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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 23 Holds Targets: The Best Around


In this week’s edition of 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 23 Holds Targets, I give owners four pitchers to help win your first playoff matchup.

If you are leading on the scoreboard after your first week, and need a steady option to keep your lead, then look at Tommy Kahnle or Yoan Lopez section of this article. They are safe options who will be productive in Week 23.

But, if you are on the losing end of the scoreboard, and looking for some high risk, high reward options then Josh Taylor or Andres Munoz could be the pitchers to erase your deficit.

Need help with getting an advantage in the saves department then check out the closer chart.

2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 23 Holds Targets 

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Tommy Kahnle, New York Yankees

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I can not believe that Tommy Kahnle ownership percentage is so low. He has 25 holds, and is in one of the best bullpens, and is on a great offensive team. He should be owned in every holds-and-saves league, but his low ownership numbers suggest he is on your waiver wire.

Kahnle has been terrific this season, 3.17 ERA, 3.20 FIP, and 0.98 WHIP. He has also been excellent strikeout option for Fantasy owners too, 78 strikeouts and a 13.00 K/9 rate.

The Yankees have a long week filled with roads series against Boston, Detroit, and Toronto. Kahnle has been exceptional on the road, 13.67 K/9 rate and hitters have .181 AVG when facing Kahnle. The teams he’ll be facing will continue their struggles against Kahnle.

When pitching at Fenway Park, Kahnle has 3.68 ERA and a 1.99 FIP. Red Sox batters have a .214 AVG and .235 WOBA against Kahnle in their home stadium. 

Against Blues Jays, Kahnle has a 3.00 ERA, 15.00 K/9 rate, and 90.9 left-on-base percentage. He has faced seven Toronto batters in high leverage and struck out five batters when pitching at the Blue Jays’ stadium.

The Blues Jays are not the only opponent where Kahnle shines in high leverage. He has been excellent in high leverage situations this season, 2.95 FIP, and a 2.84 FIP when runners are in scoring position. 

If Tommy Kahnle is on your waiver wire, GO GRAB HIM NOW (sorry for yelling).

Yoan Lopez, Arizona Diamondbacks

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The Diamondbacks are two and a half games out of the last wildcard spot and need to win most of their games in Week 23. Arizona will need to rely on Yoan Lopez if they want to steal the last playoff from the Chicago Cubs. 

Lopez has been a decent relief pitcher this season with a 2.83 ERA and an 81.9 left-on-base percentage. The D-backs have a road game series against the Mets, where Lopez will get plenty of opportunities to earn some holds.

Lopez has a 2.54 away ERA and has a 1.22 FIP against the New York Mets. He hasn’t allowed an earned run to the Mets this season. 

Lopez has the workload to earn multiple holds in Week 23, and is on a team with playoff aspirations, making him the most reliable candidate for Fantasy owners.

Josh Taylor, Boston Red Sox

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The Red Sox’s bullpen has been a whirlwind of changing pitchers, but Josh Taylor has slipped in and made himself an integral part of the bullpen.

Even though he hasn’t pitched the whole season (called up in June 14), Taylor has put together a great season, 3.00 ERA, 2.79 FIP, and a 15.3 swing-and-miss rate.

In Week 24, Boston has one home game and two road game series, but it doesn’t matter because Taylor is excellent at home and on the road.

Taylor has a 2.51 FIP at Fenway Park, and a 3.11 FIP on the road. Batters have a .233 AVG when facing Taylor in away games. 

If you look at Taylor’s ERA when runners are on base, or runners in scoring position it seems like he crumbles under pressure (5.40 ERA men-on-base and 11.00 ERA men-in-scoring position), but it’s far from the truth. He has a 2.83 FIP when runners are on base, and a 2.99 FIP when runners are in scoring position. Taylor’s defense has failed him in the past, but if they want to make a miracle run to the playoffs, they need to do better. 

Andres Munoz, San Diego Padres

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The Padres are looking to end their year on a good note by having their young talent playing well. Munoz will be one of their young players, San Diego puts in an excellent position to succeed. 

There is no one pitching better in the Padres’ bullpen than Munoz, 1.77 ERA, 2.04 FIP, and 0.98 WHIP.  Munoz is a strikeout king with a 16.8 swing-and-miss rate, and his 80 left-on-base percentage reflects his strikeout dominance.

San Diego has a home series against the Chicago Cubs and a road series against the Colorado Rockies. Each of these matchups plays into one of Munoz’s strengths.

Munoz hasn’t allowed an earned run at home this season and has a 2.28 FIP when pitching at home.

When Munoz is pitching away from Petco Park, he has a 1.77 FIP. The Padres away series against the Rockies series will provide Munoz with a considerable workload.

Against Colorado, he hasn’t allowed a hit or a run against the Rockies in the 2019 season. 


If you’re looking for a strikeout pitcher, who could earn multiple holds that could send you to the championship round.    

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