Now, those linebackers and safeties should find their way(s) right into our lineups.

Expect big numbers from Marcus Maye, Jamal Adams, and Avery Williamson. Tackles should be high and interceptions are never out of the question when it comes to Captain Andrew Luck.

Pretty sure we are set to dominate Week Six, Six Pack Mafia. Because you can’t spell Fantasy Six Pack without “Six.” That’s not rocket science; just ask young Andy Reid Matt Patricia?

Check out the rest of our 2018 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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