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2019 Fantasy Football FantasyPros Mock Draft Review


Following and reading news, rankings, and analysis are all great ways to gear up for the fantasy season. But the most important thing you can do is participate in mock drafts.

Do you think Odell Beckham Jr. hits all those sweet touchdown dances on his first try, no practice? Absolutely not. The man is out there practicing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. – and you should be too.

You need to be able to get a feel for when players you want are being taken and learn how to build your best team. Make sure you do so with the FantasyPros Mock Draft Tool. There are mock draft lobbies at each of the major fantasy football websites now, but they all stink and here’s why:

  1. They take forever. Even if people are making their picks in a timely manner, the average mock draft can take over an hour to complete. Ain’t nobody got time for that. With the FantasyPros Mock Draft tool, these things are over in 10 minutes. 15 if you’re Brett Favre-level indecisive.
  2. Autopicks. Ideally, each person who enters a mock draft lobby stays the whole time and makes educated and reasonable picks. The latter rarely even happens in real life, so how could you expect random internet trolls to live up to that expectation? A majority of mock drafters enter a lobby, make three or four picks, and leave. This leaves the computer to draft based on a pre-set list, which is not a good simulation of how a draft would really go.
  3. People. You would think that having real people in a mock draft would be the way to go, but you would be wrong. There are the trolls who enter a lobby just to draft Tim Tebow and a kicker, casual players who draft quarterbacks first overall, and people who just want to reiterate that Dez did not, in fact, catch it.

Fortunately, there’s a way around this. The Draft Wizard Mock Draft Tool at (and also available on mobile devices) is THE best way to mock draft.

2019 Fantasy Football FantasyPros Mock Draft Review

Let’s walk through a recent mock draft I did and how each of the features the Draft Wizard offers is beneficial.

Custom League Settings

The mock draft begins with an interface where you can customize your draft to reflect your league settings. This is huge especially if you play with non-standard rosters such as 2QB, superflex, or 2 flex positions.

You can even simulate Auction drafts or have league sizes that range from 4 to 32 teams. So this is perfect for that 16-team, Half PPR, auction league, that starts no QBs, 2 kickers, and 5 flexes that you accidentally joined while browsing r/fantasyfootball late one night.

The page even allows you to link your league directly to their tool if it’s from a major website. As you can see on the left, I’ve loaded the configuration of our Fantasy Six Pack league. It automatically updated with the number of teams, my draft order, the scoring format, and the roster positions.

In this case, it is a 12-team, PPR scoring format, where we start QB/2RB/3WR/TE/Flex/Def. As you can see, we’ve chosen to play without the kicker position to minimize randomness. The case for and against having kickers is laid out by Christopher Luft here. I can even select the draft slot I’ll actually be choosing from this year: 7th.

Another amazing aspect of this tool is the ability to draft against different rankings. The software allows you to draft against the latest up to date expert rankings, average draft positions, as well as pre-draft rankings from the most popular websites. This gives you the most realistic feel for when players will be drafted in your real draft.

The Draft

Round 1

The FantasyPros mock draft tool drafting interface is easy to use and full of beneficial features. At each of your picks, four potential players appear accompanied by a percentage of experts who suggest taking this player at this point. If you’re unhappy with these four choices, you can add another player to the pool at the bottom.

At the 7th pick, with Davante Adams, Julio Jones, James Conner, and Odell Beckham Jr on the board, the software suggests I take Adams. However, as you can find in our Fantasy Six Pack Draft Rankings, I have Jones ranked higher and will take him here.

Round 2

My next pick, 18th overall, comes up almost instantly. The four choices I am presented with are Joe Mixon, Travis Kelce, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Dalvin Cook.

38% of experts suggest I take Joe Mixon, the 8th ranked running back and 14th ranked player. I have both Kelce and Smith-Schuster rated higher and I’ll lock up my tight end position with Travis Kelce, who 30% of experts agreed I should select.

One great thing to note about this program is that it automatically simulates the randomness that happens during a real fantasy draft. In this case, Damien Williams, the 24th ranked player on, was selected 14th overall. One person may be higher or lower on a player rather than just picking the highest-rated player at each spot. This randomness also ensures that you will end up with different results no matter how many times you draft – even from the same position.

Rounds 3-4

My Round 3 selection (31th) is up in – I timed it – 11 seconds. Read that again. What would take literally half an hour in real life or even a mock draft was over in ELEVEN seconds. Chip Kelly DREAMS of that kind of efficiency.

Amari Cooper (38%) is the highest-rated player on the board and experts suggest I take him. I could also take Kerryon Johnson (29%), Marlon Mack (23%), or Stefon Diggs (8%). I’ll go with Cooper who should improve on an impressive 2018 with a full offseason working with Dak Prescott.

FantasyPros also has extremely convenient player summaries easily accessible within the mock draft applet. By clicking on the “Notes” icon, you have access to 2019 projects, 2018 statistics, an Overview, Notes, and more. Mike Tagliere drops a note that “[Cooper] finished as the No. 4 wide receiver in fantasy from the time he joined [the Cowboys].”

Round 4 quickly comes and I pick my first running back of the day, Chris Carson. The DraftWizard has an icon that tells me Carson’s Expert Consensus Rank (ECR) has risen 12 spots (!) in the past week.

Rounds 5-8

Round five comes (pick 55) and the computer says my top two choices are Tyler Boyd (36%) and Sony Michel (23%). Both are pretty enticing choices… how do I decide?

Introducing the Pick Predictor tool! One of the tabs Draft Wizard provides is a running projection of the odds that a player will be taken before your next turn.

Based on this, if I pass on Boyd, there’s no chance he gets to me, while it looks like there’s a 42% chance I can get Michel in the next round. I also have a better than 50% chance that David Montgomery will be there with my next pick. I’ll roll the dice and grab Boyd.

Unfortunately, Michel is picked but I am still able to grab Montgomery in round six.

In round seven, the Draft Wizard suggests I draft Matt Ryan (51%). But in a single quarterback league, I’d rather continue to wait on quarterback. There’s a lot of value in QBs 8-16. So I can dismiss Matt Ryan from my choices and now it suggests I take Tevin Coleman (49%).

It’s round eight and I’m one of only three teams that hasn’t taken a quarterback. I’ll continue to wait and take Courtland Sutton here. He has big-time breakout potential which Samir Qurashi sums up here.

Rounds 9-16

I blow through the latter portion of the draft, picking up Austin Ekeler and Donte Moncrief before taking Carson Wentz as my starting quarterback. He fell to QB11 which is a great value.

I love getting Ekeler here as he might start for the Chargers, but could contribute even if Melvin Gordon shows up.

Donte Moncrief is my investment into a high-powered Steelers‘ offense that will be missing a ton of targets from 2018.

In round 12, I’m grabbing Peyton Barber since I’m not sure I believe in Ronald Jones Jr.

I followed that up with two of my favorite young Ravens‘ players, Justice Hill and Mark Andrews. I then finished up my draft with the Texan’s defense.

Post-Draft Analysis

Now with other mock drafting websites, your experience would end here. Not with the FantasyPros mock draft tool. As you can see below, they provide you with a free draft analysis that grades your draft based on FantasyPros Expert Consensus Rankings.

Here is a breakdown of the different analysis options you get:

  • The Draft Analysis tab lists where you were able to find value picks or where you over-drafted a player.
  • The Team Analysis tab tells you where your team is strong or weak compared to other teams.
  • The Projected Standings tab tells you where you would be expected to finish based on ECR.
  • Most importantly, they have a pool of hundreds of great team names you can choose from and pretend like you came up with it yourself.

As for this draft, FantasyPros gave me a B grade of 84/100. Not my best effort, but hey I took some risks and I’m going to learn from it. I am projected to finish fifth according to the Projected Standings, so maybe I should have taken Mixon or Dalvin Cook instead of Kelce!

You can do this with your real drafts too, just import your leagues into the Draft Analyzer.

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Then from there, you can use the MyPlaybook Tool, which in my opinion, is the best in-season management tool out there. It will tell you the best waiver/free agent pickups to make, who to start and sit, and help you find trades to propel you to the championship.

Visit the F6P Fantasy Football Draft Kit Page for more advice to prepare for the 2019 season.

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