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2019 Fantasy Football Stock Up-Stock Down Week 3


Week 2 came and went with only a few major surprises. 2019 Fantasy Football Week 3 Stock Up Down

Lamar Jackson reminded us why we all made running back jokes, by out rushing just about everybody else in the NFL.

Kyler Murray and his Cards once again almost got it done.

Eddy Pineiro may have earned himself a gold statue somewhere in the greater Chicago area.

But the most interesting stat out of Week 2 may be the record setting pace the Dolphins are on. The worst ever point differential in NFL history is currently -274 set by the Baltimore Colts.

While it’s unlikely to be sustained, the Dolphins are on a pace for a -736 point differential. As of right now the worst point differential in any American professional sporting league ever, is -723. A record set by the Cleveland Spiders baseball team in 1899.

2019 Fantasy Football Stock Up-Stock Down Week 3

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Stock Rising

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Emmanuel Sanders WR Denver Broncos

Sanders stat line can’t properly explain his significance to this team. 11-98-1 sounds like Jamison Crowder numbers, but against this vicious Bears defense it’s a very impressive stat line.

There isn’t much to say other than Sanders moved the sticks and scored points in a tough matchup. Joe Flacco’s favorite target will always be PPR relevant and if it’s Sanders, he won’t be an exception.

Scary Terry Mclaurin WR Washington Redskins

I expressed concern over the possibility of his week 1 performance being a fluke. He very promptly proved me and all of his doubters wrong.

He seemed far more human in this game with a stat line of 5-62-1. But a healthy 17.2 PPR points is always going to be welcome.

Christian Kirk WR Arizona Cardinals

It’s no secret, in this sport volume is key. Kirk’s 4-38-0 stat line from week 1 was uninspiring, but his 12 targets showed some serious upside.

Now his 6-114-0 seems more like his ceiling. But with Kyler Murray attempting 94 passes in two weeks, there may be enough volume for Kirk and Fitz and even maybe Damiere Byrd to co-exist in this high flying, yet still somewhat inefficient offense.

The Ravens are a badass team particularly on defense, and the Cardinals once again managed to keep it exciting. As Kyler Murray continues to adjust and adapt to an NFL offense, there will be brighter days ahead for the Cards.

For now the air-raid offense might not work out in real life, but it seems to be working out great for fantasy performances.

David Montgomery RB Chicago Bears

18 carries for 62 yards doesn’t seem all that great. But when you factor in it was against the Vic Fangio led Broncos, it is all the promise we need.

His carries tripled in Week 2, and while he still didn’t blow up the box scores he has now shown that he will likely lead his team in backfield opportunity.

The Bears aren’t a great offense and hopefully you weren’t banking too much on them this season. But their defense is still nuts and game script should favor them more often than not.

Montgomery will for now be a low RB2 and just a broken tackle away from a big game any given week. While he’s not quite a must start, there will likely be enough consistency for reliable flex performances.

Todd Bowles and The Bucs Defense

According to Pro Football Focus, Todd Bowles blitzed Cam Newton on 66% of his drop backs. With this incredibly aggressive approach as well as an improved secondary, the Bucs seem like they’re for real.

While I still wouldn’t call them a great fantasy option, this defense has shown some serious run stopping abilities this season.

Any team that can make CMC look bad is a team that should be taken seriously during matchup consideration. If the Bucs can keep this up, they may prove to be the biggest surprise of 2019.

Honorable Mentions

  • Demarcus Robinson WR Kansas City Chiefs– Week to week consistency for Chiefs receivers will likely be an issue. But this offense can churn out big plays like no other and having an inconsistent piece is better than no pieces at all.
  • Sony Michel RB New England Patriots– The Dolphins suck at football and can always be counted on to give up points. But the biggest thing for Michel was his 21 carries with a handful stolen straight out of Rex Burkhead’s stat line. It seems to indicate a positive shift in his long-term productivity.

Still Skeptical, But Great Game

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Gardner Minshew, QB Jacksonville Jaguars

Minshew played a damn fine game of football. He completed 23 of 33 attempts for 213 yards and a score. And leading your team in rushing yards never hurt. We should never expect him to light it up, but being perfectly average on a consistent basis is really all we need from a backup.

So while he may look like a young Uncle Rico, don’t expect him to be throwing any footballs over them mountains.

Cole Beasley, WR Buffalo Bills

With Josh Allen at the helm, receivers likely won’t be consistent. But being dependable in a pinch and cheap in DFS formats are always going to be desirable traits.

The Bills will give fantasy owners headaches, but Beasley and Brown have true “sleeper” potential this season.

Honorable Mentions

  • All of the runningbacks on the 49ers– 317 scrimmages yards and a 3 TD performance is impressive. But The Bengals weakness has always been defending RBs and this type of across the board success for their backs shouldn’t be expected every week. Still a great backfield to have a part of, but don’t get carried away with the FAAB budgets.
  • Peyton Barber RB Tampa Bay Bucs- 23 carries in a week where we anticipated Ronald Jones to earn more work shouldn’t be ignored. But can he consistently be expected to have this volume? While I’m leaning toward yes as of right now, his 3.6 yards per carry isn’t inspiring too much conviction.
  • Deebo Samuel/ Marquise Goodwin WR San Francisco 49ers- Again week to week consistency is key here but it’s looking like the niners will be fine.

Trending down

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Duke Johnson RB Houston Texans

The “S#!t on Duke Johnson’s Hopes and Dreams Tour” starring Carlos Hyde has officially come to Houston.

Carlos Hyde, the late off-season surprise acquisition has out touched Johnson 31-19 so far. And while Duke maintains PPR upside in any given week, the presence of both players makes for a less than desirable situation.

This week was shaping up to be tough either way. But this a situation fantasy owners need to monitor moving forward, as game script can play a big role in their week to week production.

QB Talent in General

Offensive conditions aren’t usually even in this league. But offensive juggernauts seem to be a bit more pronounced so far this season. In part because of the situations some of the better offenses in the league have found themselves stuck in.

In just the past month,

Hopefully everything will work out and the league as a whole will bounce back. But as of right now, there seems to be quite a bit of low scoring and one sided games in our future.

Donte Moncrief WR Pittsburgh Steelers

Whatever hopes we had for him leading up to the season have been dashed by his terrible performance so far. His PFF grade is currently the second worst in the league at 39.4.

Moncrief’s lone target in week two sailed through his hands, bounced off of his face and landed in the open arms of a Seattle defender.

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And now that Big Ben is hurt there is basically no reason to hold onto anybody not named Juju or Vance McDonald.

Honorable mentions

  • Ronald Jones RB Tampa Bay Bucs- He was only given 4 attempts against a solid defense, but the man was out-rushed by Phillip Rivers. He’s not quite a drop yet, but he’s shaping up to be one soon.
  • Titans Receivers- Mariota looked better than expected in week one. He failed to hold onto that momentum in week two, week three against the Jags isn’t looking much better.
  • The Saints Offense- Teddy Bridgewater is a great back up QB, but you don’t just replace Drew Brees. This offense should be okay, but it’s taken a massive fantasy hit across the board.

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