2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 16 Holds Targets: Risky Business

by Travis Argo
2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 16 Holds Targets

In this week's edition of 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 16 Holds Targets, I suggest some risky streaming options but are worth the risk.

How risky are these pitchers? As risky as getting into a Myrtle Beach hotel hot tub during spring break. Okay, they're not that risk because each pitcher offers upside whereas the hot tub only offers HPV.

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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 16 Holds Targets

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Aaron Bummer, Chicago White Sox

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Where is the risk in a pitcher who has a 1.89 ERA, 3.24 FIP, and 35 strikeouts since being called up in late April? Bummer's danger is his team, not him.

Bummer has been phenomenal in his appearances out of the Chicago bullpen. He is excellent against right-handed batters (.214 AVG) and left-handed batters (.151 AVG).

Bummer is even more effective in high leverage situations. He has 2.33 FIP in high leverage, a 2.16 FIP when men are on base, and a 2.91 FIP when men are in scoring position. Batters have a .142 WOBA against Bummer in high leverage conditions.

Now the White Sox have not been as great as Bummer. Chicago's offense has been awful this year, 28th in runs (395), 25th in WOBA (.306), and 4th in strikeout percentage (25.3%). But the White Sox will have chance to put Bummer in hold opportunities since they'll be facing the Marlins.

In Week 16, Chicago will face off in a four-game series against Minnesota. The White Sox have played six games against the Twins this season and won two of the games. The hold opportunities will be limited for Bummer against the Twins, but if Chicago can get an early lead and put him in a hold situation, Bummer will work his magic on the divisional foe. Bummer hasn't allowed a run to the American League Central and has a 2.49 FIP against his division.

 Lou Trivino, Oakland Athletics

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At the beginning of the season, Trivino was on fire and appeared to be on track to recorded 30-plus holds. Then he lost his command on his mid-nineties fastball, got lit up by batters, and quickly got dropped by everyone. Trivino has started to regain his command on his pitches and looks to improve his stats in the second half of the season, starting with Week 16.

Oakland currently has the second wildcard spot and will have to face two tough opponents, Houston and Texas. Luckily for Trivino, the Texas matchup favors everything he does well; it's at home, and Texas leads the league in strikeouts.

In home games, Trivino has a 2.81 FIP,  has 28 strikeouts, and batters have a.247 AVG against Trivino.

Trivino will add points in the strikeouts category with Texas coming to town. He has a 13.3 swing-and-miss rate.

Trivino's season stat line is awful, 4.29 ERA, 3.69 FIP, and 1.50 WHIP. But in his last seven games, he has a 1.29 ERA, 1.43 WHIP, and five strikeouts. Trivino is slowly working himself back into the pitcher he was at the beginning of the season, and Week 16 is going to be the breakout for him.

Giovanny Gallegos, St. Louis Cardinals

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Giovanny Gallegos is in the same boat as Aaron Bummer, a great pitcher in a so-so offense. Gallegos has been amazing, 2.49 ERA, 2.52 FIP, 12. 67 K/9, 61 strikeouts and a 14.8 swing-and-miss rate.

For a possible playoff team St. Louis has a "meh" offense, 23rd in runs (425), and 22nd in WOBA (.307). That "meh' offense has hampered Gallegos' hold opportunities so far this season, but that should change in Week 16.

The Cardinals currently have the second wildcard spot and are desperately trying to hold off the Phillies and Brewers. Their upcoming matchups against the Pirates and Astros are going to threaten their lead on the wildcard spot. This tight playoff race is going to produce hold opportunities for Fantasy owners, and Gallegos is the Cardinals' best option.

In away games, Gallegos has a 2.05 FIP, and he owns batters on the road with a .146 AVG.

At home, he slips a little but still is dominant with a 3.16 FIP, and batters have a .214 AVG when facing him in Busch Stadium.

In high leverage situations, Gallegos takes his pitching to the next level, 1.07 FIP, and 15.43 K/9.

Here's one more stat to prove how legit Gallegos is, he has inherited 24 runners, and only three have scored when he is on the mound.

If he were on a team with a better offense, he would have 20-plus holds instead of seven, but the increase is coming.

Steve Cishek, Chicago Cubs

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A few things make Steve Cishek a risky streaming option in Week 16. The Cubs have a log jam in their bullpen, lots of mouths to feed. Their upcoming matchups are against San Francisco (one of the hottest teams since the All-Star break), and Milwaukee (high powered divisional foe) on the road. Despite these challenges, Cishek is going to produce for Fantasy owners.

In away games, Cishek has a 2.25 ERA, 2.86 FIP, and 0.95 WHIP. Even when traveling on the road, he prevents runs and doesn't walk anyone, giving him the first shot at earning a hold.

Cishek has been great against his upcoming foes. Milwaukee batters have a .083 AVG and a .161 WOBA against Cishek. He has only allowed one hit when facing the Brewers, and that batter was Christian Yelich (he is hitting everyone this year).

When facing the Giants, Cishek has a 1.41 FIP, and a surprising 11.3 K/9 rate. Apparently, the Giants have a hard time hitting sinkers, if Cishek gets a strikeout this week, it will be against San Francisco.

If Steve Cishek can't record a hold in Week 16, there's a strong possibility he'll end up with a "W," either way he'll add value to Fantasy owners' teams.

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