2018 Fantasy Football Week 9 IDP Waivers: Hello Caserice…

by Samir Qurashi
2018 Fantasy Football Week 9 IDP Waivers

Happy Halloween fantasy-six-packers.

As an adult man, the shine may fade from many a holiday, but you can never take from me the yum of Thanksgiving (“FOOHBALL” –everyone who matters, ever), the joy of Christmas, nor the trick and treats of Halloween.

There will always be a special place in my heart for the day each year I can hide behind a consumer holiday and thrust myself into creeping ever-so-closer to becoming a diabetes riddled thirtysomething.

Abba Zabbas, hell, any candy really, you are my only friend(s).

Halloween serves as a great reminder of where we are in the year. Football is usually halfway over (SAD!) but fantasy football is just starting to hit its stride.

This means its time to make those waiver adds and drops that win championships.

It’s scary and downright spooky staring at the “add” or “drop” button, heart thumping, throat gulping, blood racing, hair standing, all-sorts-of sketchy-will-you regret-this-oh-lord-help-me time of the year for us fake football franchise owners.

Perspective does tend to help. How many times was the move you didn’t think twice about, say, the random waiver add because everyone else was taken, the end of the bench guy you dropped too early, or the throw-in in a trade, the move that defined your season?

Be honest; you never know which move will define your season, let alone begin your dynasty.

In 2003 the Boston Red Sox signed a DH/1B who has no spot with the Minnesota Twins by the name of David Ortiz for $1.25 million. On October 27th, 2004, they won their first championship since 1918. On October 28th, 2018, they won their third since 2004.

Dynasties begin well before you see the banners raised. That’s why all of us here at F6P give you waivers adds with an unspooked mentality.

Think FBI agent Clarice Starling from the classic film Silence of the Lambs. She looked right into the eyes of Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter and remained unspooked.

That’s how you need to approach the next few weeks of fantasy football roster management. Be like Clarice.

Or possibly consider being like Hannibal Lecter. For it was he who uttered the famous line, “the tragedy is not to die, but to be wasted.”

So don’t let talent die on the waiver wire. Follow Fantasy Six Pack, unspooked, by staking claim of these waiver adds.

But first, let’s visit those poor souls that the injury fairy ate up with some fava beans and a nice chianti…


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What do we to with highly targeted cornerbacks, class?

Correct! We add them as high ceiling IDPs!

If Mills, aka Sir Actively Burned-A-Lot, is out for an extended period of time, 2017 third rounder Rasul Douglas finally gets his shot at playing on the outside.

He’s worth a speculative add/stash if he can seize the job while Mills misses time.

If you’ve read into Douglas’ early life, the road was tough to get to West Virginia. Another JUCO/chip-on-the-shoulder kid. Love those guys when they step into opportunity.

Watch for Doug Pederson updates over their bye this week.

Next Man Up: Rasul Douglas, CB/S


Fare thee well Carl. You gave us one helluva IDP season last year. Oh, what could have been...

Let’s talk third-round rookie Sam Hubbard, from the tweet above.

He was a top-five edge/pass rusher as ranked by numerous draft experts and scouts prior to this year’s draft.

The Ohio State product stepped in for Lawson full-time last week and the results were beyond promising.

The opportunity is now there and he has the talent to be a great in-season pickup at DE.

Also, Hubbard recently picked up a $10,000+ check as a part of rookie hazing. He’s a team player. That’s good.

#FootballLyfe is insane. I can’t get LZ to pick up the check on a lunch special bento box. Cheaprifi.

Next Man Up: Sam Hubbard, DE



Reuben Foster is hurt. He’s been hurt all year. He returned to this game. But he looked hurt.

He’s been hurt since he yelled at that unnamed person at the combine.

Jaquiski Tartt is hurt. He’s been hurt all year.

He’s been hurt since he didn’t yell at some unnamed person at the combine.

My point is these guys have looked hurt all year.

The 49ers are on a quick Thursday Night Football turnaround after a physical game against the Cardinals.

Even if these guys are active, sit them and forget them (<-- never said that before. Hooray for firsts!)

Please Bump: Fred Warner, LB & Malcolm Smith, LB & Jimmie Ward, FS & Tyvis Powell, SS & Cassius Marsh, DE



Either Schefter or Rappoport, who I will now refer to as the FAVA BEAN CONSORTIUM, said Hitchens is week to week with “severly bruise ribs.”

Zombo was signed earlier this month, a Chief’s retread for depth purposes.

The Chiefs have no depth. They are seriously awful against the pass, and this surely won’t help them against the run.

Mahomes Machines says “101010101010,” or in English, “Sup.”

Breeland Speaks is someone the Chiefs traded up for in this year’s draft. Opposite Dee Ford who is having a revelation-type season, fire him up.

His usage should be in the 70% range this week.

Please Bump: Reggie Ragland, LB

Next Men Up: Breeland Speaks, DE & Allen Bailey, DE



After seeing the above tweet from Reid himself, I have taken to referring to him as Hannibal Lecter; highly educated (Stanford University) and a cannibal on the field (eats offenses for din din).

The 68th overall pick (3rd Rd., 4th pick), Reid was technically the first pick of the draft for the Texans (see: ramifications of Deshaun Watson Trade) and many an expert saw him as a fringe first rounder and one of the biggest steals of the draft.

The pedigree is there; big brother Eric starred at LSU and was a first round pick. He was a pro bowler and is now a starter with the Carolina Panthers.

Reid has been on the field for 100% of the Texans’ defensive snaps over the past three weeks, has ranged between 3-5 solo tackles per game. He's added two INTs and five PDS to boot.

Here’s your obligatory obvious statement for the week: Rookies tend to get better with increased experience and playing time.

My fellow fantasy football playing Americans; I know in this time and age it is instant gratification that you seek.

Never fear. Case Keenum and his 9 INTs are up next for Justin Reid. Go get that bad man, and watch him EAT (IDP stats, not human beings).



The secret’s out re:Redskins D-line (Once again, throw back to ourselves). Ionnadis went HAM against mouth-breathing Eli.

He leads the Hogs with five sacks and saw the field for 70% of the snap for the first time last week. If you have a chance to put in a claim on anyone on the Redskin’s d-line, go do that. Now. Please.


Ronald Blair III has been playing lights out for a very overmatched 49ers defense that tackles like they're six and offensive players all have cooties.

Alas, #TapeDontLie. So we’re coming equipped with the twitter tape:

Blair has been undoubtedly the best 49ers defenseman outside of Richard Sherman over the past three weeks. His usage is significantly up over the past three weeks and shows signs of durable consistency despite the amount of hungry former first-round picks on the 49er line (Buckner, Armstead, Thomas) along with Cassius Marsh.

Blair’s season has a very 2014 Sen'Derrick Marks feel to it. Marks was a cast off former second-round pick the Jaguars scooped up.

In 2014 for a very bad Jaguars team, Marks hustled his way to 8.5 sacks and 15 TFLs. If Blair’s usage stays where it is, those numbers are not out of the question.

Oh boy, can he play the run too? Case in point, here he is tackling David Johnson in space, solo dolo:

Don’t believe me? Give yourself a reason to watch TNF (you were gonna watch this s***show anyways, who you fooling bruh) and lock in on big number 98.

Maybe this Trent Baalke draft pick will allow 49ers’ fans to forgive Trent for the 6 trillion awful picks he made during his tenure as GM?

Just checked with the #49erFaithful: It won’t.

But they thank you for the [painful] memories!


Embed from Getty Images

Damon "Snacks" Harrison is in Motown eating up running backs in the house that Barry built.

Step up to the plate, B.J. Hill.

Another 2018 3rd Round pick (one after Justin Reid at 69th overall), stepped into an increase in usage (~15%, 10 snaps), and will see the field a lot as the Giants' are fixing on trailing all year.

He is tied for the team lead in sacks (two sacks, rough year in the Big Apple), but gobbled up Adrian Peterson multiple times last week.

The Giants are on a bye this week, but here is his upcoming schedule:

  • San Francisco 49ers- Week 10 - 9th best for DEs
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Week 11 - 3rd best for DEs
  • Philadelphia Eagles - Week 12 - 12th best for DEs
  • Chicago Bears - Week 13 - 11th best for DEs
  • Washington Redskins - Week 14 - 14th best for DEs
  • Tennessee Titans - Week 15 - 7th best for DEs
  • Indianapolis Colts - Week 16 - 16th best for DEs


Embed from Getty Images

“Hello, Clarice.” Or should I say: Hello Caserice.

The startled look on Case Keenum’s face every time he’s behind center reminds me of how people looked at Hannibal right before he ate their faces off.

Case Keenum is the worst. I know I already used the fava beans line but Case Keenum is a fava bean.

The Texans are going to eat him with some Coors Banquet. There is no need for clever or next-gen stats. Go get the following Texans and laugh like Hannibal when he made his next door cell mate swallow his tongue:

“When the fox hears the rabbit scream, he comes a-runnin’, but not to help.’” –Hannibal Lecter, spooky movie character

Be the fox of your league, Six Pack Mafia. Go a-runnin' to those free agent’s that are screaming, “league winner.”

Happy hunting, Halloweeners...

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Adrian Robinson November 1, 2018 - 4:34 am

I find this site to be the most detail oriented site regarding information about IDP pick ups and players on the rise who have been noticed and are doing a good job. This site is by far the best I have seen with the information provided.

Samir Qurashi November 3, 2018 - 12:41 am

YO Adrian,

Thanks for reading and letting us know that we’re dropping quality/helpful knowledge. We’ll keep on trucking and we hope YOU keep coming back each week to get ahead of your league-mates en route to another fantasy championship this winter. Stay hungry my friend.



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