2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Buys and Sells: The Young and the Hitless

by Travis Argo
2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Buys and Sells

In this early season edition of 2019 Fantasy baseball buys and sells, find out which young hitters you should buy and the two you should sell.

Stay tuned after a word from your local station.

Let’s address the one issue about buying and selling, it all depends on how YOU value a player. If you feel that guy is worth keeping despite everyone saying the opposite, then keep that player. You don’t have to trade a player based the suggestion from a gas bag (like myself).

But if you are looking for some buy lows and sell highs, here are some suggestions from a gas bag.

2019 Fantasy Baseball Week 7 Buys and Sells

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Jesus Aguilar, 1B, Milwaukee Brewers

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If you want Jesus Aguilar, quickly put in a trade offer because owners are going to be least likely to trade him since he has an eight-game hitting streak.

One reason to buy Aguilar is his .386 AVG with men in scoring position so the RBIs will be coming for Aguilar and Fantasy owners.

Aguilar seems to be out of his funk, and the numbers prove it. In March/April, he had a .163 AVG and .244 OBP; and in May he has a .321 AVG and .459 OBP.

His plate approach is excellent, and the Fantasy owners who buy him will be rewarded with vast riches.

Hunter Dozier, 3B/1B/DH, Kansas City Royals

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I love Hunter Dozier and have about a thousand reasons why you should buy him, but I’ll give my favorites.

Dozier is a clutch hitter. In medium leverage situations, he has a .418 OBP; and in high leverage situations, he has a .727 OBP.

Even his decline isn’t that bad, his OPS fell from 1.333 to .846, and his wOBA went from .464 to .359, still making him a great hitter even when he regresses.

Hunter Dozier will be great if the Royals keep him in the fourth slot in the batting order. He has a .380 AVG, .476 OBP, 1.237 OPS, .449 BABIP, and .505 wOBA when batting in the cleanup spot.

No need to worry about the shift against Dozier, he is immune to it, considering he has a .390 wOBA against the shift.

Go get Dozier and win your Fantasy league.


Pete Alonso, 1B, New York Mets

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The first concern I have about Pete Alonso is that he is in his first stint in majors, so he is not going to be surprising pitchers once they get more game tape on his swinging tendencies. Once pitchers get the hitting report, Alonso’s decline will be indubitable.

His decline has already started. In March/April his stat line was .292 AVG, .382 OBP, .642 SLG, .349 BABIP; His May stat line is .211 AVG, .286 OBP, .447 SLG, .227 BABIP.

Also, His walk rate has decreased, and his strikeout rate has increased.

Alonso is becoming an all-or-nothing hitter, sell before it’s too late.

Tim Anderson, SS, Chicago White Sox

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It seems Tim Anderson is repeating his 2018 season, hot start and frosty cold finish.

Anderson had a crazy .435 BABIP in April, showing he has had a lucky start in the beginning season. His May BABIP is .237. His luck is disappearing faster than the Mets’ playoff chances.

On May 1, Anderson had a .360 AVG, as of May 14 he has a .320 AVG. In 15 games, he lost 40 points off his batting average that’s not a great sign that he will sustain his early success.

Need one more point to convince you to sell Anderson? He has six walks and 31 strikeouts, there is no way he will keep his batting average or on-base percentage at a high level with those walk and strikeout numbers.

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