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2019 DRAFT NBA Best Ball ADP Mock Draft


For those of us who just can’t get enough of Fantasy Basketball and/or those of us who have seen their fantasy season derailed by a bad draft or injuries, we have a new way to play!

Thanks to DRAFT, we can now play NBA Best Ball!

No need to set daily/weekly lineups, no trades, no waiver wire – just draft!

These contests begin on Martin Luther King Jr. Day and will run through the end of the NBA season.

It is a 10 week season that scores weekly points. Week four is two weeks long thanks to the All-Star game. The final two weeks of the season count as one scoring week as well.

Roster Construction

You will draft 16 players and need a minimum of three guards, three forwards and one center. Those seven players, plus one flex will accumulate points each week, so eight of the sixteen players drafted count.


  • Point 1
  • Rebound 1.2
  • Assist 1.5
  • Turnover -1
  • Steal 3
  • Block 3

Draft Types

  • Fast (30-second pick clock): Drafts take just over 1 hour on average.
  • Slow (8-hour pick clock): Drafts span many days

I ran a 10 team, 16 round, mock draft using DRAFT ADP – here are the results!

2019 DRAFT NBA Best Ball ADP Mock Draft

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Position Distribution

Point Guards – 35
Shooting Guards – 30
Small Forwards –  39
Power Forwards –  26
Center – 30

Point guard is the most popular position in the first four rounds, with 10 players being drafted. Ben Simmons (ADP 15) and Bradley Beal (20) are listed as a point guards.

James Harden is the lone shooting guard drafted in the first two rounds! The SG position would see just 13 players selected after eight rounds. Luka Doncic (28) is considered a SG.

Half of the first round are small forwards – Giannis Antetokounmpo, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Jimmy Butler (24) would be the only other SF drafted in the next 21 picks. Kyle Kuzma and Larry Nance Jr. are going in the first eight rounds and are both listed as SFs.

The power forward position in the NBA is clearly lacking firepower. It could also just be the way DRAFT assigns positions and my guess it is to prevent the center position from being empty. There are just six PFs being drafted in the first four rounds according to ADP, including the first player drafts, Anthony Davis. Blake Griffin (14) and LaMarcus Aldridge (27) are the only other PF eligible players being drafted in the first three rounds. Julius Randle, John Collins and Draymond Green are all being selected in the fourth round. Wendell Carter Jr. (102) is listed as a PF, not a C.

There are more centers selected in the second half of the draft than the first. Makes sense since each team only has to draft one. I don’t advise you limit yourself to just one center eligible player and suggest a minimum of three. There is no harm in selecting two of them early either as position scarcity is a thing in a points league and there is the UTIL spot! While I do like Team 1 grabbing Thomas Bryant (124) in the 13th round, I would never suggest waiting until the 10th round to select your first center and that guy being Tristan Thompson. Five other teams drafted three centers before Team 1 even pick their first, don’t do that!

Five Overvalued Players

Jimmy ButlerSF31.4624.1
Jayson TatumSF28.0946.5
Zach LaVineSG28.0947.8
Hassan WhitesideC27.9255.0
Tim Hardaway JrSF19.4070.5

Five Undervalued Players

Robert CovingtonSF38.9176.3
Jeff TeaguePG37.2194.9
Brandon IngramSF34.4182.7
Bogdan BogdanovicSG30.8591.5
Malcolm BrogdonSG30.21101.7

Stats from last two weeks as of Friday, January 11th.

Players Who Have Just Returned or Expected To Return From Injury

Mock Draft Board

2019 Draft NBA Best Ball ADP Mock Draft Board

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