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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Holds Targets: The Revenge of Somewhat Competitive Teams


In this week’s edition of 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Holds Targets, some old streaming options become rest-of-season adds.

We are halfway through the baseball season, and we have a clear picture of which teams will make the playoffs or at least be in the wildcard race. Those teams will have the incentive to play competitive baseball.

But about the teams that are clearly out of the playoffs, or have a slim chance of getting into the playoffs? Are they going to be competitive enough to give Fantasy owners value?

The answer is yes for a straightforward reason, nothing makes a losing season more palatable than forcing divisional rivals to miss the playoffs.

The suggested pitchers come from Cincinnati Reds( 9.9% chance to make the playoffs) Kansas City Royals (0), Los Angeles Angels (1.3%) and San Francisco Giants (0.8%). Each team is looking to ruin their divisional rival’s playoff hopes.

Each one of these teams has a reason to maximize their effort in the second half of the season. The Reds and Angels still have a legit chance for a wildcard. The Giants and Royals are teams in the middle of rebuilds, and will want to put their trade assets in good positions to succeed (The Royals and Giants), or show future free agents that they are only a few pieces away from being a playoff team (Reds).

As an added bonus, if one of these pitchers is traded to a different team by the deadline, it will only enhance their chances of getting more holds since they’ll most likely end up on a contender.

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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 15 Holds Targets

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Amir Garrett, Cincinnati Reds

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Not much as changed since the last time I wrote about Garrett.

He still is a strikeout machine, 54 strikeouts, 13.14 K/9 (highest in Reds’ bullpen), and 16.8 swing-and-miss rate.

In high leverage situations, hitters still can’t touch him, .172 AVG, and .196 WOBA. His 1.70 FIP in high leverage is breathtaking.

National League Central foes beware of Garrett. He has 2.12 ERA and a crazy 15.4 K/9 rate against batters in his division.

Six out of his 14 holds were recorded against his divisional enemies. If he continues that dominance against the NL Central he’ll record at minimum five holds (probably more). That doesn’t seem like much but when you add that with his nondivisional holds pace, you’re looking at a pitcher who will get 28 holds, possibly 30 if his offense increases.

Always remember the lefty specialist bump, it guarantees he’ll be used in high leverage when a left-handed hitter is at the plate.

Garrett is currently on the 10 day DL, or IL whatever they are calling it. Don’t be alarmed he will be back next week. Go grab him now and stash him before you lose out on a pitcher with a ton of upside.

Justin Anderson, Los Angeles Angels

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Meet the strikeout machine from the Angels, Justin Anderson. His 12.94 K/9 rate and 12 swing-and-miss rate will lead a lot of Fantasy owners to victory.

Anderson has been on a hot streak, and there’s no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. In his last 15 appearances, he has recorded 5 holds.

Anderson has 30 games left against the American League West, and Fantasy owners are going to reap the benefits of his dominance against his divisional foes. He has a 2.76 ERA and a 10.7 K/9, and AL West hitters are horrible against Anderson, .203 AVG., .201 WOBA, and  25 strikeouts.

The Angels have a ton of young pitchers in their bullpen, and if they want to fight for a wildcard spot, they’ll need to add a bat or a starting pitcher which means one of those young arms will be on the move. If Anderson isn’t traded to another team, he’ll move into a more prominent role.

Jake Diekman, Kansas City Royals

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Don’t let Diekman’s 5.06 ERA fool you, he is a trustworthy option out of the Royals’ bullpen. He has 3.74 FIP, and when men are on base, Diekman has a 2.85 FIP. When men are in scoring position, he has a 3.05 FIP. Despite his terrible ERA, Jake Diekman is reliable when the pressure is on.

The Royals will be sellers at the trade deadline, and it looks like their going to try to trade Ian Kennedy. If that happens Diekman will be the next line to be the Royals’ closer, but even if the Royals are unsuccessful in trading Kennedy, Jake Diekman will still be the Royals’ setup man.

Don’t let this hidden gem go unclaimed because he has a terrible ERA, and is on a losing team, Diekman is full of potential.

Sam Dyson, San Francisco Giants

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Sam Dyson is in the same boat as Jake Diekman. I don’t mean a lousy ERA, Dyson has a great stat line, 2.25 ERA, 2.88 FIP, and 40 strikeouts. I mean Dyson is in closer limbo waiting for his team to trade their current closer. Until the Giants trade Will Smith, Fantasy owners will have to settle having one best setup man in baseball this year.

Just like the other pitchers, Dyson overpowers divisional teams with his 1.17 ERA and 3.03 FIP. Batters have .177 AVG and a .212 WOBA against Dyson.

Dyson’s recorded nine out of his 14 holds against National League West, and with 29 division games left in the season will provide Dyson the opportunity to have 30-plus holds.

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