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2018 NBA DFS 11-20-18 FanDuel Picks


There’s a four-game slate tonight with a limited amount of top-tier players, so we’ll really try to diversify the lineup to get a high score out of the small player pool tonight.

We have an eastern matchup with Brooklyn playing in Miami. Dwyane Wade will be back in the lineup tonight, so hopefully not only will he contribute, but also we hope to see a united front back in Miami today.

Additionally, there will be a Western matchup with the LA Clippers playing in Washington. It should be an interesting game with the recent news of Washington basically putting their whole team up on the trading block. They really haven’t been clicking this season and there have been many instances of miscommunication. These circumstances may be worsened by their time in Washington ticking away. Let’s see what we can do with the limited availability for tonight.

2018 NBA DFS 11-20-18 FanDuel Picks

Point Guards

Damian Lillard – Portland Trailblazers – $9600

Lillard’s average FanDuel ppg chart has been hugging the 40 point mark all season, and he’s been consistent, often putting up well over 50 points. As of now, he’s 4th in the leagues point guards for points per game and is credited with instrumental in giving his team wins. Tonight, he is projected to produce around 45 FanDuel points, so he’s a great addition to have on your lineup.

Kyle Lowry (GTD) – Toronto Raptors – $8100

Lowry comes into tonight “injured”, but ensures his training staff that he is good to go, and all bettors should be hoping so. He has an incredible efficiency rating and is averaging 10 assists per game. If he keeps playing the same tonight, you can expect a double-double and at least 40 points from him tonight.


John Wall – Washington Wizards – $9800

Washington has just made it well known that Wall is open to be traded, and this might be a morale blow to not only wall but also the rest of the team. I have moved Wall to the consider column for this reason, but haven’t cut him out completely because no matter what, he’s the second rated point guard for tonight. Averaging 20 points and 8 rebounds, he is a little expensive compared to the other options but still produces well.

Shooting Guards

Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat – $5200

Wade will be making his debut after an eight-game paternity leave and will be doing so at home. He’s been limited this season and hasn’t had the greatest output, but expect him to be eager on the floor tonight and go above his 15 pt / 4 rebound / 3 assist average off the bench. And at $5200, we can list him as a value player.

CJ McCollum – Portland Trailblazers – $6700

The top 4 shooting guards today really only have a difference within 5 points of their projections, but McCollum has been incredibly consistent and great for his value. He’s a 30 FanDuel ppg player but has hit as high as 60 this season, so play him knowing he has that potential.


Lou Williams – Los Angeles Clippers – $6400

Williams has had a great season with the Clippers this year, but I am putting him in the consider section because of a very high turnover ratio. He could produce much more if he could protect the ball better, Otherwise, he is putting up efficient numbers, with almost 20 ppg and 5 apg. If we can see him hold on to the ball tonight, we might see those number go up.

Small Forwards

Kawhi Leonard – Toronto Raptors – $10,000

Leonard comes in as the most expensive player on tonight’s roster, and it’s well deserved. He has 25 ppg and almost 9 rpg, but mix that up with the fact that he often grabs anywhere from 2-4 steals in a game, he has great output and shuts down the other team. If he can take the ball out of Jonathan Isaac’s hands tonight, he will play like he’s worth the 10k.

Justise Winslow – Miami Heat – $5000

Winslow comes in here as a value player at just $5000 but projected to have 25 FanDuel points tonight. With Wade back on the court, and playing at home, I hope the Heat will hold their own and start producing a winning season for Wade. Winslow will be playing off the bench behind Richardson, and he might produce over his averages, hopefully in the rebound column.


Josh Richardson – Miami Heat – $7700

I know I just wrote about Winslow, and I know Richardson is better than him. But, Richarson comes in $2400 more than him, and if you want to fit in the salary space for Lowry and Lillard, you’re going to want to go with Winslow. But, if you’re willing to cut the salary in the point guard position, then you can snag Richardson. He is a solid pick, projected to put up 35 FanDuel points tonight. He is averaging 12 more ppg than Winslow, and playing better defense. If you choose to fit him, it would still be beneficial to you.

Power Forwards

Al-Farouq Aminu – Portland Trailblazers – $5500

Aminu comes in with a great value tonight. For $5500, he is projected to have 26 FanDuel points. He is averaging 23 FanDuel ppg. Although only putting up 8 ppg and grabbing 8 rpg, his defensive skills are what give him the upper hand and the boost in his output. He often either grabs 2-3 steals or 2-3 blocks. If he were to ever be able to do both in one game, he would be a great addition to your lineup.

Aaron Gordon – Orlando Magic – $7900

With another $2400 difference, Gordon is an incredibly consistent player, and his recent FanDuel ppg chart basically has a straight line above the 32 point line. With 17 ppg and almost 8 rpg, he has a fantastic offensive output. On top of that, he does produce offensively, with around 1-2 steals and blocks per game.


Serge Ibaka – Toronto Raptors – $6700

With almost identical stats to Gordon, Ibaka has a great offensive output and a better defensive front. It’s almost shocking to me that he comes in $1200 lower, considering their FanDuel ppg is almost identical. The only reason he is in the consider column is because he is not as consistent as Gordon. He has very hot games and very cold games.


Hassan Whiteside – Miami Heat – $8700

I would absolutely go with a Heat stack today, topped off with Whiteside. He is the most efficient player on this team, with his rebound average at 15 per game. I know I’ve written about this before, but it absolutely amazes me that he has multiple games with 20 or more rebounds. Even in their loss to the Pacer on Friday, he had 17. On top of that, he often has 15 or more points and allows him to have great contributions to lineups.


Enes Kanter – New York Knicks – $6500

Kanter averages 15 ppg and 12 rpg, so he is consistently putting up double-doubles. Similar to Whiteside, he has a 24 rebound game, with constant 15+ rebound games. Every so often he does get a block or a steal, so if you want to save salary cap space at the center position tonight, Kanter is projected for 32 FanDuel points, just 9 fewer than Whiteside, and definitely fair for the $2200 difference.

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