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2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers: No Time to Snooze


In my 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Preview article, I declared the quarterback position as the most important position in fantasy football. In that article, I touched on a couple of quarterback steals that I like for 2019. For this article, I will take a more in-depth look at some other quarterback sleepers for the 2019 season.

Before we get into those players, though, let’s delve into exactly what constitutes a player being deemed a “sleeper” player. Typically, sleepers are simply defined as the value players found late in drafts or on the waiver wire. They can also be younger players on the verge of a break-out campaign, or an injury replacement getting playing time.

So, what is the point of drafting/acquiring quarterback sleepers in the first place?

  • Your league has 14 or more teams (deep leagues)
  • You play in a 2-QB or Superflex League
  • Your #1 QB suffers an injury that will sideline him for multiple weeks, or
  • You plan to stream quarterbacks throughout the season

In traditional 10-or-12 team leagues, it’s not uncommon to draft only one quarterback. Implementing that draft strategy allows managers to maximize their bench depth with skill position players. You can usually find another quarterback on the waiver wire to plug-and-play during your lone quarterback’s bye week.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case in a deeper league (14 or more teams). In those larger leagues, you really should try to target an upper-tier quarterback as your main starter. But, you also want to target at least one sleeper quarterback late in your draft. They may not be available later in the season when you really need them.

If you play in a 2-QB league, it is imperative to draft at least three quarterbacks. In a Superflex league, you do not have to draft three quarterbacks, but it is still recommended you do so. This is especially important if you happen to get a top-tier guy who has a somewhat checkered injury history. I’m looking at you here, Aaron Rodgers!

OK, so maybe you get the top-tier fantasy quarterback you were targeting…but he gets injured in Week 1. Then, what do you do? Well, if you focus on quarterback sleepers in the draft, you should be fine. Otherwise, you can just stream fantasy quarterbacks until your main guy is healthy again. In streaming, playing the match-ups is key, but you still need a suitable quarterback to stream every week. That’s where our sleepers come into play…literally!

These are the various reasons that having a quarterback sleeper benefits your fantasy team. Now, let’s get to my 2019 fantasy football quarterback sleepers!

2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers

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Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

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In 2018, his first season not spent in a Redskins jersey, Kirk Cousins was seemingly a disappointment for fantasy owners. But, in looking harder at his stats, 2018 was one of Kirk’s best seasons to-date…YOU LIKE THAT?!? Cousins had career highs in completions (425), completion percentage (70.1%), and passing touchdowns (30). He also tied his career high in attempts with 606, and threw for his second-most career yards total (4,298).

There is some concern that Cousins will be throwing less in 2019 now that Dalvin Cook is healthy. Sure, Cook will be a force on the ground, but should help out in the passing game, too. Plus, Cousins still has Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph working the length of the field. There will be plenty of targets for Cousins to throw to in 2019, so unlike other analysts, I’m not worried.

Cousins currently has an ADP of 146.0, which puts him in the 12th Round of drafts as QB20. That puts Cousins behind unproven rookie, Kyler Murray, and multiple second-year quarterbacks in 2019 drafts. Between his stats and his ADP, Cousins is clearly in the mix of 2019 quarterback sleepers.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

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Derek Carr is another intriguing 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleeper pick. He had mixed results in 2018, the first year with Jon Gruden at the helm in Oak-town. Like Cousins, Carr posted career highs in completions (381), completion percentage (68.9%) in 2018. He also posted a career high in yards (4,049). However, Carr posted career lows in touchdowns (19) and rushing yards (24). He also had his highest sack total (51) and fumble total (12 total) in 2018.

That being said, Carr is still only 28 years old, and he has a plethora of new toys for 2019. Oakland traded for Antonio Brown, arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL. They also signed former San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers deep threat, Tyrell Williams, to a four-year contract. Then, Oakland drafted running back, Josh Jacobs, with the 24th overall pick, their second of three First Round picks. Lastly, the Raiders drafted Clemson’s two-time National Champion wide receiver, Hunter Renfrow, in the Fifth Round. Quite a productive bunch!

Derek Carr’s current ADP of 166 puts him at QB25 for 2019. He’s a deep pick for my 2019 quarterback sleepers, but I’m targeting him often in my drafts this season.

Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaquars

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Last, but certainly not least, we have Philadelphia Eagles legend, Mr. Nick Foles. As an Eagles fan, it was definitely sad to see Foles move on to Jacksonville for 2019. At the same time, I do believe B.D.N. deserves a chance to start, and now he has it! I wish him nothing be the best in Jacksonville!

Foles was damn-near ready to retire prior to coming home to Philly. Then, Nick took the reigns in 2017 when Carson Wentz‘s could-have-been-MVP Season was cut short by injury. Foles led the Eagles to the Super Bowl, took down the favored Patriots, and won the Super Bowl MVP award. The rest is Philly Special history.

Please excuse the waxing eloquent about Nick Foles, but he has a special place in Eagles lore! His play for The Birds is part of what puts him in my 2019 fantasy football quarterback sleepers list. But, I also do believe he can be a very good fit for the Jaguars in 2019.

Jacksonville has a solid defense that can help keep their offense on the field. Leonard Fournette, while a bit of an injury concern, is talented enough to keep opposing defenses honest. Dede Westbrook is already a favorite candidate for a break-out in 2019. Add in that Jacksonville has the easiest strength of schedule for the quarterback position, and Foles should thrive this season.

Foles has the lowest ADP of my 2019 quarterback sleepers, sitting at a paltry 203. That’s basically the end of the 16th Round for QB28, but still puts him ahead of Joe Flacco and Eli Manning. Sadly, that’s still not saying too much for Foles and his current rank. Personally, I’m more focused on going after Foles as either a fourth quarterback or a streaming option. He has the talent and he has the pedigree. But he’s on a new team, learning how to execute a new offensive scheme. So, I’m taking a wait-and-see approach with Nick Foles in 2019.

That wraps up the 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers. Thanks for checking in with us here at Fantasy Six Pack, and good luck in your drafts/leagues in 2019.  As always, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @AppleGarthAlgar.  Comments/concerns/criticisms are all welcome!

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