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2019-20 Fantasy Basketball Power Forward Preview


Welcome to the 2019-20 Fantasy Basketball Power Foward Preview. If you missed any of our other previews so far, check out the rest of them on our Fantasy Basketball page

Power Forwards are becoming more and more versatile every year since I have started covering Fantasy Basketball. What seems like many years ago now, Power Forwards were almost 100% close to the basket players. This means you got similar stats from them that you did a Centers, high field goal percentage, points, rebounds, and blocks.

Now so many players at this position have the ability to step out and hit shots. The term stretch-four is used in many cases. Especially the best, Anthony Davis, can create off the dribble and hit the threes with ease.

2019-20 Fantasy Basketball Power Forward Preview

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How does Anthony Davis perform playing alongside LeBron James?

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Davis has played with other stars before, but never anybody quite as dominant as Bron. It is reasonable to think that Davis is going to take a hit statistically playing alongside Bron. Realistically though, there is no reason to think that.

The biggest reason why I don’t think we see this happen is the lack of depth on the Lakers team. Outside of LeBron and Davis, the next best offensive weapon is Kyle Kuzma. I like Kuzma, don’t get me wrong, but he is going to be behind Davis on the depth chart, limiting his minutes and upside this season.

I’m still taking AD No. 1 overall for his dominance in so many aspects of the game. He helps in every category, even three-pointers as I mentioned some Power Forwards do in my intro.

Will Pascal Siakam thrive with Kawaii Leonard out of town?

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Without Kawaii, Siakam is likely to see a lot more minutes at the three and more minutes overall. He will also be more of a focal point of the offense as well.

Siakam had some great game last season, but was ultimately held back by the presence of Kawaii in the roster. Just some stats to throw at you, Siakam’s averages without Kawaii in the lineup last season were 19.1/7.9/3.4.

With a full offseason to groom the offense around and another year to improve as a player, I think those numbers are repeatable if not better, to be honest.

What to expect out of rookie Zion Williamson?

The No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft is one of the most hyped players I can remember, since LeBron James. The question remains just what will he be in the NBA.

His motor, athleticism and strength are unquestionably off the charts. He makes highlight-reel dunks and plays worthy of SportsCenter.

I’m not 100% sold these traits are going to lead to success in the NBA. One reason is he overpowered many of the players in college who he was just more physically gifted than. In the NBA that won’t happen.

The other reason is he lacks a shot. This is going to make defenders make him beat them away from the rim, something he didn’t have to do much of in college.

Expect some fantastic games from him and crazy good dunks, but you should also expect a very inconsistent season. Draft at your own risk.

Draft Strategy

When I look at the Power Forward position, I try to find players that have multiple position eligibility more than anything. You can find a lot of Power Forwards that also have Small Forward eligibility and also Center. Each combination of players has their own strengths and it helps you with roster flexibility.

As I mentioned in the intro power forwards have changed their game over the years. No longer are they all just post-up players, they can stretch the floor and make plays off the dribble. Now that doesn’t mean they all have these new skills, some are still more near the rim type of players.

The good thing about this position is you can target categories of need and actually make a difference. Outside of the elite, who can help in many categories, there are players who will be strong in one or two categories. Once you get through a few rounds in the draft, target Power Forwards to either put a category or two over the top or use it to boost one that is a need.


Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic

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Vucevic was amazing last season. He produced career high’s in points, rebounds and assists, 20.8/12/3.8. He also averaged a steal and block a game. His field goal percentage was over .200 for the first time since 2015-16. To top it off he played 80 games, first time ever.

I’m not saying Vuc won’t be good, I’m saying he won’t be this good, which is what you’re paying for in drafts this year. Let somebody else pay the premium price for him.


Kevon Looney, Golden State Warriors

Looney has not gotten much run for the Warriors in his first four years with the team. The 2019-20 season will be very different, however.

Not only is Demarcus Cousins gone, so is Andrew Bogut. Yes, they brought on Willie Cauley-Stein, but I like Looney as somebody who fits what the Warriors like to do and will give him a chance.

Only to help Looney, WCS is out at least the entire month of October. This gives Looney a chance to prove what he can do during the preseason and the first week or so during the regular season. In what will still be a high powered offense with Steph Curry leading the way, Looney can prove to be quite the steal late in drafts.

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