2018 NFL Trade Deadline: Fantasy Football Impact

by Christopher T. Luft
2018 NFL Trade Deadline: Fantasy Football Impact

As 4PM EST on October 30, 2018 came and went, we saw a few big moves go down with some top teams in the NFL both today and over the past couple of weeks.

Let’s look at what happened, and what it all means.

2018 NFL Trade Deadline: Fantasy Football Impact

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Demaryius Thomas

Broncos get: 2019 fourth-round pick, swap of seventh-round picks

Texans get: WR Demaryius Thomas, swap of seventh-round picks

As we have all heard already, this seemingly opens the floodgates for targets to Courtland Sutton of the Broncos.

Over the past four weeks, Sutton has had 17 targets that he has turned into nine catches for 182 yards and two touchdowns. I see an increase in looks his way, though in week eight there were eight receivers with catches against the Chiefs. Keep in mind, Case Keenum has targeted between six and nine receivers per game this season; the time he targeted only six receivers was in a 45-10 win over the Cardinals in week seven. While I like this potential breakout for Sutton, and he should be owned, I think we have to keep our expectations realistic.

I think Keenum’s dwindling fantasy stock takes another hit in the process as well.

For the Texans, they get a big playmaker. I like this move for several reasons. They add wide receiver depth to help deal with an injury prone Will Fuller V. Deshaun Watson adds a top-catching target to his arsenal, which will help take a little pressure off the speedy young quarterback who just had a 16/20 and five touchdown performance against Miami in week eight.

My only hope is that the Texans will use their weapons appropriately. Case Keenum averaged just 7.2 yards per attempt to Thomas over the first eight weeks of the season, a number very low for someone with such great hands and ability to stretch the field. Utilizing big-play potential will open the running game for the Texans, which will allow their offense to take another huge step forward.

The Broncos will host the Texans in week 9. Sit back and enjoy as the drama unfolds.

Golden Tate

Lions get: 2019 third-round pick

Eagles get: WR Golden Tate

There had been talks of a Golden Tate move for weeks now, and this is a good landing spot for the Notre Dame product. Golden Tate has lead all wide receivers in yards after catch since 2016. He does a great job of making and extending plays and has the route-running experience to keep this trend going.

I think Carson Wentz is an overall upgrade in quarterback over Matthew Stafford, so time will tell how Tate incorporates himself into the offense. Adding another weapon should make Wentz feel like a kid in a candy store with the Cowboys, Saints, Giants coming off their week 9 bye, this is a fantasy boost for him going forward.

This move is a huge step back for Nelson Agholor, Zach Ertz, and Matthew Stafford. I think Ertz will lose a little volume in the passing game, but he should still be a mid range TE1 going forward. Matthew Stafford lost a big weapon in Detroit, and he has the third most difficult strength of schedule from week nine onward. I think Marvin Jones will keep his role consistent in the weeks to come and there will be a boost in targets to Kenny Golladay. The question is what this trade will do to the roles of Theo Reddick and T.J. Jones. I think both will get looks coming out of the slot and both will see an uptick in fantasy stock in the process.

Ty Montgomery

Ravens get: WR/RB Ty Montgomery

Packers get: 2020 seventh-round pick

To me, this was the Packers making a statement more than anything. Ty Montgomery fumbled on a kick return at the end of regulation against the Rams, costing the Packers the game. Montgomery only had 14 touches on offense over the Packers last three games; and this seemingly defiant kickoff return leading to a fumble (and eventually the game), was the straw that broke the camel’s back in Green Bay. This clears the way for Aaron Jones, who’s fantasy value gets a little bump with this move.

The Ravens get a utility player who can wear many hats, though all not exceptionally well. I think this added some depth to Joe Flacco’s offensive arsenal, but to me, this is not the move that is going to get the Ravens to the Super Bowl. I am not excited about Montgomery on either team and would leave him on the wire (how fitting) in 12-team leagues and smaller.

Dante Fowler Jr.

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Rams get: DE Dante Fowler Jr.

Jaguars get: 2019 third-round pick, 2020 fifth-round pick

The Rams are all in. They have been for a while. Wade Phillips gets a good player in Fowler, who was the third overall pick in the 2015 draft. I think Fowler will have plenty to offer the Rams going forward.

The Jaguars were rewarded pretty handsomely for Fowler, as the Jets and Packers were also among interested parties. They have been on a downward spiral, and with the London club scandal also hitting the clubhouse; this is another sign of rebuild for the 3-5 Jaguars.

HaHa Clinton-Dix

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Redskins get: S HaHa Clinton-Dix

Packers get: 2019 fourth-round pick

This move surprised me. Clinton-Dix has played pretty much every snap on defense this season. The Alabama product was not going to be re-signed with the Packers after this year, and they decided to get something for him. This leaves Green Bay with a hole at the safety position, and an upgrade for Washington. HaHa should be an immediate starter for the Redskins in week nine at home against Atlanta. He is a free agent at the end of this season.

Overall today, I think none of these offensive moves are “that” huge to those acquiring players. I think the biggest move today came from the Rams adding another potential stud on defense. Adding a guy who can bring pressure and attack the quarterback is a very valuable asset for any team. I also like what the Redskins did with adding HaHa Clinton-Dix, a guy who is an immediate starter in a winnable division.

Other notable NFL moves over the past couple of weeks:

Saints get: CB Eli Apple

Giants get: 2019 fourth-round pick, 2020 seventh-round pick


Lions get: DT Damon Harrison

Giants get: 2019 fifth-round pick


Bills sign: WR/QB Terrelle Pryor

Seahawks cut: WR Brandon Marshall

I think the Saints added some nice depth, albeit at a questionable price. Apple has played pretty well this year, but now the Saints are without their first, third, and fourth- round picks in the upcoming 2019 draft.

The Lions also added a good playmaker here with Harrison. He will add to an anemic middle of the field for Matt Patricia’s defense in Detroit.

The Bills are awful, nothing to see there.

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