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2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Holds Targets: Finding Love In Seattle


Week 6 is going to be fruitful for Fantasy owners in the saves-and-holds department as I’ll discuss in my 2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Holds Targets article.

The only two bullpens to avoid this week are Kansas City and Miami. I know what some of you are thinking, “You really think Baltimore’s mess of a bullpen has fantasy potential?” Yes, I even believe that some of Baltimore’s relievers could earn some holds in their matchup against Boston.

Since there are a plethora of great matchups, I’m providing five options this week instead of my usual four. I guess I can’t be lazy this week, “thanks MLB for making do real work.”

Sorry Baltimore fans, none of my targets are from the Orioles’ bullpen. I know, I showed them some love in my previous paragraph, but the team doesn’t win enough to put my non-existing credibility on the line.

Some of the targets are for rest of season adds (ROS), and some are steamers for the week. They are marked accordingly. (if you’re looking for help in the saves department, check out our closer chart).

2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 6 Holds Targets

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Rest Of Season Adds

Shawn Kelley, Texas Rangers

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When researching for Week 6, I had a tough time deciding between Chris Martin or Shawn Kelley as the best streaming option. Then the Rangers kicked Jose Leclerc out of the closer role, so that helped my decision between Martin and Kelley and bumped Kelley from streamer to rest-of-season add.

As of right now, Texas is taking a committee approach between Kelley and Martin for the closer job. The Texas closer job is valuable for Fantasy owners; Jose Leclerc was able to earn five saves while pitching like a minor leaguer.

Shawn Kelley is the pitcher to add from the waiver wire if you are hoping to land the potential closer for the Rangers.

Kelley trumps Martin in almost every statistical category. Kelley has a better ERA (1.50), FIP (3.44), WHIP (0.75) and strikeouts (11).

Martin has a higher swing-and-miss rate, but Kelley’s swing-and-miss rate (11.3%) is decent.

Even if Chris Martin beats Kelley for the closer job, he still is an asset for Fantasy owners as the setup man. It doesn’t seem Leclerc will be a threat for the setup role anytime soon.

John Brebbia, St. Louis Cardinals

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There are a few mouths to feed in the St. Louis bullpen, but one mouth they’re going to shove full of hold opportunities is John Brebbia.

He has been on a tear this season with a 0.49 ERA, seven holds, 21 strikeouts, 0.82 WHIP, 3.01 FIP, and 15.8% swing-and-miss-rate. He has the potential to win Fantasy owners their leagues with his multi-category production.

The Cardinals have a high-powered offense and play in a tough division with other great offenses. All the elements needed to make Brebbia a 30-plus holds pitcher.


Zac Rosscup or Cory Gearrin, Seattle Mariners

Zac Rosscup and Cory Gearrin are equally matched when looking at their stats.

Rosscup has a better ERA (1.93), swing-and-miss rate (17.7%), and he has earned a save this season.

But, Gearrin has the leverage in WHIP (1.38), and strikeouts (17).

Both have recorded five holds for the season.

Looking at their last seven games doesn’t help in deciding which one is pitching better than the other. Gearrin had more hits, but Rosscup had more walks, and their strikeout numbers were one apart (Rosscup 10, Gearrin 11), thus making it difficult to differentiate between the two.

Do yourself a favor and stream both if you have the roster space because both pitchers are going to have plenty of hold opportunities. If not, I would give the edge to Gearrin, because he walks fewer batters which minimizes the risk of recording a blown save.

Scott Alexander, Los Angeles Dodgers

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I’m calling for the lefty.

Scott Alexander has been a decent option out of the Dodgers’ bullpen with a 3.09 ERA and 1.20 WHIP. His swing-and-miss rate (11.2%) is above the average (9.5%).

He’s not the sexiest of options but he is consistent, and the Dodgers will be facing quite a few lefties in their matchups against Atlanta and Washington.

P.S. If you stream Alexander this week, pray that the Dodgers put him in during the seventh inning. The sixth inning has been his kryptonite, totaling five hits, four earned runs, and one home run.

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