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2019 Fantasy Football Post Hype Sleepers


The 2019 Fantasy Football post hype sleepers come in all shapes and sizes. For one reason or another however, each failed to live up to the hype.

Injury caused the first to live up to expectations. Injury befell the second also, but failing to win the starting job as a rookie didn’t help. The third wasn’t horrible, but was no more valuable than one viable option amongst many on a playoff team. And the fourth finished in the top ten at his position, but didn’t even crack 150 fantasy points.

But the post hype sleeper might be my favorite type of sleeper. The price is always lower than the previous year. You ever buy last year’s car model? It often runs just as well as the current year, but you can get it for about 20% less. Secondly, there is a good chance that at least one owner in your league was burned by him the previous year. That’s one less person you need to worry about taking him. Third, the post hype sleeper has often fallen so low, that jettisoning them from your roster is painless.

But the upside is still there with post hype sleepers. Those players had the hype for a reason. Nobody is hyping 98-pound weaklings that run a 5.5 40-yard dash. And we all know how much we love upside.

With that in mind, here are my favorite 2019 post hype sleepers at each position.

2019 Fantasy Football Post Hype Sleepers

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Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers

Yes, yes I heard all about his five interception day at practice earlier this week.

And I’m glad that story got way more press than it should have. Stories like those will continue to keep his price down. Because his price is ludicrously low.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the last that I highlight Jimmy G. Yes, it’s a limited sample size, but there is something to be said about a quarterback with an .800 winning percentage.

Furthermore, while the 49ers starter, Garoppolo is averaging is 8.5 yards per attempt. Or put another way, he gets a first down nearly every time he throws the ball. For reference purposes, 8.5 yards per attempt is better than fellow SF qb alumnus Steve Young. Young averaged 8.0 yards per attempt and I’d argue he was a pretty decent quarterback. Should Garoppolo sustain that, it would be the second highest of all time behind Otto Graham.  That’s pretty good company. Yet he’s often being drafted outside the top 20 QBs this year.

How much more under the radar at football’s glamour position do you want?

Running Back

Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Of course fantasy football’s most important position might be the running back. And if Jones were more under the radar, the Pentagon would be concerned.

Jones was the 38th player picked in the 2018 draft.  That was due in part to his 6.12 career yards per carry at USC. Despite that fair share of hype, all that sizzle quickly fizzled. He only played nine games last year, managing to carry the rock just 23 times.

Let’s just say that I think this season will be different and he might see ten times that amount. The one player ahead of him on the depth chart is Peyton Barber who has all of nine rushing touchdowns in three years. Nothing about Barber says bellcow. In case you’re wondering, Barber failed to see 20 carries in any game last year.


Notice has been served.

Wide Receiver

Tyrell Williams, Oakland Raiders

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What I like about Williams is that he might be my favorite type of post hype sleeper–two years removed from the hype! He registered a 69-catch, 1,000+ yards and seven touchdown season in 2016. Thus, hopes were high that Williams would become a strong WR2 next to Keenan Allen. 728 yards in 2017 was nice, but not nice enough. And then last year, his numbers hit a three year low with 41 catches for 653 yards.

That low made it easier for the Chargers to allow him to take his talents elsewhere in the division. Expect Williams to show the Chargers they made a mistake. Of course that’s not the focus in Raiders camp.

Amidst the circus surrounding Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams is quietly going about business. Should Brown not be the diva superstar receiver he is, I expect Williams to be the top wide receiver in silver and black. Even if he’s not the top receiver for the Raiders, I can still easily see Williams, at age 27, post numbers close to his 2016 marks or higher.

Tight End

Trey Burton, Chicago Bears

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Burton is exactly the kind of post hype sleeper I love to draft. I liked him last year. But I knew the hype and accompanying cost/ADP was way out of control. So when he failed to meet those lofty expectations, he soured a lot of owners. His lack of touchdowns and just 63 yards total during key FFL weeks 15 and 16 will do that.

He managed only one 100+ yard game all season. Yet now is exactly the time to swoop in and grab him. He scored half a dozen times last year. Not too shabby for a “disappointing” tight end. And I expect 2019 to be even better.

According to PFF, Burton has only three matchups this year against a team graded in the top 25% for coverage. He has twice as many games this year against teams in the bottom 25% including 2 against Detroit (29th)and one against the 31st rated Oakland. Consider his 569 receiving yards last year his floor.

I usually draft my tights end in the first three rounds or the last three rounds. For those drafting one in the middle rounds, I would definitely target Burton.

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