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2019 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions: F6P Staff Picks


F6P has you covered. Our coverage extends from the typical and good old fashioned Rankings down to the very specific minutia of why you should draft Hunter Renfrow. But with the NFL season kick-off just days away, one thing is still missing–our 2019 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions.

When the staff was asked what kind of bold predictions they had, it led to a number of comments that I will simply summarize as not child appropriate. We also had a number of predictions that seemed to fall short of bold like “Damien Williams is replaced by the Chiefs bye week.”

Of course, that prediction was made just a few short hours before the news broke about LeSean McCoy signing with the Chiefs. We shift the timing from “bye week” to “by this weekend” it looks absolutely prescient.

But that’s part of the beauty of bold predictions. They’re not always right. But they’re not always wrong. So take any of the predictions below with an appropriate amount of measurement. Maybe they happen; maybe they don’t. But look closely at the situation the predictor is addressing. You might find something of value yourself.

Or not. Either way, here are the staffs 2019 bold predictions, starting with one made very tongue-in-cheek.

2019 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions

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Keith Lott, resident Giants fan who hated the Daniel Jones pick

Bold Prediction: Daniel Jones will score more Fantasy Points than Eli Manning

Why its Bold: Its bold because Daniel Jones was supposed to suck

Why it will Happen: It will happen because Danny Dimes has looked like a seasoned vet during the preaseason. Also because the Giants are going to be very bad and ownership will succumb to pressure from media and the fans.

(Insert you tube highlights)  

As you wish Keith….

We move from Keith onto the head honcho, Joe Bond….

Joe Bond, F6P Owner and Really Cool Boss

Bold Prediction: Dion Lewis will finish as a top 15 PPR RB and higher than Derrick Henry

Why its Bold: It’s bold because of you look at the ADP data, Dion Lewis is basically being left for dead at RB52 in PPR formats (fantasy football calculator)

Why it Will Happen: Lewis caught 58 passes last year and rushed for 500 yards finishing as RB28. I think this year he takes on less of the rushing touches in favor of Henry but this will lead to him being on the field in passing downs more even more than last year.

I’m expecting about 75 catches for 450 yards and 4 TD. He will also add on another 400 rushing yards despite less carries (thanks to his per rush avg getting back to above 4) and 3 TD putting his total points at 206. That would have been good for RB15 last season. I don’t think Henry is consistent enough to be a top 15 back. More than half his total stat line last year coming in four games, which helps prove my point. This will help lead to him being on the bench later in games when the Titans need a reliable playmaker at RB.

Enough from top management, let’s get to the staff writers.

Bobby Shepherd, F6P writer and unapologetic Patriots fan

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Bold Prediction: If he stays healthy, Vance McDonald will out score George Kittle 

Why Its Bold: I think it’s bold for obvious reasons. (Note: In case you reader needs any help, one reason is that McDonald has an ADP about sixty slots later)

Why it Will Happen: Kittle had the most YAC in all the NFL and it’s going to be hard to maintain that efficiency with new receivers threatening his volume. Vance McDonald on the other hand doesn’t have to compete with AB anymore, has a vicious stiff arm, and is now the only pass catching TE of any value. I also am willing to double down and say Vance will be the second best receiver on his team after Juju.

Mike Tomlin, F6P writer and definitely not this guy

Bold Prediction: James Conner will not have the majority of Fantasy Points in the Steelers‘ backfield.

Why it’s Bold: Conner is going in the first round in some drafts and seen as an elite back.

Why It Will Happen: Jaylen Samuels brings too much receiving ability and overall explosion to the table. Pittsburgh also drafted Benny Snell with the intent on using him. Not to mention, Conner was simply not an efficient or good back last year. He relied solely on a heavy workload. The Steelers also know what happens when they give a single back all of the workload.

2019 Bold Predictions: Mark Strausberg, F6P writer and modest genius with cover-model looks

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So truth is I have a number of bold predictions but this is my favorite.

Bold Prediction: Lamar Jackson will not double his passing yards from last year; he will triple them.

Why its Bold: Lamar Jackson was a threat with his legs last year, but his abilities as an actual passer were less than impressive. However, both those within and outside of the Ravens organization are likely expecting around 3,000 yards, which is a good milestone. However, I think he easily flies past that by more than 20% and passes for closer to 4K yards than 3K.

Why it Will Happen: For one, his schedule is quite passer-friendly. He squares off against the Chiefs, 49ers, Jets, and twice versus the Bengals. Those five games are all teams that were in the top quarter of most fantasy points given up to opposing quarterbacks last year. Conversely, Buffalo in Week 14 seems to be his only matchup against one of the top five stingiest teams in giving up quarterback fantasy points. Furthermore, some of Baltimore’s tougher games like Houston and New England are at home.

Furthermore and noteworthy, the Ravens brought in Greg Roman as offensive coordinator. Tyrod Taylor, who has a weaker arm than Jackson, threw for 3,000-plus yards for the first time under Roman’s direction. Roman also was with San Francisco when Colin Kaepernick threw for nearly 3,400 yards as well.

Also, Baltimore brought back Willie Snead. Snead seemed to connect with Jackson late last season. In Weeks 13-14, Snead totaled 10 catches for 119 yards in the Ravens’ low-volume passing attack. Fast Willie led all Ravens with 91 targets. Snead will see his numbers rise as Jackson takes a step forward as a passer. But it is worth noting that the Ravens also brought in undrafted free agent Jaylen Smith. Smith was a teammate of Jackson’s at Louisville. I don’t see him taking away targets from Snead. However, I do see the addition of Smith as trying to make Jackson as comfortable as possible throwing the ball.

Check out the rest of our 2019 Fantasy Football content from our great team of writers.

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