2019 Fantasy Football Keeper-Dynasty Draft Strategy

by Bobby Shepherd
2019 Fantasy Football Keeper-Dynasty Draft Strategy

The time of simple redraft leagues has come and gone.

These days the best way to play is either Keeper or Dynasty Leagues.

Below we will dive into some 2019 Fantasy Football Keeper-Dynasty Draft Strategy to help you navigate through them.

There are a lot of variations of leagues and lineups so it's hard to know what to do in your league specifically.

But there are several different ways to draft to help you win now or to help you win long term. And the strategies you employ could keep you either winning or losing for years to come.

2019 Fantasy Football Keeper-Dynasty Draft Strategy

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Know the Contract Year Players

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I'm not one of those guys who says, "he's in a contract year he's going to have to show his skills to get paid." But the fact of the matter is nothing impacts the future of a teams roster like the money they've already committed.

Guys want to be paid. And with the recent trend of giving insane money to QBs, second tier skill position guys are being left out in the cold.

Take, for example, Tevin Coleman. He is a very good football player, but the financial priority was always going to be Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. So we all expected Coleman to be playing for a new team in 2019.

With the assumption Coleman was out, there were then two options to take advantage of it. First, you get Coleman and hope he found a good landing spot. Or second, you can draft someone further down the depth chart and hope they get more opportunity.

One team that comes to mind for this strategy is Buffalo Bills. Both Frank Gore and LeSean McCoy are on the last years of their deals. So while it's hard to imagine these guys having much impact elsewhere, it leaves plenty of touches available for Singletary and Yeldon.

With all of the uncertainty about who will get touches this year, price is right to take a chance on one of these two players.

If you want to do your own research into contracts you should check out sportrac. And for figuring out cap space my preferred option is over the cap.

Players With Upside

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There are a lot of players who are limited by their situation. Good players may lose their opportunity to great players. Great receivers may be limited by bad QBs or coaches.

An example that comes to mind is Davante Adams. For a while, he was a good option behind Jordy Nelson. But once Nelson left Adams' value exploded.

A player you can target now is Courtland Sutton. Whether or not he deserves the hate, nothing tanks the value of a receiver than the announcement, "we have signed Joe Flacco." Emmanuel Sanders is apparently recovering well from his Achilles injury, but he's still 32. But Sutton's ADP currently doesn't reflect his top option potential.

He may not turn into Davante Adams, but he might end up being a player that exceeds his cost. Just limit your expectations for an immediate impact.

Old Guys With Gas in The Tank

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This strategy is more specifically related to Dynasty leagues. Youth is definitely important in dynasty, but veteran consistency is worth drafting as well. Particularly at the QB position.

Runningback is the most short-lived position in the NFL and youth should be the priority here. But receivers and quarterbacks are playing longer and longer these days. So while guys flip for the potential of guys like Kyler Murray, Phillip Rivers is going about 20 picks later.

Rivers might have a lower ceiling, but he has a proven team, proven coach, and never missed a game since he earned the starting job. My point being youth and upside means nothing if your guys bust.

Keeper Leagues

The most important thing here is to know your league's rules. Depending on what round you can start protecting picks and what round it costs to keep a player, your strategy should change. If you can't protect people until the third round, people might begin to reach for players at that point.

If your league makes you give up a pick in the round the player was originally drafted in, it can dramatically impact your team next season. Also, if you have to give up a pick based on that player's current ADP it devalues their potential impact.

Dynasty Leagues

The key here is to figure out if you're competing and determine a plan. The middle of a season is when trading rookie picks hit their best value. Right now a 2020 pick is worthless to people because it has no scoring potential for a full year. At the end of the 2019 season, a rookie picks value will be bloated because everybody will be excited to draft "their guy."

Knowing when to try to acquire a player is almost as important as knowing what players to try to acquire.

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