2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List

by Joe Bond
2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List

Well this week has been interesting. Before we get into the 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List, I wanted to discuss Chris Paddack being sent to the minors.

This was sort of unexpected. I knew the Padres were going to try and manage his innings but sending him down was not something I thought was on the table. To be honest, I'm not sure how this helps. He will still pitch in the minors, adding innings to his arm.

He has struggled lately, allowing 12 ER in his last 20.1 innings pitched. I thought maybe skipping a start or pulling a Dodgers and sending him back to the IL was the move they were going to make.

Since this is the Drop List post, I will answer the question you're probably asking and say yes you can drop him in normal redraft leagues. However, I would only do it if you do not have an IL spot and can't afford to wait for him to return to the majors.

I would also drop him if there are capable arms available on your waiver. An example is I recently got asked on Twitter if he should be dropped for Tanaka. That was a no-brainer yes to me. Look even when Paddack returns he still will have innings managed and will have starts skipped. Especially in H2H leagues that will be tough to deal with the rest of the season.

2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 11 Drop List

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Josh Donaldson, 3B, Atlanta Braves

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This one hurts me to say as I've been a fan of Donaldson for a while. However, it appears the injuries over the past few years have really affected him.

He started out pretty well, hitting five home runs in April and batting .279. Over the last 30 days though it's been ugly as he has posted a .209 average and just three home runs.

His strikeout rate has gone up to 29.8% over that time and has a wOBA of .291. He will still have spurts of solid play, but he is turning out to be nothing more than an unreliable third baseman who is a name everybody knows.

Yasiel Puig, OF, Cincinnati Reds

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I keep holding out hope that Puig will turn things around. A season BABIP of .239 screams that the improvement is coming. Facts are he is just not hitting as well. His hard-hit rate is down 4%, HR/FB rate down 6% and that is most concerning since he is hitting 10% more fly-balls from last season. That tells me he is hitting more easy pop-ups to the outfield than anything.

One theory, at least that I have, is he is trying to hit more home runs knowing he is playing in Cincinnati. Maybe he heard the noise that it is known to be a hitting park and is trying to hard.

He has at best been a very average outfielder for posting a .213 average, 11 home runs, 24 runs and 33 RBI. The one thing keeping his value up is the nine steals.

I'm going to be honest and say I'm holding onto him in my H2H league because of the steals and my team is good enough to absorb the rest of his poor play. If my team was not able to do this I would dump him for other options.

Billy Hamilton, OF, Kansas City Royals

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I didn't think I would have to discuss somebody like Hamilton at this point in the season. However, I was shocked to see his composite ownership percentage on FantasyPros at 42% (ESPN + Yahoo!).

Hamilton is just about worthless in leagues that are not 14 or even 16 teams deep. This is the case where chasing steals goes wrong. Yes, 12 steals is nice (tied for 4th most this season), but he backs it up with no home runs, six RBI and a .230 average. I don't usually have to type out single-digit RBI for a player who has played all season.

I'd much rather own somebody like Ramon Laureano who is only 23% owned. He does not have as many steals (8), but he also has nine home runs, 28 RBi, 36 runs and a .255 average. He has been fantastic over the last two weeks as well.

Even if Laurano is not available it's still time to dump Hamilton. He is hurting you in four other categories. There are many other outfielders who will give you boosts in the non-steal categories which will help your team overall.

Jake Arrieta, SP, Philadelphia Phillies

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Arrieta has been trending in the wrong direction for three straight seasons now. This season he is actually getting worse as the season goes along.

If we just look at the last month his ERA is 5.05 (5.28 FIP), K-BB ratio is 28:17. This is with 35.1 innings pitched, which if you do the math means his K/9 is near seven. Not much is pointing to things improving for him and there are a lot of solid options out there. At the very least you can find options to stream. One option is Pablo Lopez who is still only 19% owned.

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