2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Preview: The. Most. Important. Position!

by A.J. Applegarth
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Picture yourself at your office…or, in a school library…or, on a hike. Maybe you are grabbing a few beers at a bar…or, maybe you are just at home, watching a rerun of last year’s Super Bowl. Basically, just picture yourself in any setting you want, it does not really matter where.

Now, ask yourself…what is the most important position on the football field? You could answer, “Referee,” if you are one of the many fans jaded by continual poor officiating. But, the correct answer you tell yourself nearly EVERY time should be the quarterback position.

Just like the NFL, the quarterback position carries the same level of importance for fantasy teams. In most league formats, drafting depth at running back and/or wide receiver early is common. However, you also do not want to be on the wrong end of a run on fantasy football quarterbacks, either.

Sure, there will always be quality guys available in the mid-to-late rounds that can help your fantasy teams. But, those guys can carry added risks, too! For me, I would rather draft a known-quantity guy that will consistently put up points for my team every week.

This article will provide insight on the quarterback position for the 2019 Fantasy Football season. The commentary below is broken up into the following sections for the quarterback position:

  • Burning Questions
  • Draft Strategies
  • Reaches & Steals

Fasten your seat belts, it is time to dive in to the Fantasy Six Pack 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Preview!

2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Preview

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Will Patrick Mahomes finish 2019 as the No. 1 Fantasy Football Quarterback?

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In a word...no! At least, I, personally, do not believe he will finish as the top fantasy football quarterback in 2019. Yes, Patrick Mahomes is an absolute stud who completely dominated the field in 2018. Sadly, off-field issues from 2018 leave Mahomes without two of his favorite targets to start 2019.

Kareem Hunt was suspended early in 2018, and is now with the revamped Cleveland Browns. Meanwhile, Tyreek Hill's availability for 2019 is still to be determined. Those two players accounted for roughly 30% of attempts from Mahomes (granted, Hunt only had 35). Plus, Hill was a major downfield threat nearly every down. Now, his absence allows opposing defenses to blanket Travis Kelce in double coverage more often.

Mahomes still has one of the league's best quarterback-molding minds in Head Coach Andy Reid. I expect Big Red to come up with new schemes to keep Mahomes moving and throwing down field. Therefore, I still like Mahomes to finish in the Top-5 in 2019. Alas, I cannot get behind him repeating as the number one fantasy football quarterback in 2019. Plus, at his current ADP in Standard Scoring leagues (28.3), I do not project owning him at all in 2019.

Where will Big Ben rank in 2019 after a drama-filled 2018?

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Did you realize Ben Roethlisberger actually finished as the third-highest scoring quarterback in 2018 in ESPN Standard leagues? I did not realize it until I started writing this article!  Oops!

Big Ben flew under the radar in 2018, while LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown created drama throughout Pittsburgh. Well, enter 2019, and Ben is the only "Killer B" left in town! LeVeon is the new "BELLcow" for the Jets, and Antonio Brown is donning the Black and Grey for the Raiders. The production that Bell and Brown provided for the Steelers is unquestioned. But, was all of the added drama that came with that production worth the cost?

James Conner fared very well in his first season as the lead-back for the Steelers offense. With Bell in New York, Conner is now unopposed as he attempts to repeat his own 2018. JuJu Smith-Schuster had seven more receptions and 129 more yards than Brown. He did so with two fewer targets, too. Brown more than doubled JuJu in touchdowns, though (15 to 7, respectively). Those TD's catapulted Brown to second place finish compared to JuJu's ninth place finish.

It can, and should, be reasonably deduced that Big Ben still has two, very capable weapons in his arsenal. And, the production they provided in 2018 was right in-line with what Bell and Brown provided for Pittsburgh every year. Factor in the drama-free atmosphere in the Steel City, and we could have a very dangerous Pittsburgh team in 2019.

Barring injury, I am confident Roethlisberger can finish as a Top-3 fantasy football quarterback in 2019. That's not too shabby for a guy currently shown as the 14th quarterback selected (ADP 123.0 per FantasyPros).

Does age factor into overall production for Fantasy Football Quarterbacks?

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In Week 1, five of the Top-10 scoring fantasy football quarterbacks from 2018 will be 30 or older. Granted, Andrew Luck, last season's fifth-place finisher, turns 30 before his Week 2 game. But, the trend here is that younger quarterbacks are making plenty of noise in the league from a fantasy standpoint.

That list does not include Carson Wentz (26) or Baker Mayfield (24). Neither quarterback played a full season in 2018, but both are projected to finish in the Top-10. I also like youngsters Mitch Trubisky (turns 25 in August) and Lamar Jackson (22) as late-round depth picks. Both players have the ability to get points through the air, and on the ground, especially in Jackson's case.

It is hard to go wrong with the consistent play of the wily vets, though. Drew Brees (40) and Tom Brady (turns 42 in August) are about as consistent as they come in fantasy football. I will say that their age has shown through more in recent years. But, for the price you can pay to get them (Brees's ADP is 82.8, Brady's is 126.3), I'm all in!

Draft Strategies

This should probably go without saying, but please review your league's scoring settings BEFORE your draft date! That way, you will know what you are up against, and where you can maximize your winning potential. Now, on to the draft strategies!

Traditional Fantasy Leagues

Traditional fantasy football leagues only require you to start one quarterback each week. More recently, we have seen the emergence of 2-QB leagues and/or Superflex leagues gaining popularity. These newer formats force managers to think harder about the quarterback position during drafts. If you are not on-board with drafting quarterbacks earlier/often, you should probably not plan on winning your league!

As stated above, I like to focus on consistent point production from my quarterbacks. That being the case, I typically draft my first quarterback by Round 5 or Round 6 in traditional leagues. This, of course, can/does change based on draft flow. With Keepers in-play, being more flexible during your draft is a must. If quarterbacks are drafted earlier, or are used as Keepers, then I will adapt and get my guy. You have to be flexible when drafting quarterbacks, otherwise, you could wind up streaming the position week-to-week.

2-QB / Superflex Leagues

In 2-QB leagues, I tend to be much more aggressive in my drafts. Based on my experience with this format, stud quarterbacks fly off the draft board in the first few rounds. This, in turn, causes managers to bypass quality skill position players early.

Sure, you can go grab those skill position guys with the intent of trading them for a quarterback upgrade later. However, do not (always) take that bait. Go with your gut, and get your targets early, as managers in these leagues can be quite stingy. Also, use common sense, and take the best player available if you can still get your QB on the turn.

Superflex leagues are similar to the 2-QB leagues since you can start two quarterbacks every week. The difference here is that you do not have to start a second quarterback every week. This allows for some leeway in drafting a second, and third quarterback. Yes, you still should have lots of depth in Superflex due to potential injuries.

In this format, I am still targeting my first quarterback by Round 4, and my second quarterback by Round 7. Then, I am waiting until the later rounds to get a third quarterback. You can wait longer because Bye Weeks give you flexibility for who to start in the Superflex position each week.

In summary, always trust your gut. Draft your "guy" early, if necessary. Follow the draft flow of your specific league format, and adapt accordingly. Lastly, yet most importantly, please, please, please, review your draft scoring settings before your draft.


In this last section, I will focus on a few fantasy football quarterback reaches and steals based on their ADP. Let's start with the reaches.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

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You done messed up, A-a-ron! Well, not really, but also, quite really! Not only is Aaron Rodgers closer to 40 than he is to 30. But, A-a-ron is a much more fragile shell of his younger self. The injuries continue to mount yearly, unfortunately. Bottom line, if Rodgers is not on the field, he cannot help your fantasy team.

Aaron's worst injury to-date could actually have nothing to do with football at all. In May 2019, Rodgers suffered a major hit to his pride during Game 5 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Peep Mr. Discount Double-Check as he lost a beer-chugging contest to his offensive lineman. Be sure to watch the video if you have not seen it yet. It is great!

But, I digress! Rodgers is still a productive fantasy football quarterback...when healthy. Since 2008, Aaron Rodgers has played in 16 games seven times. Of those seven seasons, he has thrown for over 4,000 yards and 28+ touchdowns in six times. In 2018, Rodgers threw for 4,442 yards (his second-highest career total), but only had 25 touchdowns. For shame, A-a-ron! For shame!

Currently, Rodgers is being drafted as the third fantasy football quarterback with an overall ADP of 58.3. He finished 2018 as the sixth overall fantasy football quarterback. Even though the stats are there, that is just too steep of a price to pay, in my opinion. I'm taking a hard-pass on Rodgers in 2019.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Listen, I think Cam Newton is a very good fantasy football quarterback. His “Superman” endzone celebration has been wreaking havoc on opponents year after year. However, similar to Superman, Newton seems to have his own Clark Kent-like alter ego.

Cam Newton was on his way to one of his best statistical seasons in 2018. He suffered a shoulder injury late in the season, posted two down games before ultimately getting shut down. Newton has dealt with injuries before, and has plenty of miles on the clock for only being 30 years old.

I see too many productive options behind Newton's ADP of 95.0, so I will be building depth here instead. The risk is not worth the reward to me.


Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles

Finally, the "homer" in me gets to shine through in this article, aside from the cover photo, that is! Yes, I get it, Wentz has already earned the "injury prone" tag after just his third season in the league. Wentz has dealt with some major injuries the past two season, so it's a fairly valid argument. However, let's not forget the numbers Wentz put up in 2017 prior to getting injured.

In that Super Bowl-winning season (thanks again, Nick Foles, Philly loves you), Wentz put up nearly 3,300 yards. He also threw for 33 touchdowns and rushed for 299 yards, in only 13 games. Wentz was quite the offensive weapon from a fantasy football standpoint.

In 2019, Wentz has plenty to prove. First off, he needs to shake the "injury" tag by playing a full season. He also needs to show that he can survive and thrive without Foles waiting in the wings behind him. I think he can, and I think he will, all at his current ADP of 101.8. Sure, I'm a homer, but I would be saying the same thing as a non-Eagles fan. I love Wentz this year, and so should you!

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

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Keeping it real in the NFC East, I felt compelled to include Dak Prescott in this section. I am not a fan of any Cowboys player in real life, it is in my blood not to be. But, I do like consistency in fantasy football, just in case I have not mentioned that yet.

Dak started off the 2018 season without safety-net, Jason Witten, who left football for the booth. Dak ended 2019 as the 10th best fantasy football quarterback, thanks in-part to Amari Cooper. In the nine games together, Dak and Cooper connected for 725 yards and six touchdowns on 53 receptions.

In 2019, Dak has Cooper for a full 16 games! That spells trouble for opposing teams, but it also spells glory for Dak's fantasy managers. He is an extreme discount at his current ADP of 142.0, and I'm secretly jumping on this bandwagon now. But, ONLY for fantasy purposes, I promise!

That about sums up the 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Preview. Thanks for checking in with us here at Fantasy Six Pack, and good luck in your drafts/leagues in 2019.  As always, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @AppleGarthAlgar.  Comments/concerns/criticisms are all welcome!

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