2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Holds Targets: Long Seventh Inning Stretch

by Travis Argo
2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Holds Targets

In this week's edition of 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Holds Targets, Fantasy owners prepare for a long week, and I mean a long week. As long as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but at least this article will be useful for people (I hope).

Yes, I know Batman V Superman came out in 2016, but I'm still mad about it. (Be happy I'm not writing about the Justice League movie)

Due to the All-Star break, Week 14 is longer than a typical week (ends July 14) which will provide more hold opportunities for streaming options this week.

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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 14 Holds Targets

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Locke St. John, Texas Rangers

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The second week in a row that Texas Rangers' relief pitcher will provide value for Fantasy owners, and it's not Shawn Kelley, Jose Leclerc, or Chris Martin.

Locke St. John has only pitched in one game for the Rangers, but he should get a ton of work against the Angels, Twins, and Astros in Week 14.

In all levels in the minors, St. John has a 12.50 K/9 rate or higher, so he should be able to add to the strikeout out column as well as the holds and saves column.

St. John gets the lefty specialist bump especially in his matchup against the Minnesota Twins.

St.John enters Week 14 as an unproven pitcher but will end the week as the hidden gem that won owners their week in Fantasy baseball.

Reyes Moronta, San Francisco Giants

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The Giants have a bullpen full of effective pitchers, but Moronta is the strikeout machine.

Even though Moronta's K/9 rate is down from last year's 14.85, he still has a respectable 10.94 and 47 strikeouts for the year.

In high leverage situations, his strikeout tendencies don't disappear. He has recorded 24 strikeouts, and batters have a .231 WOBA against Moronta in high leverage conditions.

His upcoming matchups against the San Diego, St. Louis, and Milwaukee guarantees that Moronta will record a hold along with some strikeouts. In high leverage situations against his upcoming opponents, he has struck out four batters of the eight he has faced.

Yoan Lopez, Arizona Diamondbacks

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Yoan Lopez's subpar 3.80 FIP suggests that he is a "meh" option out of Arizona's bullpen, but the truth is Lopez is a great streaming option especially in Week 14.

Lopez has 1.13 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, and a 96.5 left-on-base percentage. He is a pitcher who controls the zone and leaves the opposing team scoreless on the board.

When runners are in scoring position, batters have a .191 WOBA against Lopez, and in high leverage situations, he has a 2.85 FIP. Fantasy owners can trust that Lopez will not hurt them when he is inserted in stressful conditions.

The Diamondbacks have a matchup against their divisional foe the Rockies, a team with a ton of left-handed hitters. That's excellent news for Lopez since lefties cannot hit against him (.132 WOBA).

There is a small chance that Lopez can add to the strikeout column. He has low 6.47 K/9 but has been striking out more batters in June. Let's hope that continues, it's great to get a hold, but it's even better to get a hold with some strikeouts.

Jace Fry, Chicago White Sox

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Jace Fry's stat line is not great, he has a 5.40 ERA, 4.45 FIP, and 1.65 WHIP. He is an out of control pitcher most of the time, but in high leverage situations, it's a different story.

In high leverage, Fry has a 2.65 FIP, and batters have a .219 against Fry when runners are in scoring position. His matchups against the Detroit and Oakland should put him in some high leverage situations. Just pray that Fry isn't put in non-high leverage situations because he is terrible in low and medium leverage conditions.

There is a risk with starting Fry, but his strikeout potential (11.48 K/9) is worth the risk.

Will Harris, Houston Astros

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Weeks ago I thought Hector Rondon would be the relief pitcher behind Ryan Pressly to led the Astros in holds, but Will Harris emerged as the victor for Pressly's scraps. I was wrong, but there is a first time for everything, even Albert Einstein was wrong (yes, I'm comparing myself to the world's greatest thinkers of all time).

Harris has matchups against Colorado, Los Angeles Angels, and Texas and each matchup plays into Harris' strengths.

The home series against the Angels provides a prime opportunity for Harris to earn a hold since he is untouchable at home. Hitters have a .208 AVG and a .214 WOBA when facing Harris at home.

As mentioned previously, Colorado has a lineup full of left-handed batters which bodes well for Harris concerning lefties have a .211 AVG and .210 WOBA against him.

Harris has been effective against Texas this year. He only allowed one hit against the Rangers. He has faced 32 Texas hitters and struck out 12 them, and hitters have .100 AVG and .142 WOBA against Harris.

Harris has the highest upside out of Week 14 Holds Targets.

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