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2018 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Waivers: Gimmie Some of That Purple Stuff


The Tuesday Morning Morning Poo (herein referred to as “theTMP”) is the most crucial and illuminating time of the fantasy football week.

Cup of coffee and sausage McMuffin now behind us, our behind’s firmly planted on our porcelain thrones, theTMP is when our phones and tablets allow us to peruse articles scribed by beat writers and fantasy experts galore.

These dialed in experts offer us a hybrid retrospectus of the previous week/prospective outlook on the upcoming week.

Or maybe you do your fantasy football knowledge acquisition at a computer in a chair with lumbar support like a “civilized” person. Your loss bub.

Taking advantage of theTMP is what separates us from the animals. Have you ever seen a silverback gorilla execute theTMP in the woods then win a fantasy championship?

I’m playing. theTMP is simply that place where you spend those few minutes (or hours) catching up on what went down on Sunday- for most, seven commercial-free hours of redzone is no longer a fluid option.

And that’s why your ole pals here at theF6P scribe it down for ya. Because whether your droppin’ deuceskis or having “the talk” with some girl, there’s never a wrong time to be catching up on some fantasy football.

Speaking of dropping deuceskis, lord have mercy did the injury fairy drop a deuceski on some good IDPs this week. Let’s get to work, shall we?

2018 Fantasy Football Week 8 IDP Waivers

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Week 7 Infirmary

Anthony Barr & Xavier Rhodes, LB & CB, Minnesota Vikings

Anthony Barr left with a hamstring injury. Xavier Rhodes was actually carried off on what looked like a brutal tie up with Robby Anderson.

Mike Zimmer did his best Mike Zimmer and gave vague and qualitative updates that give us no substance on how to approach this.

Rhodes’ injury did not look good. The Vikings secondary is already down Mike Hughes and Andrew Sendejo.

Never fear my Sunny D passing fantasy brethren. Down in the Stream City section of this waiver column I have laid out how to approach the Vikings subs. Happy scrolling!

Trent Murphy, DE, Buffalo Bills

I ate too many Milanos last week and now im stuck in theTMP, wondering where I went wrong!

Bills Mafia, please circle the wagons as the Berman said you would…

Look, Murphy got PAID this offseason. Whenever he is 70 percent, he’ll be back out there. In the interim, we have underachieving KAZAAM Shaq Lawson, the 19th overall pick in 2016.

You know by now how much I love draft pedigree with respect to usage, but this is a different coaching staff and front office. The guys that took Lawson have either gone fishin’ or are shooting videos of their wife’s feet (Buddy Ryan rolling over in his grave right now).

On the other side of the field we have a very Shaq Lawson story in Jerry Hughes; a pass rusher taken in the first round that took some time to become a fantasy and real life player. Perhaps Lawson can learn a thing or two from Jerry Hughes’ experience.

It’s also likely that Eddie Yarbrough gets some run opposite Jerry Hughes; Yarbrough saw a slight bump in usage after Murphy went down. He didn’t get the sack, but he did get to Andrew Luck last week, and digging deep, he can play the run if your searching for 2-3 tackles and a TFL here and there.

If you’re desperate for sacks or DEs, you can hope the Bills show up at home on MNF against Brady and the Pats. Viewer discretion is advised.

Next Men Up: Shaq Lawson, DE & Eddie Yarbrough, DE

Doug Middleton, S, New York Jets

Dropping like deuces these Jet’s safeties are. Last week we asked you to dougie on over to the wire and get Doug Middleton into your lineups. Now we’re going back to the New York New Jersey well to offer up third string safety Terrance Brooks.

Entering the game for Middleton, he had two solo tackles, a TFL and a PD against Kirktavius and the Vikings.

The Bears and Mitchell “2015 Blake Bortles” Trubisky visit Jersey next week. If you check last week’s box score, you will be misguided. Trubisky’s fantasy output doesn’t match his on field play. Terrance Brooks can be had for cheap and fantasy points he will obtaineth.

Next Man Up: Terrance Brooks, S
Please Bump: Jamal Adams, S

Kwon Alexander, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Losing a damn good IDP is that rite of passage moment when you wish life was Madden and you could turn injuries off. Unfortunately this is real life and real life is not fair.

Here’s the tough part; I don’t think an in-house replacement could end up fitting the bill.

The Buc’s depth chart has Adarius Taylor listed as the Kwon’s replacement, and he played out week 7 as if Kwon Alexander had incepted him and taken control of his body. He recorded a sack, a TFL, and 6 total tackles. He’s a definite must add as the Bucs’ linebacker corps has traditionally provided us with points.

In the event the Bucs look outside the organization, veteran Navarro Bowman is out there and has worked out as recently as last week for the Browns, who passed on his services. He’s worth a watch list toggle.

Next Man Up: Adarius Taylor, LB
Please Bump: Lavonte David, LB & Carl Nassib, DE & Justin Evans, S
Watch: Navarro Bowman, FA

A PSA for the Bye Week Blues

Week 8 Byes

Week 9 Byes – So Many Teams, So Little Time?

I am going to do for you what no parent, no residential advisor, and nary a Health Ed teacher could do; I am going to get you to be prepared in advance and be protected, no excuses. Here are the teams on bye for Week 9:


Week 9 could quickly be the herpes of your 2018 fantasy football IDP season, unexpected and debilitating. But I am giving you the heads up. Protect yourselves. Plan ahead and you protect the squad and your fantasy season.

Education IS the key. #theMoreYouKnow

Speaking of a Key…

Week 8 Waiver Wire Pickups

Arden Key, LB/DE, Oakland Raiders (Y! 1%, ESPN 1%)
Embed from Getty Images

  • Increasing Usage? YUP.
  • Seven QB Hits/Pressures that should eventually translate to sacks? YUP.
  • Potential shootouts leading to constant need for rushing passers? YUP.
  • Colts and 49ers in back to back weeks AND bye week gone? YUP.
  • A first round talent who fell because of character concerns? YUP.

On my word, I have no clue what Jon Gruden is doing. Clearly a diet consisting of Corona and Hooter’s wings carries the side effect of deuceski stained personnel decisions. That dude clearly does not take advantage of theTMP.

Nevertheless, they love Key in the Town and his rest-of-season schedule and dual position listing on some sites make him an appealing get.

Kyzir White, LB/S, Los Angeles Chargers (Y! 6%, ESPN 0%)

Embed from Getty Images
I told you I wouldn’t leave you unprotected for week 9. If your league does not have or does not properly use the IR spot, there’s a strong chance White is out on the wire.

The fourth-round rookie out of West Virginia, and the brother of almost hail mary hero Kevin White, Kyzir won the starting OLB job out of camp.

After Week 3, his knee ran into a Joe Mixon type of procedure (scope/clean), and he’s expected back after the Charger’s Week 8 bye.

He was on the field for close to 80% of the team’s defensive snaps prior to the injury, gobbling up 17 combined tackles and one pick.

Remember, Broncos safety Su’a Cravens is also expected back after a lengthy absence in Week 9.

Snap counts may be on tap, but these are the type of young impact players that make a difference deep into the fantasy playoffs, regardless of their team’s W-L.

If they are healthy, get both of them on your squad if you have the space and patience to see how it plays out.

Jessie Bates III, S, Cincinatti Bengals (Y! 10%, ESPN 16%)

I would have shared something from SNF, but even IDPers are falling prey to the Mahomes Machine.

Bates is the key cog in a team that searching for a defensive rebirth; the injury fairy has dropped multiple deuceskis here.

Bates is on the field for every snap, and with the meager remains of what once was a good linebacker corps in front of him, he’s eating in the box with tackles galore.

We are beyond last call on Bates, and the rookie is only going to get better. Get to the Bates Motel before there’s no vacancy.

Kenny Clark, DT, Green Bay Packers (Y! 3%, ESPN 28%)

Clark has had three great weeks this year. Although the scheme doesn’t play perfectly into our fantasy desires, I LOVE where his schedule is headed, despite where they are ranked as points allowed to DTs:

  • Rams – Week 9 – Stop Gurley
  • Patriots– Week 10 – I would be more excited if Michel was here, but the points should come.
  • Dolphins – Week 11 – I feel like Brocktoberfest is never going to end…
  • Seahawks – Week 12 – Seahawks becoming more and more comfortable running the ball up the gut, and scrambling Russ and his hero ball leads to $acks.

Kenny Clark is a better real-life football player than fantasy player, but at a shallow position, and coming off the bye, he’s a strong buy/hold.

Stream City Special(s): Purps Edition

Let me get that purple stuff in the back…

Baltimore Ravens (@Carolina)

Embed from Getty Images
Cam is coming off an INSANE high after doing the impossible at the Linc last week. That plays perfectly into our first purple crew.

The Ravens throughout John Harbaugh’s tenure are a very motivated defensive unit. Last week they left it all out there only to be foiled by the rarest of Justin Tucker misses. The Raven’s defense, led by Eric Weddle and Mr. Ball So Hard University should rebound in a big way.

Last week Jimmy Smith saw his first full usage since returning from suspension. Michael Pierce and Willie Henry are fixing on eating the weak Panther interior line.

Matt Judon should see his onfield effort translate to fantasy purp-er, I mean fantasy gold. All involved on this side of the ball should show up big for coach Harbs:

This week the Raven’s are going to show Cam and crew what happens when purple stop’s being polite and starts getting real: The Real World, ANGRY BIRDS.

Minnesota Vikings (vs. New Orleans)
Embed from Getty Images

SNF has the fourth highest over/under for week 8. Vegas is convinced that points are on the slate and so am I.
Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander are burnable and will be thrown at, thrust into action on that #DevanteParkerLifestyle (“We Don’t have anyone else”-Adam Gase).

Iloka and Kearse benefit from Andrew Sendejo’s extended absence and the ability to win the starting job away from him should be motivation after a rough outing last week.

Johnson, Richardson and Gedeon get a major one week bump due to the Saint’s run game and Anthony Barr’s potential absence. Johnson has especially been playing well, so if you’re short on DTs this week, he’s a high-ceiling/low-floor filler.

The Vikings are on the bye week blues train in week 9 and should come back healthier in week 10. For a one week stream, all of the IDPs listed below have potential:

Nothing but sunny Sundays ahead IDPers. But never go straight for the Sunny D; that’s a trap.

This week it was all about that purple stuff. Until next theTMP, good morning and good luck!

Check out the rest of our 2018 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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