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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 20 Holds Targets: Push It Down The Stretch


In this week’s edition of 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 20 Holds Targets, a few teams are gearing up to make the playoffs, and they need their bullpens to (AWWW) push it. Push it real good.

Fantasy owners don’t need to worry about these streaming options; they will push your team into the playoffs.

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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 20 Holds Targets

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Trevor Gott, San Francisco Giants

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The Giants traded away Sam Dyson and Mark Melancon leaving two key setup roles available. Trevor Gott is looking to become one of San Francisco’s setup men. So far this season, Gott has 3.44 ERA, 0.95 WHIP, and 53 strikeouts. He doesn’t falter when the heat is on.

In high leverage, Gott shines with a 1.48 FIP. Batters have .151 WOBA against him in high leverage conditions. His stats should continue to get better if he keeps pitching at his current rate.

In his previous 15 games, he has a 2.16 ERA, 2.14 FIP, and batters have a .158 AVG against Gott. That dominance will continue in Week 20 with upcoming matchups against the Cubs and the A’s.

Against the American League, Gott has 0.87 FIP, 100 left-on-base percentage, and AL batters have .036 WOBA against him. Plus he has only allowed one hit and zero earned runs against AL batters. Gott isn’t usually a strikeout pitcher, but when he faces American League hitters, he gets them to sit down swinging (10 strikeouts, 10.8 K/9). Gott hasn’t been a slouch against the Cubs this season either (1.22 FIP).

Giovanny Gallegos, St. Louis Cardinals

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The Cardinals top two options in the bullpen, Andrew Miller and John Gant have been struggling recently. St. Louis will have to rely on their other options in the bullpen if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. Giovanny Gallegos has been the Cardinals’ best pitcher recently, 1.96 ERA, 2.40 FIP, and 0.73 WHIP.

The Cardinals are facing off against two tough opponents, Milwaukee, and Colorado. These two teams are loaded with left-handed batters, and Gallegos is dominant against lefties. Left-handed hitters have .136 AVG and .189 WOBA against him. In high leverage situations, left-handed batters have a .111 AVG and .097 WOBA against Gallegos. Fantasy owners can count on a high usage for Gallegos thanks to his reign over lefties.

Fantasy owners will not only get holds with Gallegos but will also earn a ton of strikeouts. Gallegos has 76 strikeouts, 12.44 K/9, and an outrageous 17.3 swing-and-miss rate. If you are looking for a multi-category contributor, Gallegos is your guy.

Tyler Duffey, Minnesota Twins

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The Twins’ bullpen is crowded with new additions Sam Dyson and Sergio Romo, but there is still plenty of hold opportunities for everyone. Plus Dyson and Romo have struggled since joining Minnesota, providing Tyler Duffey the opportunity to become a key player in the bullpen.

In his last seven games, Duffey allowed three hits, has nine strikeouts and hasn’t allowed earned run. Fantasy owners should expect that kind of production since Duffey owns his upcoming opponents, the White Sox, and the Tigers.

Against the Chicago White Sox, Duffey has a 0.23 FIP, 1.15 XFIP, 16.6 K/9, and 75 left-on-base percentage. Duffey is even better against Detroit.

Tiger batters have a .250 AVG and .217 WOBA against Duffey. Tyler Duffey ’s K/9 rate against Detroit is a crazy 15.0. Plus, Duffey has 100 left-on-base percentage and hasn’t allowed an earned run against the Tigers.

Tyler Chatwood, Chicago Cubs

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Stop me if you heard this before, but I really think Tyler Chatwood has the potential to be useful for Fantasy owners. The Chicago Cubs’ bullpen has been riddled with injuries, Steve Cishek, Craig Kimbrel, and Brandon Kintzler all on the IL. Kintzler and Kimbrel may be back at some time, but until then Chatwood is going to be the main setup man in Week 20.

Chatwood is a streaky pitcher, and right now he is on a hot streak. In his last seven games, he has a 2.03 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, 18 strikeouts, and one save. This hot streak will continue against the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals.

Chatwood has a 2.25 ERA, 2.23 FIP, and a decent 11.3 K/9 rate against Giants’ batters. Washington National batters have a .197 WOBA and .286 OBP.

If Fantasy owners can stomach having Chatwood on their team temporarily, he’ll earn enough holds to push your team into the playoffs.

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