2018 Fantasy Football Week 8 Reactions

by Noah Spurlock
2019 Fantasy Football Contract Year Playersctions

Week 8 did not feature the best games. We had just one exciting finish in the early window, and two of the afternoon games were between awful teams. Nonetheless, football is football, and it was enjoyable.

This week we saw Jameis Winston get benched, the Rams improve to 8-0, and James Conner prove once again why the Steelers do not need Le'Veon Bell.

Though it wasn't too exciting of a day for the NFL, a heavy amount of fantasy points were put up across the board. Let's get into my 2018 Fantasy Football Week 8 Reactions.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 8 Reactions

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1. Is Jameis Winston done for good?

Week 8 saw Jameis Winston implode on himself once more. Winston stunk today, completing 18 of 35 passes for 276 passes for one touchdown and four interceptions.

Now, hear me out on this. You look at that stat line, and it's...not...awful? Don't get me wrong, it's bad. But it doesn't speak to how bad Winston played today. Winston looked like a college-level quarterback today, making absolutely inexcusable reads on his interceptions.

Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus summed it up best in his tweet that I'll be linking below.

Early on in the year, it was a question of whether or not Winston would make it through the year. Now, it's a question of whether or not he'll make it to Week 9. Even if he does, please, PLEASE, PLEASE(!) stop playing the matchup and using him.

2. Is Joe Mixon a top-8 RB?

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With the way the NFL is revolutionizing, it takes a lot to be considered an elite back. Up there with Todd Gurley, Saquon Barkley, Melvin Gordon, etc. The do-it-all guys. It's a short list, but Joe Mixon is a guy I'm comfortable putting on the list.

He certainly looks like that guy. He's absolutely jacked. He plays like it too, totaling at least 80 yards in all but one game this season. Mixon is a threat through the air or on the ground, averaging 4.8 YPC and catching almost 20 passes so far this year. Keep in mind, he missed two games this year due to injury.

Even though Mixon is a great option in Cincinnati, that doesn't necessarily qualify him to be considered a top-8 fantasy RB. Considering all the great backs in today's NFL, it certainly take a lot to be top-8. But I think Mixon is on that list of 8.

3. Is Marlon Mack a top-15 RB?

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Over the past two weeks, Marlon Mack has 258 rushing yards for three rushing touchdowns and 50 receiving yards for a touchdown. Wow. That's incredible stuff. All the naysayers who said the first performance was a fluke certainly ate their words on Sunday.

Mack is extremely explosive and runs behind a surprisingly-good Colts offensive line. Although the Colts have a very bad defense, the offense puts up a lot of points and gets in plenty of shootouts, meaning a full four quarters of work for Mack. He's certainly got the tools to be top-15, it's just a matter of whether or not the Colts will use him.

4. How should you treat DeSean Jackson?

Early on Sunday morning, a report came out that DeSean Jackson was looking for a trade. The Buccaneers apparently won't budge on trading him though.

It makes sense that he wants a trade, considering D-Jax has played very good football for many years but has never won a Super Bowl.

There was also a report that the Patriots were willing to spend a "premium" to get an elite WR. Obviously, Jackson isn't considered an elite wide receiver, but I guarantee the Patriots are checking him out.

This D-Jax news comes at a bad time, as Ryan Fitzpatrick might be taking the reigns again in Tampa, which is optimal for D-Jax owners. Jackson went off with Ryan Fitzpatrick, totaling three touchdowns in the three games Fitz played in full. Considering Jackson is little more than a deep threat, it doesn't matter for him where he's playing like it matters for some other guys. So, I'd hold onto Jackson.

5. What is Amari Cooper's value?

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If you (somehow) hadn't heard, Amari Cooper was traded to the Dallas Cowboys for their first-round pick in the middle of last week. Ignoring the ridiculousness of Dallas giving up their first-round pick, Amari Cooper has a new home. It was much needed. I'd written a few weeks back that the Cooper experiment in Oakland just wasn't working anymore.

Now, just because it's a much-needed change doesn't mean his value will rise. Dallas isn't exactly a WR's dream location. Although Dez Bryant was able to find some success, it's been an unpredictable outcome so far. There's no reason why Amari Cooper wouldn't just be another cog in the system, especially considering he and Dak don't have much time to gain chemistry. Cooper's value is unchanged.

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