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2019 Fantasy Football Trends Recap


Well, guys, it looks like that’s that. We have officially closed this chapter of NFL football and move into the playoffs. It was a fun year, with a lot of unexpected successes and failures. As always, it was an interesting year for fantasy football. We take a look at some of these in our 2019 Fantasy Football Trends Recap.

Also like always, it was nothing like we expected. The majority of predictions do not come true, but what can be useful are trends. It’s important to recognize, from a larger standpoint, what went on this year and how we can use this information to put us in a good position next year.

Let’s see what we can figure out.

2019 Fantasy Football Trends Recap

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1. Quarterbacks Early are (still) Not the Answer

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The five quarterbacks drafted the earliest were, in order, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, and Matt Ryan. The five quarterbacks who ended up scoring the most were Lamar Jackson, Jameis Winston, Deshaun Watson, Dak Prescott, and Russell Wilson. The year’s QB6, Josh Allen, often went undrafted.

Not only is the quarterback position hard to predict, most quarterbacks are very close to one another week-to-week. 22 quarterbacks were within five points per game of one another. Most fantasy football games are decided by more than five points. In other words, a high number of quarterbacks can get the job done.

Heading into the year, it was a popular opinion to wait on a quarterback. Patrick Mahomes, though, was an exception for many. Mahomes was the QB8 this year, missing three games due to injury. Obviously, he was elite when he was on the field, but those three games certainly hurt. I doubt many owners of the former Texas Tech QB were thrilled with their selection.

2. Don’t be Stubborn with Trades

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This is something that I was, admittedly, guilty of this year. As I mentioned earlier, fantasy football is one of the most unpredictable games we can play. Even though there might be an overwhelming amount of reasons why a certain player should be scoring more points, sometimes they just don’t.

Where fantasy players can separate themselves from the pack is recognizing when this happens and getting rid of the player for the best value possible. For example, David Montgomery was a top-20 RB heading into the year. It was evident in his first few games that even though Monty is a talented runner, the stagnant Bears offense wouldn’t allow him to produce many points. However, I personally refused to ever get rid of him, holding onto the belief that something would change. More often than not, nothing does,

Montgomery is just one example. It happens all the time. The other way, too. Players start to breakout early in the year and you can get good value. If I had to put my thoughts into one sentence, it’d be this: worry less about a player’s preseason perception and more about his in-season production.

3. Matchups Aren’t Everything

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This phrase rings true following every season, but we need to be reminded of it. With offenses improving and becoming more creative every year, there are less and less truly elite defenses in the NFL anymore. The league’s two premier defenses for the first half, the Patriots and the 49ers, both saw defensive regression in the second half of the year.

A great example of this is Drew Brees. Brees, maybe the best quarterback in the NFL, should be QB1 every week. However, when he was up against San Francisco, he was recommended to be benched in place of other guys. What happened? Brees was QB1 of the week.

In 2019 and beyond, a good offense is going to beat the good defense. If a guy’s good enough, he’ll make it work.

4. Start Your Studs

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This one is all about the waiver wire. Too many times, I hear horror stories about fresh pickups from waivers. Owners overreact to one week or the opportunity for touches and end up with a disappointing week from their starter.

The best (or worst) example is Mike Boone. Dalvin Cook, one of the most exciting players all year, was on his fair share of championship teams. However, panic struck when it was announced that Cook would miss Week 16 due to injury. Alexander Mattison was also out, leaving Mike Boone alone in the backfield. It was the perfect scenario for Mike Boone to come off the waiver wire and win everyone some money.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and…that didn’t happen. Boone had 12 touches but ended up gaining just 33 yards, with Ameer Abdullah being much more effective. He certainly cost people some fantasy championships.

So, if you’re pressed with the decision of the reliable, albeit boring running back or the flavor of the week off waivers. stick with your guys. They’re who got you to where you are.

5. Just Have Fun!

If you’ve noticed that I’m contradicting myself throughout this article, it’s because I am. Why am I doing this? Because Fantasy Football is hard. Sometimes, a guy turns his season around. Sometimes, he doesn’t. once in a while, you get lucky. other times, your season is lost to injuries.

There are small things you can do to give yourself an advantage in Fantasy Football, and that’s why we’re here to help. But, you need a little luck on your side. In the end, you’re putting money on something that you have no control over. If variance is a major factor in real-life football, it certainly is in fantasy football.

I wanted to thank all my readers for another fun, entertaining season of fantasy football. I appreciate everybody who reads all my work, and hope you continue to do so in the future. Enjoy the playoffs, enjoy the off-season, and I’ll see you next season! It’ll be here before we know it.

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