2019 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

2019 Fantasy Football Best Ball Rankings


These past two months have been a whirl! With training camp in full swing, that means the position battles will become more clear. My favorite part of drafting all summer is I get to see my hits and misses based on ADP swings. So far, it looks like my Carson Wentz and DeSean Jackson love in my 2019 Fantasy Football Best Ball Rankings has been of value, as both have steadily moved up draft boards.

Some players who I have been overvaluing, in comparison to their current ADP, are Eric Ebron and Joe Mixon. See where I stand with my rankings going into August.

Noteworthy: Still high on Joe Mixon, and think he has one of the safest floors after the big 4. The line can’t perform worse than last year and he still churned out a nice floor season.

All in on Todd Gurley in the second round. Just need to get to the playoffs in a best ball tournament and it looks like Gurley is ready to rock, and wouldn’t be allowed to play if it was threatening problem.

I have 10 wide receivers in the top WR tier because I truly believe they are all capable of top 5 finishes.

Eric Ebron’s ADP has been falling, but I am still gobbling up.

2019 Fantasy Football Best Ball Rankings

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