2019 Fantasy Football Draft Kit

2019 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings


It’s early. But it’s never too early.


We. Are. BACK.

As OTAs have essentially come and gone, all eyes are headed to training camp. Below you will find:

  • Our initial take at the top-105 for 2019 IDP Draft Rankings.
  • The top 94 Defensive Lineman ranked.
  • The top 94 Linebackers ranked.
  • And…the top 94 Defensive Backs ranked.

Notes about players and rankings updates will occur plenty and often. We will let you know, but consider the benchmarks dates including training camp, position battles that emerge, and those age-old veteran cuts around preseason. Also expect a lot of movement with respect to rookie IDPs.

You will find a hodge podge of players around the 50th spot on each individual position list whose current rank may shock you. Consider this my attempt to keep anyone and everyone who could and might be relevant going into draft season…well, relevant and listed.

Hate the rankings? Let us know where you think we went wrong in the comments or on Twitter. We respond. A rationale or reason why is often helpful; but trollage is welcome too.

Love the rankings? It’s too early in this relationship for that word. But we’ll get there en route to as many fantasy titles that we can help you lock down for the 2019/20 season.

Start your own rankings? HELL YES. Do it. Then share it. We’re here to learn and win too.

Scroll down to enjoy volume one, episode one, of the Fantasy Six Pack crew’s 2019 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings.

2019 Fantasy Football IDP Rankings

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