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2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Busts: Game Over, Man!


In my 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers article, I wrote about the quarterback sleepers I like for the 2019 season. For this article, I’m going in the opposite direction, and will outline my 2019 fantasy football quarterback busts.

Let’s take a step back, though, and get into exactly why a player would be considered a bust. Simply put, a bust is any player that does not live up to expectations compared to where they were drafted. Those expectations could be unmet by either injury, or mere under-performance. Regardless of the reason, if you have a bust at quarterback, it’s likely game over for your season.

Now, let’s get to my 2019 fantasy football quarterback sleepers!

2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Busts

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Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

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In my 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Preview article, I stated that I did not feel Patrick Mahomes will repeat as the #1 Quarterback this season. However, I’m taking the discussion a step farther in this article, and promoting Mahomes as my first 2019 quarterback bust.

As hinted at in my previous article, Mahomes may lose Tyreek Hill for a portion of this season. Well, that “may” looks to be a “definitely will” at this point, but the amount of games is still T.B.D. Patrick Mahomes has an uncanny ability to throw the ball damn-near wherever he wants it to go. And, with Hill on the field, Mahomes typically put that ball downfield often. Without Hill on the field, Mahomes will depend on Sammy Watkins and rookie, Mecole Hardman, to fill that massive void.

At the time of my Quarterback Preview article’s publishing, Patrick Mahomes had an ADP of 28.3. At that ADP, I did not see myself owning him at all in 2019. His ADP currently sits at 26.0, so my premonition of not owning him in 2019 remains spot-on. I expect that ADP to continue to climb well into August, too. So, I just cannot endorse spending as high as a 2nd Round Pick on him for 2019. Yes, he’ll be good, but I’d rather have a top-tier running back or wide receiver at that cost. Mahomes is a hard-pass for me!

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns

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Baker Mayfield is another highly-touted, trendy pick for 2019. But, I am picking the sophomore gunslinger as my second 2019 quarterback bust. And, here, my friends, is why!

Yes, Baker finished 2018 strong, and yes, he has plenty of weapons, both new and old, for 2019. But, let’s take a harder look at those “new” weapons, shall we? Odell Beckham Jr. now dons the brown and orange, with fellow college teammate, Jarvis Landry. I expect both wide receivers to put up solid numbers in 2019. Yet, we have all seen the Dr. Jekyll-like outbursts from O.B.J. when things do not go his way. That behavior will eventually catch up to him in Cleveland, and it will adversely affect Baker, too.

Next in the lineup of new players is former-Chiefs running back, Kareem Hunt. Like his former teammate, Tyreek Hill, mentioned above, Hunt’s status for 2019 is also in-question. Once he does return, Hunt has to contend with Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson for playing time. Baker already has nearly a year under his belt with those two players. So, having to gain that rapport with Hunt could lead to some dysfunction in the backfield.

With that being said, I do like Baker’s upside potential for 2019. Alas, his meteoric rise in popularity, coupled with the arrival of two notoriously-troublesome players, screams 2019 quarterback bust.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Last, but certainly not least, we have Jameis Winston, the epitome of the 2019 quarterback busts! I get it, you want to draft Winston for his rushing abilities. After all, he did record a career high in rushing yards in 2018 (49 attempts, 281 yards), in only 11 games played. But, rushing stats are only one piece of the quarterback puzzle. Turnovers are a huge piece of that puzzle, and Winston turns the ball over at a very high clip.

Winston has 58 career interceptions, and 38 career fumbles, with 18 of them lost fumbles. Those numbers compared to a mere 97 total touchdowns just seems very high to me. Solid fantasy football quarterbacks do not have one less turnover than total touchdowns, period!

As noted in both of my previous articles, the quarterback position is the most important position in fantasy football. You need to have a well-rounded, prolific quarterback if you want to get through the playoffs, and take the league championship. To me, Jameis Winston just does not fit that mold.

Winston does not have Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Fitz-Magic to keep him off the field for 2019. Yet, the Tampa Bay O-line is fairly suspect, so I could see Winston losing time to an injury in 2019. Bottom line, use that later draft pick on skill player depth, not Winston as your back-up quarterback. You’ll be much happier you did!

This concludes my series of articles on the quarterback position for the 2019 fantasy football season. Thanks for checking in with us here at Fantasy Six Pack, and good luck in your drafts/leagues in 2019.  As always, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @AppleGarthAlgar.  Comments/concerns/criticisms are all welcome!

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