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2018 Fantasy Football Week 7 Drop List


We are getting to the point of the season where we have clear indications of how teams are going to be working for the rest of the season. Which means we have a clear indication of who isn’t working for you. Now is the time to drop the dead weight and start searching for alternatives that won’t hold you back any longer.

Bobby Shepherd is filling in for Dennis Sosic this week – Ed.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 7 Drop List

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The Must Drops

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These are the players who’s value has been low and almost certainly won’t improve.

Larry Fitzgerald- 80% owned (yahoo)

This name is one I never expected to see on a list like this, let alone be writing it. Until this year Fitz has been the model of consistency in the NFL. Now the rookie QB has a far more explosive option in Christian Kirk. He’s been playing through injuries and dealing with the growing pains of a new QB, head coach, and offensive system. The problem is that his career might be over as he has flirted with the idea of retirement before. Fitz might have a big game or two left in the tank, but week in and week out he has proven to be unstartable.

Dion Lewis- 82% owned

Lewis is another prime example of a former Patriot failing to live up to his time spent with Brady and Belichick. The entire offense has been awful this season and Lewis just hasn’t been particularly effective with his limited volume. Given the fact that any given week either he or Derrick Henry (67% owned) could take the majority of carries, and that neither has done well with them, both runningbacks should be replaced. Runningbacks are scarce this time of year, but there’s little to no chance that being forced to play them will work out well for anybody.

Alfred Morris- 59% owned

Morris hasn’t been great this season, he’s even barely been serviceable. Last night the entire football watching nation watched him get replaced by Raheem Mostert. Mostert ran well and likely earned a starting job moving forward. That leaves Morris going from the lesser of two options in a committee to a role as a handcuff.

Quincy Enunwa- 44% owned

I think the rest of the fantasy world might already agree with me on this one. He is going to miss time which already makes him burn a bench spot, but more importantly when he returns, his role could be in question. The only appeal to Enunwa was his large target share of 23%. If Jermaine Kearse or Terelle Pryor plays well Enunwa could lose out on his target share long term making him completely irrelevant.

You Can Find Better

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These players aren’t the worst to have but you should definitely consider replacing them if you can manage.

Lamar Miller- 89% owned

At the beginning of the season Lamar Miller was a polarizing figure in the fantasy football community. Some expected him to be terrible, some expected him to be great. What we have seen is that he has been the lower end of average. The emergence of Keke Coutee has eliminated any need for Miller in the passing game. And the impending return of D’Onta Foreman threatens his work in the run game. The reason Miller isn’t a must drop is because he’ll have a few more decent games putting up average points. But sooner or later he will need to be replaced when Foreman comes back.

Jamison Crowder- 58% owned

This season was supposed to be “the breakout season.” In fact, so was last season. He’s already had a bye week and missed a game to injury so his total fantasy points are excusably low. But even against very week defenses, he’s only scored double digit fantasy points once. He’s got good matchups just around the corner, and if he can be healthy for them he might do well. But it is time that we all agree his production isn’t what we need it to be to keep holding onto him.

Robby Anderson- 54% owned

He’s tough to drop as he was expected to be boom or bust. But almost all of his points came in one week and outside of that he hasn’t done anything impressive. There is opportunity for him to continue to produce but with a rookie QB he’s likely to continue to be a week in and week out disappointment. While I wouldn’t drop him, I think he’s a good trade candidate.

Don’t Drop Them Yet

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These players are guys who still deserve a second or in some cases 6th chance to produce points.

Dalvin Cook 97% owned/ Leonard Fournette 96% owned

I know these guys are obviously not getting dropped, but they’re guys who also shouldn’t be traded. When they are back, whenever that may be, they will put up points. If you have even a chance at a playoff run and one of these guys on the bench you need to hold onto them. These players could end up being deciding factors in a league championship this year.

Mike Williams- 61% owned

I very much doubted Williams coming into the season. And his inconsistency of late have shown me that I was in fact right. But with Phillip Rivers at the wheel, this offense will always be good. It is worth having a share in the offense even though it is becoming the Melvin Gordon show. In any matchup where a defense can manage to slow down both Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen, Mike Williams should be worth a start.

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Vance McDonald- 49% owned

Tight ends are something that really need to be appreciated when you find a good one. I’m sure that his 1.6 PPR points against Atlanta left a lot of people very unhappy. But in good matchups he has produced reasonably well. Now that a good day has further cemented his role as the lead tight end, he becomes even safer of a bet. But the main appeal to McDonald is his fantasy playoff schedule. Week 14 he plays Oakland, week 15 he plays New England and week 16 he plays New Orleans. Come championship time he could prove to be an invaluable asset as a very rare, dependable tight end.

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