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2018 Fantasy Football Week 9 Reactions


We are officially past the halfway point of the NFL season. We’ve gone through 9 weeks and have 8 to go. It hurts! This week, we saw Rob Gronkowski surprisingly miss an important Sunday Night Football game, the Rams suffer their first loss of the season and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs continue their league-wide dominance.

There were a lot of subpar performances yet an equal amount of incredible performances. We’ll cap off the week with an unimpressive match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans. But, let’s review what we’ve seen so far.

2018 Fantasy Football Week 9 Reactions

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1. Who is the best team in the NFC?

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The New Orleans Saints defeated the Los Angeles Rams in a thrilling 45-35 victory on Sunday. The game was everything fans could’ve asked for. Both teams were even early, the Saints pulled out to a three touchdown lead, the Rams cut the deficit to zero, and Michael Thomas burned Marcus Peters and iced the game on a 72-yard score with 4:02 left.

Now, both teams sit with 1 loss and are a step above any other NFC team. They’re on a crash course to do battle in the NFC Championship game, a sight everybody wants to see. But, which one of them is better?

The rosters are pretty even. Electric offenses, not too good defenses. Even their special teams are really good! Personally, I’d give the Rams the slight edge. But, the Sean Payton/Drew Brees duo certainly have the experience edge over the duo of Sean McVay/Jared Goff. Either way, it’ll be fun!

2. Should Sam Darnold be benched?

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Benching Sam Darnold is not a knock on Sam Darnold. Obviously, he’s not playing elite right now. Today’s game was ugly, don’t get me wrong. But, he’s a rookie and that’s perfectly fine.

A quarterback’s career is not entirely decided by their rookie season. They’re allowed to have games like this. Look at Jared Goff! He was terrible his rookie season yet is playing out of his mind right now.

The Jets certainly need to make some changes. In my opinion, the firing of Todd Bowles is long overdue. The defense isn’t too good, either, and Darnold has below-average weapons. With the season down the drain, it might be smart to get Darnold out of there before his self-confidence takes too severe of a hit. Plus, it’s always good to learn from a veteran.

3. Will Freddie Kitchens finally utilize Duke Johnson Jr.?

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Duke Johnson FINALLY had a good game today, He caught all 9 of his targets for 78 receiving yards, two touchdowns and added eight rushing yards. In the first week without Hue Jackson and Todd Haley, the Browns offense really looked like they were clicking. Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

This will only be the beginning for Duke, as he led the team in targets, receptions and yardage in the loss to Kansas City. Johnson gets another terrible defense next week, the Atlanta Falcons. Owned in only 46% of Yahoo! leagues, you need to pick up Johnson if you can.

4. How worried should Mark Ingram owners be?

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Today was not Mark Ingram’s day. Alvin Kamara was much better than him, scoring 33.60 fantasy points compared to Ingram’s 2.60. Ingram is talented, but Kamara is better. Kamara fits the scheme perfectly, and New Orleans would be wise to phase Ingram out of the system.

Ingram is now sitting at a YPC of just 3.61 compared to Alvin Kamara’s 4.43. Looking ahead into the future, Ingram will certainly get more work than this week. But, it won’t be the 50/50 workload we saw last year. Ingram will likely hover around the RB2/3 range depending on the match-up for the rest of the season.

5. What is the extent of AJ Green’s injury?

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Early Sunday morning, it was announced that AJ Green would be missing “some games” due to a toe injury. He’s meeting with foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson, most likely discussing whether or not Green will need surgery. If he does, that would put his season in jeopardy, given that he would most likely go on the Injured Reserve.

Adam Schefter, who originally reported the news, said that “some games” would be the best case scenario. It was reported a few days ago that Green was in a walking boot, but most media outlets agreed it was precautionary and he’d be back for Week 10. It’s pretty shocking news, and it doesn’t sound good. Hold onto Green, but just be prepared for some bad news in the upcoming weeks.

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